Thursday, January 31, 2013

AM~Erica Continues Cooking

So anyway...

I'm really not sure what my deal has been. And I keep bringing it up...but this is super weird for me. WEIRD!!

In the midst of NOT FEELING TOO GOOD, I decided to make some seriously healing Chicken Noodle Soup. It's pretty serious stuff!

But I get this strange thing that happens to me. I start getting inspired & stuffs...and then I can't stop! I try versions of things. It's crazy! Especially since this whole 50's HOUSEWIFE THING is so weird to me. I am not a June Cleaver type...but with Pinterest & my brainy-brain tag-teaming...things happen. Things happen that make my family laugh at me since I said I couldn't be this person.

Like, making things from scratch & coming up with recipes. Wha-WHA??? What is with this madness?

I don't know either. But it happens. And I got something worked up in me that made me want to try a slightly different version of my soup.

We really enjoy eating Mexican around here. Tacos are a staple favorite. It's one of the few things that we know everyone will eat. Nachos, enchiladas & taco mac are also big hits. I think this is about the only line of things my whole family will eat together. Seriously.

Now, even though some of my family freaks out over soup...cuz they are weird...I will have issues with them trying this new version. But...I am quite happy with it!

So...wanna try to make it, too?


Cilantro Lime Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup with Green Tea

2 lb boneless/skinless chicken breast, cooked & cubed or shredded
1/2 C lime juice
80 oz chicken broth
4 C brewed green tea (yes! Green Tea)
¼ sweet onion, chopped
2 C finely chopped spinach or kale (or other dark leafy greens)
1 – 10 oz can cilantro lime Ro-Tel
1 can black beans, drained & rinsed
1 small can whole kernel corn – no salt added, drained & rinsed
¼ bell peppers (each color – red, orange, yellow, green)
3 T ground cinnamon
¼ C cilantro
3 T parsley
3 T smoked paprika
2 T garlic powder
2 T chili powder
1 T onion powder
2 T green onion
1 bag whole wheat egg noodles

Pour lime juice, chicken broth & green tea into a large pot. Bring to a boil.

Once boiling, turn heat down to mid-hi heat. Put in the chicken into the broth.

Begin adding the vegetables plus the herbs & seasonings to the soup. Continue to let boil on mid-hi heat.

Then add the noodles. Make sure they are tender.

Begin testing the soup's broth to make sure seasonings are to your liking; adjust as necessary.

Let simmer.

Garnish with shredded cheese & tortilla chips (crushed or strips). Serve


Still quite healing...but with some kick. And yet...still comfort food.

Aye-yi-yi...I think I need another bowl...

Soup's on, y'all!

(If you make it or the other soup...let me know what you think.)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Today, AM~Erica is Brought to You by the Letter 'B'

So anyway...

I'm not sure what it was about this morning...and I have watched this show for a few years...but somehow Sesame Street found it's way to my bungalow. has been brought to you by the letter 'B'! It wasn't scheduled on the calendar, it just snuck up on me & entered into conversation this morning!

I turned into some kind of Muppet! I'm not kidding!

So, for this episode, please picture me like this:

British Chap Muppet...with a MOUSTACHE!

I am a British Bloke Breaking it down in my Best British accent.

As I was getting my Baby Boy (aka - Lil Guy) out of Bed, I was asking him about Breakfast. He usually likes Bacon. That's what he I fixed Breakfast for him...then came Back with this:

"I do Believe that you should get out of Bed and Bring your Boy Booty, wrapped in your Blanket, to the Breakfast table for your Breakfast of Bacon. BOOM!"
(all done in my Best British accent)

Bacon! Bacon starts with 'B'!
I Brought him out of his Bedroom for his Breakfast, told him he needed to have his Bacon (with yogurt & vitamins...even though those didn't fit the theme...except for maybe the Vitamin B in the vitamin) so that he could catch the Bus.

Bus! Bus starts with 'B'!

After Breakfast, Baby Boy needed to Brush his teeth & hair. I let him know he needed to dress warmly since it was so Brisk outside! Burrrrrrrrr...!!

**Side Note: Hubby said yesterday that "Bird" is not the's just "Burr!" I informed him it's probably because the 'd' froze off. **
(Back to our regularly scheduled program...)

So, as I sipped (read "guzzled") my Brew (still coffee, not tea...British only in the accent today), I prepared to drive Baby Boy to the Bus stop in my car, Bessie. (yes, my car is really named Bessie...she told me so)

Baby Boy got Bundled up, and off to the Bus we Bounded...But only after I put on my Black Beret & Black Boots...and Boa.

Black Beret & Boa while sipping my Brew. Pic has a Blue hue! (Oh...look...DR. SEUSS JOINED US, TOO!)

Black Boots! Black Boots starts with 'B'!
So, Baby Boy got on the Bus & I waved Bye to him.

Do you think my other [teenaged] Babies would think I was Bonkers? Bingo! I need to Buckle down & get Busy!

Time to find me some Breakfast...or Brunch...


Today's Blog post was Brought to you By the letter 'B'

Big Bird shows us a Butterfly & Butterfly Book...all starting with 'B'

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica          (BLESS! Bless starts with 'B'!)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

AM~Erica Can Eat Some Interesting Stuff

So anyway...

Even though I'm STILL TRYING TO GET WELL, there's these things living in the house that think that I still need to act like a mom. *sigh* It's a good thing I love my kids...or they'd be on their own trying to find their way around the house & out the door early in the mornings. Yeah...I don't think they'd be able to do it just yet.

But, I have tried to make sure they stay healthy or get them back on the path of GETTING & STAYING WELL. They may not like it, but I do it! Cuz I'm still The Mom!

While doing Super Mom duties, Lil Guy has decided that he wants to start taking lunch to school again. He hasn't done this for quite some time, so of course he would pick a time I'm feeling all crummy to pick this back up...but it's fine...IT'S FINE!

As I was finding out what he wanted in his lunch, he told me he wanted a sandwich with ham & turkey with some [turkey] pepperoni, cheese, mayo, BBQ sauce, ketchup & lettuce. That's a good sandwich choice! So I started making it. We have shredded lettuce that I've used, so I tossed some on the sandwich when a piece dropped off the bread onto the counter. I picked it up & ate it..cuz...yum...then it triggered a memory:

*DOO-Doo-doo, DOO-Doo-doo, DOO-Doo-doo...* 
(Imagine Wayne's World style flashback)

Back in high school, I had some weird habits. But what teenager doesn't have weird habits? Amm-i-rite?

I do enjoy breakfast. I could eat breakfast at any point of the day. But there's something that was in my teenaged know the one with the frontal lobes shut off...that made me start digging for a different breakfast. For quite some time, I ate a sandwich for breakfast. Not a breakfast sandwich on a biscuit or English muffin with sausage & egg. Nope, not for me. Instead...I did this:

I toasted 2 slices of bread, put on some mayo, cheese & lettuce. That's it. Nothing extravagant or anything, but it was what it was. A total BLT, but minus the B...and, well, the T.

Imagine my sandwich looking something like this...but for real.

Just popping that little piece of shredded lettuce in my mouth this morning while making a sandwich with the bread, cheese & mayo involved, too, totally threw my brain back to the early 90's. Weird how we do that.

But it doesn't stop there. It was my high school brain & teenage problem solving (scary sounding...I realize this) that led me to one of my very favorite snackage that I still enjoy to this day. It's one of those things that you might need to tilt your head & squint to figure out...but don't knock it til you try it!

Are you ready to find out?

Brace yourselves...

It's odd & delicious...

I do love me some carrots and caramel! Seriously! I'm not kidding! I keep baby carrots on hand with some caramel sauce cups. Portion controlled deliciousness!

You might want to know where that comes from, right? I didn't just create it in my teenaged brain...remember? I said there was "problem solving" involved...

My mom taught 1st grade for close to a million years. OK, not that long...but a really long time. I know she taught several of you, too. So those of you who were ever in her class, or had another 1st grade teacher at her school, probably did a Johnny Appleseed lesson. It usually culminated with carmel apples.

I looked forward to that section ending, cuz I knew the lazy cooker would be coming home with leftover melted caramel & maybe some leftover apple slices, too. YUM-MY!

However, this one year...the lazy cooker made it back home...with only reminisces of caramel caked to the sides & bottom. *sigh* Little heathens ate it all...or some of the adults couldn't help themselves either. Barbarians, I tell ya! And there was not a single apple slice left either. I. Was. Not. Happy.

However...I did notice that my mom brought home some carrot sticks. You know...little, mini scraping rods...perfect for scraping caramel traces off the sides of a lazy cooker...

So...I picked up a carrot, reached into the inside of the lazy cooker & began to scrape off the melted caramel onto my newfound tool. After several delicious takes of it...I decided to try something...scrape the caramel & BITE it off the carrot.

You know what? It was SO good!!! So...I finished the carrot sticks AND cleaned the melted caramel from the lazy cooker. AND? I found me a new snack.

Go ahead...go try it! Seriously!

Once you do...let me know what you think. Then, you can thank me for giving you the head's up.

Just kiddos love it now, too.

I'm sure I have other weird things I eat. Teen Boy makes a thing of finding the weirdest soda suicides ever...and strangely brags about it. Pretty sure Teen Girl has weird things too...we just never see them.

For a while, Lil Guy was putting mayo on his brats & hot dogs.

I know other family members who have weird food stuffs, too.
(I really don't want to discuss the potato chips with scrambled eggs & mayo thing.)

Keep in mind...there were no pregnancy cravings involved in ANY of these.

So...anyone else? What's some of your food likings that would make people question what you eat? Go ahead! Share with the class in the comment section, here on the blog. How did it begin? We could start a whole new culinary revolution!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AM~Erica Bracing for Typical Heartland Weather

So anyway...

It's the midwest. If anyone is truly aware of weather in the heartland, you will know that we get hit with pretty much everything...or the aftermath of it.

Not only do we get to "enjoy" (that could be sincere or sarcastic depending on the timing) the changing of seasons, but sometimes it all gets stirred up in a big pot & we get seasonal changes at strange & alarming rates.

We literally can have a 70 degree day, then blink to have 25 degree weather. Seriously. I'VE TALKED ABOUT IT BEFORE.

Yesterday, in January, we experienced record highs of around 70 degrees. This is shortly after needing boots & coats for a typical January. So we were wearing shorts & flip-flops with short sleeves...people riding around on their motorcycles and with the tops down on their convertibles. If you saw pictures, you might have thought it was mid-to-late spring if you didn't pay any attention to the trees & grass.

Now we move onward to today...
We woke up to near 70 degrees and having thunderstorms thru the night. I am enjoying beautiful 50 degree weather with the back door open with the rain falling, some thunder in the background, and enjoying my coffee. It reminds me of when we got our VISIT FROM HURRICANE ISAAC. Perfect for a kick back...uh...moment. It will be short lived as the temps will continue to drop, of course, and we are entering into a winter weather advisory. We have heard anywhere from a dusting to up to 4 inches in places starting tonight...and going into tomorrow.

Our county is on the cusp of craziness. Just south of us, there is currently a tornado watch until mid-afternoon.

And you know what? Around here...we hardly blink an eye. We laugh. Because this craziness really happens around here. This isn't the first time! I'm sure other regions would look at this as near apocalyptic events if it happened in their areas...but it's pretty common place here.

In our droughty conditions, this rain & possible snow is SO needed!! But many places can you say you wore shorts & sandals on one day, then 2 days later needed moon boots & a parka?

Welcome to the Heartland...where you should never pack away any seasonal clothing.

Welcome to the midwest. Don't like our weather? Hang around for 5 minutes...

Until then...I'm gonna enjoy this weather moment that I enjoy with my coffee. *CHEERS*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Sunday, January 27, 2013

AM~Erica is Kickin' This Crud Where it Counts

So anyway...

I'm still fighting this stuff. Though I'm not as QUARANTINED AS I WAS, I'm still keeping my distance the best I can...and trying to take it easy...while fighting this stuff as hard as I can!

Of course, I've already been TAKING STEPS TO STAY WELL, but this stuff caught me anyway. So I am trying to drown this junk in vitamin C & antioxidents.

I have also been introduced to Zicam. So, it has been added to the regimen.

So, on top of the tea (which now as Airborne added to it...) and the immunity smoothie, I've been drinking water, getting rest, and taking to the Zicam.

However, now Teen Boy has gotten this coldy junk. He's not as prepared as I am...and I've already told him that he will not like me by the end of today with all the stuff I'm gonna make him do & take. He doesn't like any of it...but...TOO BAD! We are getting rid of this!!

So, I have decided we are taking hold of the the chicken & noodles kick. Tonight will be chicken & noodles in the lazy cooker...but I also made some chicken noodle soup designed to help kick this crud where it counts!


Lemon Herb Rainbow Chicken Noodle Soup with Green Tea

2 lb boneless/skinless chicken breast, cooked & shredded
1/2 C lemon juice
80 oz chicken broth
4 C brewed green tea (yes! Green Tea)
1 C celery, chopped
1/4 sweet onion, chopped
1 C carrot, shredded
2 C finely chopped spinach or kale (or other dark leafy greens)
** other vegetables, fresh or frozen - (i.e. bell peppers - all colors, chopped; corn kernels; peas, shelled; butternut or any other squash, chopped; etc.) - the more color, the better...this is the "rainbow"
1 T salt (any)
Ground black pepper, to taste
3 T ground ginger
1/4 C parsley
3 T oregano
3 T basil
2 T thyme
2 T garlic powder
2 T cumin
1 bag whole wheat egg noodles

Pour lemon juice, chicken broth & green tea into a large pot. Bring to a boil.

Once boiling, turn heat down to mid-hi heat. Put in the shredded chicken (I put the chicken breasts in my lazy cooker in the morning so it would be cooked thru & easy to shred by the time I made the soup) into the broth.

Begin adding the vegetables plus the herbs & seasonings to the soup. Continue to let boil on mid-hi heat.

Then add the noodles. Make sure they are tender.

Begin testing the soup's broth to make sure seasonings are to your liking; adjust as necessary.

Let simmer.



This soup is PACKED with the good for you stuffs! And, it was pretty good. I toned down the amount of lemon juice...I used about 2 cups of it...and it was REALLY strong! Didn't need quite that much.

We are gonna get rid of this stuff as best & as quickly as we possibly can. I shall be a warrior thru it all!

Ruh-roh...looks like Teen Girl may have the beginnings of her fight starting. The war is on...

Zicam & soup, anyone? Stay well, my friends...

OK, that wore me out...I should go back to bed...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Quasi-Quarantine of AM~Erica

So anyway...

Here I'd worked so hard to stress to everyone about HOW TO STAY WELL, and to keep myself accountable...but alas...I have been hit by something nasty.

With all the weird stuff going around right now, it could be anything! However, I am still taking my wellness post to heart & doing as much as I can to cut this icky stuff short!

With the coughing that was eventually joined in by my nose taking up running & picking up sneezing along the way, as well as a not-migraine headache (I usually don't get not-migraines much anymore...I could probably count on 1 hand how many times in the last few years & still have phalanges left over)...and then...and THEN...I was just run down. This lack-of-energy thing is way tiring.

My hubby has been really good about making sure I'm taken care of. He made me go to bed. I would have resisted, but I didn't have the energy...

And, since I'M PRETTY SURE I'M A DISNEY PRINCESS, this girl had to take on Aurora's role...and just sleep. And my Prince Charming (yes, I am still talking about my hubby) would come check on me.

Now, Friday is our usual day of the week to spend time together. It's hubby's day off & we can get our weekly grocery shopping done & anything else we might want or need to squeeze in. It's like a morning & afternoon long date day...that just happens to include grocery shopping. Ummmm...we are more than into Saturday now...and we don't have much food in the house. Why? I couldn't even handle the umph of grocery shopping! Ugh. I've already stated that I WILL NOT MISS ANYTHING MY KIDDOS DO unless you physically make me...or it had better me something really big...or my own death to make me miss it, I was feeling pretty OK this morning while getting Lil Guy ready for his basketball game. the morning went...and the game went...the more I was running out of steam quickly. If I could've slept in the chair I was sitting in during the game...I might have. That, my friends, is not a good sign.

I had more to do today. Like helping a fantastic couple get set up for their 50th wedding anniversary festivities of vow renewal & reception. I was even planning what to wear...but I was sequestered back to bed by Prince Charming...and more sleep I got. Before I knew hubby was changed & leaving. I said I'd get around to meet him there for at least the ceremony...but he informed me that I shouldn't be around the public. *sigh* I feel so bad for feeling so bad. I didn't even have the energy to argue about it. That's how you know how zapped I am.

So I am quasi-quarantined. But I don't even have the gusto to go anywhere. I will help put together a mini list for a few things we desperately need...but other than that...don't count on a whole lot from me.

And with that...I'm going to hang out in my tower with my symptoms: Coughy, Snotty, Poundy, Sneezy, Sleepy... See? Just like a Disney Princess! And the Web Doc told me it could be a I could self-medicate & just get Dopey. *shrugs*

That's right...superheros show up in my fairy tales. What?

Well...I do have a handsome Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet...and make me sleep this stuff off.

A lesson I learned: total lack of motivation feels way more productive than total lack of energy.

OK...This Snow White is gonna trap herself in her Rapunzel tower & totally pull an Aurora. No energy for the Cinderella stuff...

Stay tuned...(and stay well...)

God Bless, AM~Erica

Thursday, January 24, 2013

AM~Erica's Disney Princess Doppelganger

So anyway...

I was approached by a sweet & hilarious couple from our church to let me know, and they had also told my hubby to tell me, that they totally found my Hollywood doppelganger. They were watching TV on a Saturday night. Yes, that was a flag that they were viewing an episode of Saturday Night Live. This particular night was being hosted by one of America's current sweethearts::

Anne Hathaway!

But wait...wha-WHA?? There is absolutely NO way...I mean it's a totally compliment and everything...but really??

They went on to explain that we now have the same hair[cut], smile...and personality. Hmmmm...
What do you think?

I always thought I had dopplegangers in Annie Lennox or Martina McBride (or so I was told)! The TRIP TO THE DENTIST told me that it may very well be La Roux or Dolores O'Riordan. I could see some of these, so I was thrown by the Anne Hathaway comparison.

She won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. As she gave her speech, she pointed out, when she began, that she started out as the Princess of Genovia....*SCREEEEEEEECH*


That was in Disney's "Princess Diaries". Remember that movie, and its sequel?

Then it hit me...Anne Hathaway is a living Disney Princess!!!

Then it hit me...So am I!

If you remember when I made the LEAP TO APPLE, it became totally obvious that I had become a Disney Princess by rite. Amm-i-rite? Well...totally obvious if you tilt your head to the left & squint a little. Whatever...

So...if Anne is a Disney Princess...and I am a Disney Princess...and we have the same haircut...and a passion for performing & fashion...

HOLY CANNOLI! We are truly each other's doppelgangers & kindred spirits.

This is a beautiful moment, everyone.

*ahem* You may bow down, now...

(or she's totally copying me...Hmmmmm...)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AM~Erica Feels So Guilty

So anyway...

Our Lil Guy, who JUST HAD A BIRTHDAY, is really something else. And we are still glad that he is not yet embarrassed by us being around. Actually, he's still in the stage where he's happy to show us off...

Lately, things have been crazy. Our kiddos are all involved in totally different things. So trying to get them to & from practices/rehearsals while trying to make as many events as possible while having hubby with a very busy schedule with his's tiring. It turns my stomach when we (or either hubby &/or I) have to miss any of the events. It breaks my heart.

Now, there are things my hubby has to be at. There's no way around it. He tries to finagle things a bit, and always tries his best to put the family events first! Always! And there are days when we need a flow chart to keep up with each other & what all is going on!

Now then...Lil Guy doesn't always remember how busy we all are. He's been dying for hubby & I to come meet him for lunch at his school. Isn't that sweet? I'm not gonna lie...I cannot stand eating in the cafeteria. It's loud, stressful, kids touching other kids food, kids trying to make your own kid feel bad for not sitting by them...just thinking about it makes my blood pressure rise. But we have done it because Lil Guy wants us there.

In the past, I have volunteered for Lil Guy's class. On those days, I would generally go ahead & have lunch with him, too. Like I said...the cafeteria experience always made my blood pressure rise...but I loved having that moment shared with Lil Guy. I loved knowing he was happy I was there.

This year, I was not asked to come volunteer weekly. So, I have fallen off the weekly lunching schedule. I think I might have eaten with him twice this year...maybe. He's really been on me again...but with hubby. Now hubby's schedule is hard to work around thru the day. He's had impromptu lunch meetings or working thru lunch...or days he needed to get stuff done at the house. He usually takes a later lunch, too. Apparently Lil Guy eats earlier. So it's been difficult.

He's been on a big kick of asking us to "surprise" him by bringing lunch. But he usually follows up with what day we should "surprise" him. (Yeah...I don't think he is quite understanding the surprise element...) But he's been asking a lot. I keep informing him that I need to work around daddy's schedule. He knows, but really wants us to come meet him for lunch.

Lil Guy pressed again today. I had to inform him that I didn't know hubby's schedule yet. He knew that. It was breaking my heart...
We didn't make it to lunch with him today. And I'm dwelling on it. Horribly.

With all of the violence that has happened that everyone keeps ridiculously debating over...people have lost their lives. School children, college students, innocent bystanders...have lost their lives. They didn't get one more lunch date with their family...their families didn't get one more game to watch with them, one more dinner, one more shopping outing, etc...
We had a guy at our church who was very active in and around the church. He was a very healthy guy who had a fluke health thing happen, and was gone. It was a shock. He will not sing in the choir or church quartet, he will have no more say in meetings, he will not lead another class, he will not get another round of golf with the guys, he will not get another baseball game with his son or a dinner with his wife.

That kind of insanity is dwelling on me. However, I would not miss a single one of any of Lil Guy's ball games or programs if I could help it. I turned down 2 amazing opportunities next month so I could watch Lil Guy play his games.

That's what would happen with any of my kids. If there's a play, performance, game, program, etc. that I need to be at...I will make it work. I will work any extras around their schedules so I can root my kids on & support them!

So...tomorrow...hubby & I will "surprise" Lil Guy with lunch. No amount of laundry, cleaning, dishes, shopping, planning, phone calls, or any other event will stop me from making my kid feel special. Especially when he still wants us around.

I love my kids that much. And I hate feeling guilty about even missing any of their things for any reason.

Oh...and don't tell Lil Guy about know...that whole "surprise thing" and all...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, January 21, 2013

AM~Erica Celebrates One of the Longest, Hardest Days Ever: Part II

So anyway...

This baby was not wanting to come. I was still cranky, uncomfortable, irritable, and I think EVERYONE wanted me to have this kid already.  We were coming upon January 21st very quickly. I was finishing up things at work & getting things ready around the house. Nesting to a point...but it had to be done!

It was a Friday. I went in early, got hooked up & monitored, nearly passed out, got oxygen, and couldn't eat anything the entire time. I lied there miserable, frustrated & wanting it all to just be over with. That's why I set up like this in the first place! Family, friends & health professionals couldn't believe it was taking so long. I needed it over. Badly. Not just for my own sanity, but for the well being of any & all of those around me. I was DONE & desperately needed to move onto the next chapter...because the journey getting to this point had been so difficult & scary.

I almost passed out while being hooked up. I couldn't eat anything, but I was ready to do this! We got started around 7:00 in the morning. They had to put on the monitor in BIG letters that I was high-risk. So we got the task going. I was more than ready to HAVE THIS KID!

The day wore on...and the nurses were fully expecting things to go quickly considering this is my 3rd time around.

As the day droned on...we got to see family come in off & on, we got to see friends off & on, we got our off & on visits from poor Young Doc.

My contractions weren't really happening, no matter what we did. The nurses thought my monitoring wires had slipped. I laid there frustrated & sad that things...just...weren't...going.

By this time, we had even gotten a visit from church friends, and...AND???...I got a visit from heaven-sent OB/GYN AND his the same time! Poor doc was still in a sling, but they came to see how thing were doing anyway. Guess what I did! If you guessed "Cried" for $ win!

As the day wore on...there was still nothing. I will leave it as "several things were tried." By that evening, things were finally going again. I was hungry. I was tired. I was frustrated. The nurses at the nurses station would check on me because they figured I would have had this kid already. I was told that the nurses were ready to blame other nurses for not changing their board yet...because there is NO way a 3rd pregnancy & labor should ever take this long. Except this one...apparently.

Now, hubby & I had agreed from our FIRST PREGNANCY TOGETHER that an epidural would NEVER be used. We saw a video that scared us really badly! And I didn't use one for the first 2. Young Doc wanted us to use one. It had to do with the high risk thingy...but we refused. He kept pushing us though...and we were getting frustrated with him AND the long labor. Not OK.

Eventually, Young Doc had the anesthesiologist come in to talk to us about the epidural...around 10:00 that night. ( was taking this long.) The anesthesiologist explained an epidural like we didn't already know what it was. Even the nurses said we could not be forced to use one. And after a crazy-over-technical explanation, the anesthesiologist left the room. The nurses put it in layman's terms anyway, even though we already knew. And then, a moment of greatness happened...the anesthesiologist entered back into the room and said, "Now, that was just for your information. It's your decision. No one can make you have one." If I could have danced for joy in that moment...I might have. I think I cried again instead.

Not long after that, things REALLY started progressing...FINALLY!!

I will try to spare you several details...but after a very frustrated Young Doc figured out there was no chance of us doing an was time to start pushing! FINALLY!!

I don't know how long it went...but I remember the voice of Young Doc, as remembering I really wanted to have this baby TODAY, he yelled, "C'mon, Erica! You only have 10 minutes!!" I pushed harder & that baby boy was out 6 minutes later. WHEW!!!

It was over. My baby boy was born on his own day to celebrate...barely. Born at 11:56 PM. One of the longest days of my life...EVER!

Now, there were a couple of very unhappy grandparents in all of this. Hubby didn't make it out to the waiting area...where the ALL of the family and a few friends waited almost the entire day with us...until after midnight. Why were 2 of them upset? My mom missed the announcement due to needing to step away for a moment. The other one was mom-n-law...who totally figured the baby would wait until the wee-early morning hours of Saturday, January 22nd...HER be born.

And...I was exhausted, I was hungry, I was relieved. We had 7.3 pound, healthy baby boy to show for all the work.

In retrospect...I'm wondering if this was the reason he was being so stubborn:

But, all of this happened 8 years ago. It hardly seems possible. Lil Guy has brought us such joy in these few years of his existence. We did decide that he is twins all by himself. He is ALL of the good, as well as ALL of the bad of Teen Girl AND Teen Boy put together.

Lil guy is smart, witty, hilarious, creative, talented, athletic, cool & an all around great kid.

Even though he came a year & a half early, we are so glad he got here when he did.

He has been the attention of nearly all the girls in one of his preschool classes (no joke), and now he excels at most anything he does or puts his mind to. He is a great reader, usually the best or one of the best players on any team of any sport he plays, he was chosen for student council, and can make friends very quickly.

He's our Captain America leader type. And, even though he can be a booger, we love him & are proud of everything he does...except when MEANIE CHIN tells him otherwise.

And, lovingly, he is our last.

And we wish him another fantastic birthday! He was worth the extra effort.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

AM~Erica Celebrates One of the Longest, Hardest Days Ever: Part I

So anyway...

Today, I am celebrating one of the hardest days I have ever experienced in my whole life...

It was a Friday. I went in early, got hooked up & monitored, nearly passed out, got oxygen, and couldn't eat anything the entire time. I lied there miserable, frustrated & wanting it all to just be over with. That's why I set up like this in the first place! Family, friends & health professionals couldn't believe it was taking so long. I needed it over. Badly. Not just for my own sanity, but for the well being of any & all of those around me. I was DONE & desperately needed to move onto the next chapter...because the journey getting to this point had been so difficult & scary.

OK, let me back track to catch you up to speed...
It was February of 2004 when my hubby & I were working on some things within our relationship. In the midst of the discussions, we were strongly considering having another child. Between his daughter plus the 2 we had together, we had three "blessings". Though they are all blessings in their own right, you can read between the quotation marks to maybe figure out what I'm sayin'...

For once, we were actually going to plan having a kid! We knew there were many things we wanted to get done & have in place first, so we were hoping to give ourselves about a year & a half before bringing a new little one into our lives. So...this was our mission. Everything we were going to do was to be in prep of our long term pregnancy plan. However, God got really excited to know that we were hoping to bring another little miracle into our lives...

In June 2004, I had not been feeling the best & really felt I needed to see my heaven-sent OB/GYN. I think it's because I had a suspicion that I might be pregnant...but hoping that wasn't the case yet. WE HAD A PLAN! And, when my doctor & his nurse both saw that I was not in a joking mood, I think they knew I was concerned. Then...the test results were confirmed...and I was still in shock. So much so, I was apparently supposed to get dressed & then head out to the desk for further appointments...I missed some of that as I was trying to process what to do next. What was I going to tell my hubby, my family, my friends, my job? WE HAD A PLAN! But the plan fell thru...and then my doctor's fantastically-sarcastic, wickedly-humored nurse realized my door was still closed. She came in to check on me & realized I was still in my open-back gown just sitting on the edge of the examination shock. She dropped all humor & flipped into super-caring mode to make sure I was OK. She realized I was in shock. She realized I had no witty comebacks for her. I was thrown off my whole game of life. We weren't ready.

Part of the problem was that it would also mean I was to be a high-risk pregnancy. Now...this is a reason I won't go into. Some know what my issue was, but that part is personal. Even though a group did find out without us knowing first, hopefully most of them have forgotten. It's something that was going to be taken care of later in the year...but could not happen at this time. I was stuck. We were stuck. And we were scared. Scared for my body...scared for the baby.

It was a hard several months after that. I was horribly uncomfortable, and terrified thru the whole time. I knew I could lose this baby at any time. This pregnancy reeked havoc on my body. I was always in I had to drink at least 128 ounces of water everyday, and I had to keep thick hand cream in my hair. I hurt...a lot. And...I was terrified.

We kept the pregnancy a secret from our previous church. Since my hubby is a pastor, he is sent to different churches from time-to-time. He was the associate at our home church & was getting ready to get his very own church. Not only was I scared about the pregnancy (so was he), we needed our time leaving to be the focus. Our last Sunday was on Father's Day 2004. And the family had done a really good job in keeping the news under wraps. We had only told a very select few. It was the same with my job.

We didn't tell the kids until the afternoon of Father's Day to make sure things didn't slip. Only 2 of the 3 kids were OK with it. The other one will be pointed out later...

I really didn't even want to know what we were having. I didn't want to get so attached to this child if I was going to lose it. emotional as I was at the sonogram when we might find out what we were having, the technician asked if we wanted to know, because it was obvious...
I was in tears, because I didn't know what to do. But I know my hubby would want to I sucked it up, held my breath & nodded. When she SHOWED us that it had a strange sense of peace that washed over me. Even my hubby felt it & noticed my change.

I was still terrified...

We did eventually move to a town home with more bedroom space. We would need to set up a nursery. However...I still had issues. I could not go near the nursery-to-be. And I was still miserable. The to-be-nursery became more of a storage room...except when I needed to put something in there, I would crack the door & throw the item(s) in. I couldn't bear seeing this room that would or would not house our unborn child once it came...if it came at all. (Did I mention this high risk thing had me terrified?)

Only 2 of the 3 kids were willing to discuss the baby. They wanted to talk about possible names...even before we knew what we were having. I didn't want to show them my great fears. I sucked it up, tried to keep back my tears & hoped my stomach would stop flipping & turned when the subject would come up. I was not handling this well at all.

Eventually, my hubby convinced me to start talking about names. I kept blowing him off. I didn't want a name for a child we may never get to know. I had put up such a wall about the whole thing...even though I was growing rapidly in girth with what seemed to be a healthy pregnancy. But it didn't feel like one. I was terrified. But I was worn down & talked names with hubby. We weren't agreeing. Not a surprise...but none were going to make me happy...that would mean this child would have a pre-set identity to attach ourselves to. I didn't want it if it might not happen.

Even in my stressed-out-state of being, I was S-L-O-W-L-Y coming to terms that we may end up having this baby born, possibly healthy, and living with us. I did even *GULP* set up the nursery. Imagine my hubby's surprise! Though I was still terrified deep down, I was putting on a better face. We were just wondering how our unsure kiddo would handle this whole thing...

One afternoon, the family was at the mall. I remember a very young Teen Girl (this was WAY before the "Teen" part came) holding my hand as we went down the escalator. She took her free hand & rubbed my belly. I was SHOCKED! Maybe she was coming to terms with it now, too! She looked up at me sweetly, and in a sweet little voice said, "Mommy? We are NOT having this baby!" Wait...wha-WHA?? I informed her it was not up to her, Didn't help my mood toward the pregnancy for sure. (But I didn't tell her that!)

My heaven-sent OB/GYN was keeping good tabs on me. He knew how I felt. Even though things were going well, the high-risk thing still loomed heavily, like a thick, brooding thundercloud not allowing sunshine thru. He tried to keep it positive by giving me goals to reach. The possibility of the the baby coming early was all too real. I was so miserable that I didn't realize he was just trying to keep things positive & moving forward. In my flustered & terrified state, I was hoping it meant that we were getting this baby out of me at any time! No, I was not in my right mind to think that the longer the baby was baking in my belly, the better.

And then...I got horrible news:
my doctor would be having rotator cuff surgery just a month before I was to have this boy. If I wasn't upset enough as it was, now I have to deal with this change. He would not be delivering my baby. I was crushed! CRUSHED!! However, he had VERY recently brought his son on board to the practice. Like father, like son? Well, that's who I was supposed to start seeing...

Now then...hubby was NOT happy about this either. But not for the reason I was upset. See...the younger doctor, though older than me, was younger than hubby. Hubby was not impressed.

I thought it was pretty funny. One of the lighter moments during the whole pregnancy. I had to inform him that Young Doc:

1. would never be my type

B. would never want a super preggo chic who is horribly emotional

XLVII. would never want someone who wanted to tear his head off while crying every time he saw her

*ahem* Yep. That's what I did to that poor guy in my mental & physical state. I would yell at him to get this kid out of me & I would get all over-emotional & cry...every time. I'm pretty sure he didn't look forward to my weekly visit. And, I really did try to "convince" him (*clears throat* by throwing a tantrum) that I should be able to meet him on the hospital side so he could remove this kid. Bless his heart...he kept trying to inform me that my body & the baby were not quite ready. I tried to beg to differ (yes, in total tears...every time) that I was more than ready.

He decided that he would give me another week. If I was at all dilated, we'd talk induction. I'm pretty sure I was wearing him down with my incredible levels of emotional whining. Right?

After showing up the next week & being dilated to MAYBE half of a centimeter...and after my emotional reminder that he would schedule me if there was ANY dilation...he gave in & we started talking about when...

He asked how Friday, January 21st sounded. Even though the the due date was the 29th...and I was told I could have the kid before wasn't soon enough for me, but it would have to do. I had an additional talk with the doctor that we had to make sure the baby was out THAT DAY!! mom-n-law's bday is the following day. Now, it's not that it's her birthday that repelled me from wanting my son born then...I just really wanted my kiddos to have their own day! It didn't matter which family member it was, I would want to avoid piggy-backing birthdays if at all possible!

So...the countdown began, but hoping I would go into labor before then. *crossing fingers*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Friday, January 18, 2013

AM~Erica is Working Toward Staying Well

So anyway...

If you are unaware, maybe because you live under a rock or in an actual cave, you will probably know that there is major-crazy buzz around the flu season this time around. However, if you do live under that rock...I guess you are well, anyway...

But, for everyone else, schools have closed due to the outbreak being near epidimic levels, hospitals are overflowing...and there are even M*A*S*H-like tent cities set up outside of the ER's specifically for those who have the flu or flu-like symptoms. There was news that a restaurant in Springfield, MO closed down due to the virus.

Flu tent outside of an ER in Philadelphia to help keep the virus out of the hospital

A set up of famous fictional M*A*S*H unit 4077

I'm gonna make something clear: IT'S A VIRUS! Or at least one of a few. So, sadly...when you go to the doctor or the hospital because it's so bad, they are probably going to give you IV fluids. If Tamiflu is working for you (for any of you who have needed to try to take it), then that's good. However, I am wondering how many of you out there got the flu vaccine, and still got sick!

Some of you reading this may be shocked & mortified, and others will completely agree with me...but...
our family does not get the flu vaccine. Because...guess's based on the previous flu strands. And? There is ALWAYS the "new strand of flu" that could not be included in it. And? There is another virus going around that is is NOT the flu! So, the vaccine & Tamiflu ain't gonna touch it, people.

I have no idea what my affinity is about going to the doctor, but I just get so bothered to have to pay anything to go & have them shrug & say there's nothing they can do...then wish me luck.

So, there's some things that many of us...OK...well...ALL of us should be doing to help ourselves & others. Some of it just makes sense (I've decided not to call it "common sense" any longer...more on that in a future post), but there are many who are too prideful & over-confident to keep up on some practices...

One of the biggest things to do? WASH YOUR HANDS! A lot...a WHOLE lot. Then carry lotion so viruses to sneak into the cracks of over-dried hands. And try to avoid a lot of handshaking, high-fives, cheek-kissing, etc. Maybe we should just be like Howie Mandel for a while & just fist-bump people. Oh, and we could learn from what children are taught when washing their hands: sing a 20-second song (even if it's just in your head). It's been brought up to use the "Alphabet Song", "Twinkle-Twinkle, Little Star", or "Baa-Baa, Black Sheep". (Actually, all 3 of those are the same multi-task & simplify by washing hands while humming 3 songs at once. You'll be an amazing party trick.) You can carry hand sanitizer, too...but do not become a slave to it! Only use it when needed only when there is no soap & water combo to get a hold of. A certain amount of germ exposure helps build immunity. Don't forget it!

Oh, and please...PLEASE...cover your face/mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing. The best place? In the crook of your elbow or into a tissue. Please do not do it in your hands or just out in the open! *shivers* I'm getting grossed out just thinking about it. The crook of your arm won't have as much contact with things nearly as often as your hands, and you can throw away the tissue that caught your nasty germs-in-flight. Don't let fly everywhere. No need to have your nasty nose &/or spit particles attach themselves to the 3 people across the room, as well as anyone in between that flight pattern. *shivers*

Lots of water! Keep hydrated, folks. And, if you have already lost serious hydration & that flu-y stuff has already taken you over, get some Gatorade or Pedialite down you. Get those electrolites going again. Yes, there is the salts & sugars in them, but your body will need a little extra sumpin'-sumpin' to get back on track!

Also, continue taking in Vitamin C to boost the immunity stuff in your body. Make all those stuffs (yes, I'm using technical sorry if you can't keep up) into little fighting ninjas!

Now then...there is an old wives' tale that chicken noodle soup can help you in getting well. What's one of the first things people want you to do when you get sick? Yep! Have some chicken (noodle) soup! As I have come across some different research on this, it turns out this is true! There are natural antibodies that happen when homemade chicken (noodle) soup is made. So, not only is it soothing...but it is building up those little ninjas, too!

When that throat is scratchy, sore &/or tingly...I have a really awesome tea that I make. Here's what it is:


Throat-Soothing Tea

2 parts lemon juice
1 part water
2-3 T honey
¼ t salt
1 lemon-honey cough drop or throat lozenge (I use Halls)
1 black tea bag
1 green tea bag
1 Throat Coat tea bag
1 t ginger

Fill a microwaveable mug with the lemon juice & water.Add the cough drop or throat lozenge along with the green & black tea bags.Heat up the liquid for about 2 minutes, on high, then let rest for about 1 moreminute. Take out of the microwave, remove the tea bags, then replace them withthe Throat Coat tea bag, and let stand, covered for about 15-20 minutes. Afterthat time, uncover, remove the tea bag, then add the honey, ginger & salt.Stir well & make sure the cough drop/lozenge is dissolving.

Drink it until gone. An occasional gargle with it before you swallow, as itcools to just above luke-warm, is recommended.

Make this upon the onset of a scratchy or sore throat. Repeatseveral times through the 1st couple of days, then back off to 1-2times for a couple of days after that.

** It is not meant to be delicious!! It's not bad, but it isintense & strong! Brace yourself, but it works.


One of the things that is an old wives tale is about cutting up onions & putting them around your house to ward off flu and illness. I had seen this around so much lately, I thought I'd look into it. Ummm...please don't do it! First, an onion is not a is full of juices that have already been given rights to reside in those oniony pores. And viruses are not going to cling to the onions...they are passed around thru contact. Unless you are breathing ON the's not gonna work. And? The smell is so strong! You're just gonna make everyone cry...or sicker the next day due to the overwhelming odor. If there's gonna be a smell of onion in my house, they had better be cooking! That smell is amazing! And...if you're gonna cut up onions to help with the flu, put 'em in your homemade soup. If there ends up being a Great Onion Shortage of 2013, it had better be because they were being used to make soup...not to be left out to dry up & just get gross, as well as bringing a different bacteria of mold & such into your home...making people sicker. Maybe?

And? STAY HOME! Fever? Coughing? Nausea? Sniffles? No one else wants. And you're not just giving it to other students or coworkers...they are taking it to their other jobs, families, stores. See how this works?

If you are smart enough to stay home, get rest! Your body needs to just close off the rest of the world to concentrate on getting better & fighting this junk! But, if you can't sleep...or your body is taking a break from sleeping, it has been suggested that you watch comedy, play board games, and/or drink hot chocolate. Why? These things keep your brain active (so a different kind of workout), plus laughing gets your feel-goods going, and the warmth, chocolate & sugar (minimal) of the cocoa gets those feel-goods moving, too. Oh...and steam! Let the steam from a hot bath or shower help loosen things up. Plus...a good bath or shower usually helps make you feel better, anyway.

Now then...if you are well & just want or need to keep up your's some stuff for you to try:

Continue to wash hands. See above. This cannot be stressed enough.

Keep taking Vitamin C. See above.

Drink water. Keep hydrated. Actual water...not just the other drinks that have water in them. WATER!

Oh...and you're supposed to exercise. Guess I should try to do this again. I just haven't gotten there. But still, exercise & stuff. Cuz it's good for you anyway.

Take your vitamins! TAKE 'EM!

Oh...and keep feeding yourself healthy stuffs! Fruits, veggies, soups, balanced meals...and some people do the smoothie thing. I have an immunity smoothie that I have from time to time. I would make sure to inhale it before volunteering at Lil Guy's school. Here's how to make it:


Sweet & Tart Immunity Smoothie 
(aka to my kiddos - blood punch)

Orange Juice
1 bottle DanActive immunity yogurt smoothie (I like Strawberry Banana or the mixed berries)
1/2 - 1 packet Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate (this used to be under the "immunity" & "antioxidant" label)

Add a little OJ at the bottom of the glass
Add the Crystal Light powder
Stir very well
Pour the DanActive into a juice glass
Fill the rest of the glass with OJ
Stir well again

** It's really sweet & tart...and looks like blood punch. But I really like it!!!


I'm also all about lots of color in dishes & multi-colored pasta, lots of veggies...I love color anyway & sure love it within my food, too. And more than just M&M's & Skittles. I use a 15-bean mix for my ham & beans, and I love using all the bell pepper colors when making dirty rice, and I love using squash & root veggie mixes with my pasta, or a beautiful stir fry with a lot of color...even a really good fruit salad with lots of berries is fantastic. Froot Loops totally count too, right? No? Although, I do see chocolate & coffee as vegetable based...cuz, you know...they come from beans! Duh! Oh...and wine comes from grapes. Hey! Those things do have their own health benefits, too, you know...
Can you totally feel the antioxidants working just by reading all of that?

People...what it comes down to is a matter of taking care of yourselves. Please! It's considered the worst flu season in years! (I know, I know...when isn't it, right?) But there have seriously been places closing. Churches have been handling services differently. Not sure how host/hostesses & door greeters are gonna handle their jobs soon. There is a Wally-World close by that has their cashiers wearing gloves. Seriously. i'm guessing masks might be next?


Stay healthy, people. Take the extra measures. It won't hurt your ego or confidence if you're doing this stuff to be healthy.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AM~Erica is Even More Stoked

So anyway...

You know that I have been very excited about the UPCOMING CHIEFS' SEASON! Right?

After we acquired Andy Reid as our new head coach, we landed John Dorsey as our new GM! All in 2 weeks worth of time, we got rid of Romeo Crennel, got Andy Reid, got rid of Scott Pioli, and then got John Dorsey. And then the welcoming press conferences to officially welcome both Reid & Dorsey were exactly 1 week & 1 hour apart.

It was exciting to know that we got Reid, as you well know...and the press conference was only exciting due to the fact it was a full-frontal public welcome. It was a lot of gentle schmoozing, nicey-nicities, and apparently a lot of wings.

When JOHN DORSEY GOT HIS TURN to get his full-frontal shot at the public. And you know what? It was ELECTRIFYING!! There was such an amazing presence & energy from this guy! Did he do the schmoozy-nicities? Yep...sure did. was different!

As it turns out, Mr. Dorsey was approached by other teams, also. He didn't talk to them. The thought of coming to KC in its obvious turnover & newness seemed very appealing. And he told Clark Hunt in the interview that he wanted to come to KC...because "it is the crown jewel of the NFL." He went on to say that Clark asked him why he viewed it as such...and he went on GLOWINGLY about the fans. He loved the passion of the fans...and he didn't even compare us to the fanbase or the organization of Green Bay (where he has been involved with in some capacity for 20+ years). He's ready to roll up his sleeves & get to work.

In a later quick interview, he told a reporter that he is "The GM of the Kansas City Chiefs. And that's AWESOME!"

You know what else? He's not going to take stupidity from the press at conferences. He wants them to not ask stupid questions (like they tend to do...I guess they can't help themselves) & just get to the point. He proved that during the press conference. It was magical.

My hubby & I were so excited, so charged up...we literally did the 2-person wave on the couch (actually Teen Boy considered that more of a ripple than a wave...whatevs). And we were sad we had no big Chiefs' foam fingers to wave in the air. That's how amazingly excited we got!

And? Because of the fact that Clark is part of the Hunt family, it holds great weight in the football community. When Clark Hunt talks, the NFL community listens...and gravitates. We are also getting quite a coaching staff together, too.

Oh what a year this may turn out to be. Have I mentioned that I'm excited & stoked? Cuz I'm totally excited and stoked!

Now...Dorsey did give warning that things are not gonna just happen. He begged the fans to be patient, and called this a marathon...not a sprint. It was a really good reminder. But after hitting rock-bottom, we can only head upward. We are no longer a lethargic & apathetic fan base. We are charged up. Anything would be good. And now appropriate & exciting people are jumping on the S.S. Arrowhead!

Clark Hunt has definietly been working the Hunt name, and has made things happen quickly because of it. He seems to want to be much more involved now, too. Good or's something...and it says a lot...loudly. That's pretty much what Reid AND Dorsey said in their press conferences. It was who called them that got their attention.

And, if you remember, I am stoked for getting on the gimmicky band wagon of a tired trend.  THE MOUSTACHE TREND is what I am totally ready to rock when the Chiefs take the stage.

Well, I have a friend from high school who shared this pic on Facebook:

It was in a local paper of "The Pitch." Well, after I got ridiculously excited & hoped someone would find me one of these...she was awesome & offered to send me her copy! Woo Hoo!!!

Well, a couple of days later, I got an empty envelope. I was bummed. Someone had opened it & taken my moustache printout. *sigh*

She offered to find me another, but I decided I would just look online...and...??

Yeah...stick them up your stupid nose! *snort*

You're welcome. Now you can join me! Wanna see?

So...who is seriously getting pumped & stoked & excited & stuffs for some serious (and hopefully, finally, some competitive) Chiefs Football??

I'm ready! Adding to the 'stache season is gonna be entertaining, for sure...

Quick! Let's do the wave! I'll start...


Hmmm...this was much better than just 2 of us on a couch...


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Sunday, January 13, 2013

AM~Erica is Getting Even More Pumped

So anyway...

I have already expressed my excitement for the upcoming CHIEFS' FOOTBALL SEASON. continues to escalate...

The Kansas City fanbase was already treated to the mega turnover in the organization by cleaning house & landing Andy Reid as our new head coach. And in very short time, too! And, the press conference was held exactly 1 week after the clearing out of the past season's regime. Then it was about filling more coaching and a new GM.

This time, it looked like there were a couple of very hopeful options that seemed truly viable for us to land in the General Manager...especially since we got the new head coach that we did.

Then, it was shared that we landed one of those two options to be our new GM: John Dorsey!

This is John Dorsey - the new GM for KC. He was the one I was pulling for, too!

Wha-WHA??? People, we are landing some serious football commodities, here! And I want to applaud Clark Hunt for making the strides in trying to turn things around.

If you are not here in Kansas City, you cannot fully understand what has happened around here...and the excitement that surrounds our area.

I have had to travel on I-70 a few times in the last couple of weeks. There is about a quarter mile stretch, as you pass the stadium complex (the K...or Kauffman stadium that houses the Royals, and Arrowhead stadium which houses the KC Chiefs) that has such an energy buzz that you can intently feel in their air as you go by. It's crazy, but true. Can anyone else feel it while driving by the stadiums? Step forward if you do...or don't.

Interestingly the coaching staff grows, too, the countdown to the official press conference introducing John Dorsey as our new GM will happen tomorrow week after the official press conference to introduce Andy week after the mudslide of firings began with Romeo Crennel. And, as I'm thinking...Andy had his press conference one week after Romeo was let go; John Dorsey was a confirmed hire just right at one week after Scott Pioli was let go. Interesting parallels, I am sensing. (sorry...went all Yoda for a moment there...)

Oh...and the press conference is happening on Monday...again...since...well, you know...that whole thing where the NFL frowns upon other NFL news stealing spotlight from the playoff games. (Which, btw, the playoff games this weekend were unbelievable & I hope the Super Bowl ends up as exciting as these games this weekend.)

The renewed excitement around sports in KC is astounding! It's electrifying again. I love it!

Even if this year doesn't turn out as well as hoped...I hope we remember these building moments. It's a beautiful thing!

I'm also excited about the MOUSTACHE TREND that I think will be sticking around in KC. Even a local paper, The Pitch, had something about it. More on that to come...

Also, with Andy Reid getting a buffet for his press conference that included 6 different kinds of you think John Dorsey's will have a buffet with a bunch of ribs? Just thinking?

By the way...these kinds of welcomes have never happened here before. What is happening is huge. What Clark Hunt is doing is turning things around.

There is even a welcoming commercial for Andy Reid right now:

*shivers* It gives me chills. I get goosebumps on my face, even.

Yeah...that's the kind of excitement we've been desperately needing around these parts. And it feels amazing to have that feeling back in the air.

And, as always...GO CHIEFS!

But, no pressure...really...none at all...(lots of pressure)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica