Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AM~Erica's View on Facebooking Teachers

So anyway...

Right now, in Missouri, there is a great debate on a law trying to be passed about the teacher/student interaction on Facebook. Due to the few that have abused this convenient form of communication, it has really screwed it up for other teachers & their accessibility for students to ask for help from them. Now teachers, one of the most under appreciated professions right now, may be forced to not even be able to communicate with their own children & family members who are minors. Some educators feel they are being put into the same category as sexual predators. So sad that it has to come to that.

I know that there are educators trying to find ways to make this work so they can remain safely accessible AND trying to lax the law, or at least make it more focused. I do know that there are very public loopholes to get around this. One of them is posting updates on Twitter while inviting students AND parents to follow so both parties can receive the information. Why not? The law seems to be focused on Facebook & not other social sites, right now. I think this is a brilliant move!

I do have an idea for teachers on Facebook: how about setting up a fan page for the teacher & have students & parents "like" the page for updates. It doesn't help with one-on-one help, but it's a start. I understand that all email communication between the teacher &/or student needs to go through school administration, also include a lawmaker on them, too. Then see how many of the emails build up for the lawmakers. How quickly would their minds change?

Teachers should be able to use technology to advance their teaching & keep up with society & learning abilities. How sad that a respected career that is already underpaid & under-appreciated continues to be thrown under the bus. (no pun intended)

It's so disheartening to know that a small handful of educators that abuse the system make extreme measures happen.

Anyone agree?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AM~Erica is Beginning to Understand

So anyway...

The end of summer (in a fiscal sense) is upon us. We are in the season of "Back to School". Some schools have already started; some schools are starting later this month. Our school district begins tomorrow. And it's hard to get back into that routine!

Along with the start of school, there also seems to be so many other extra curricular events being planned, too. For my 2 teenagers, our church's youth group started a thing called "Bring Your Face to the Place". It's a monthly event that happens on a Friday night (generally) & is a time of fun & friendship. The next one is this Friday. It is going to be a themed one...80's Night! Oh, yes! And...more than just the youth are being invited to this one. This is an all-out deal!

So, since I spent most of my childhood & teen years during this period in history, I know all about what we looked like & what it took to achieve those looks! We were totally awesome! Now when I look back...I kinda giggle at what we looked like. But there are very distinct things about those times. If you are planning on having or attending a function based on this era, you'd better get it right!

I have searched the internet to show my kids what I'm talking about & to prove I'm not making this stuff up. I need to show them this stuff because they seem to have their own ideas of what the 80's were, and they get mad at me when I correct them. And it's hard to show them the 80's when it's a big deal to have 80's parties of sorts now & they seem to be held by people born in the 80's or after. Then most of the pix out there are the ones of close-but-no-cigar attempts at capturing the 80's in their outfits.

Then...that made me realize something. When those of us who are around my age were having 50's, 60's or 70's parties & trying to dress like that time period, were the ones who actually grew up & experience that era looking at our pictures & thinking how our renditions were close-but-no-cigar? I, personally, am one that does hardcore research to get the outfit right for the time period. I pride myself in that! So it's frustrating when people only do one little thing to "put themselves in that era" by just wearing an accessory or a t-shirt. But that's my pet peeve. So when my kids don't agree with what they need to do to their outfits to make it right, what does that say?

Yes, usually you can find things at thrift stores that are perfect & for cheap! Take your resource with you (person who participated in the styles of the era) to see if what you find makes the cut. There are a lot of items out there that are INSPIRED by certain time periods. Once again, before you decide that's what the era was about, consult your resource. Oh, and trust your resource in what the footwear was like, hair, makeup, accessories...EVERYTHING!

Not too long ago, a friend of mine was invited to an 80's party & she wanted to get everything right! So...she consulted with me, sent pix of things she would find & double check to see if it was the right thing to do so that she would look perfect for the party!

Once again, I point out my personal mantra: "If you're gonna go, go all out." I have here on my blog at the top all of the time because that's what I do.

So if you are ever having one of these parties, or are ever invited to go to one...why even have it or why even go if you don't plan on going all out? It's part of the fun!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica