Thursday, February 28, 2013

AM~Erica is So Offended You're So Offended

So anyway...

As a mom, I have these things called "children" that whine all the time how things are "so unfair!!" Then whine about something that they get all offendy about because they didn't like how they felt about it...they act like whoever or whatever they were offended by came over & punched them in the face & stole their gift cards.

It's at this point when I tell them to stop & just throw themselves on the floor. Then I give them the option of throwing a tantrum on the floor, like a toddler trying to get attention, for a moment or two. They usually don't take me up on the offer & get mad that I even brought it up...and probably think it's unfair I even said it.

That is what society has turned into. Don't get me can do that...but we are in a culture that refuses to grow out of it! They are always feeling entitled...and the whole world is always against only them. I've seen it in children, teens, 20 somethings, 30 somethings, even up to 70 somethings. It's just so bratty! From politics, to handouts, to church, and on & on & on...and even to skits.

Yes! I said skits!

In the past week, I have heard more whining about different things that makes me roll my eyes. They are throwing tantrums over skits & totally taking things out of context...

This past week, a friend of mine brought something up to me to get my opinion on it. It had to do with some backlash from a group toward a skit that came from Nick Mom.

I found out that Nick Mom is programming from Nickelodeon for the moms of the Nick Jr. crowd. Brilliant! And they apparently do these mini skit vignettes in good satirical SNL for mommies!

A group of food allergy activists threw a fit over a skit where 2 moms who are putting together a bake sale for PTA are setting up crazy rules for the sale. All items must be clearly labeled...Clearly...LABLED CLEARLY! Then they were going to separate all of these items by food allergies in different areas. (i.e. - dairy free, nut free, gluten free, etc.) And it was over-the-top. And...guess what! It was funny!

There is this huge uproar about it. I think so much so that I can't even find the video now. I think Nick Mom took it down. I'm disappointed because I wanted you all to see what the hissy-fit throwing is about!

These groups are grumpy that it's making fun of kids with food allergies. It so isn't!!!'s throwing PTA moms & dads under the bus that work TOO hard to try make everyone happy. They go too far & that's the offensive part! It has nothing to do with food or food allergy sufferers's about the over-the-top actions taken to try to make things more "open".

This whole thing has been taking on an effect like it did with "Married...With Children" & "The Simpsons". Parents tried to say these shows were so awful & offensive...that it actually drew more traffic to the fan-base of these shows. DUH!! So now people, like me, who were not aware of Nick Mom before...are now! And I have no shame in saying I have a wicked sense of humor...and I found it FUNNY! And it has a much different message than these groups & blogs are telling their followers what do believe it was about. It's a shame.

Grumpy, over-protective parents with absolutely no sense of humor!

In their cry of how Nick Mom is bullying their food allergic children...they stepped in & convinced their cronies to step up & be the bullies to Nick Mom. Way to teach a lesson there, kids!! *face palm*

It's, actually, very much the same as when ONE MILLION MOMS TRIED TO BULLY JC PENNEY ABOUT ELLEN DEGENERES. Don't get me wrong...JC Penney is not doing well, but it has to do with bad business decisions & absolutely nothing with choosing Ellen as their matter what OMM tried to say. If you're offended by need to take a look at how you look at life!

Now then...with a slight shift, but still on the same track...we journey to thoughts on the Oscars & a skit. Now then, I've already said that I really enjoyed Seth MacFarlane as the host, but there is one thing that people can't seem to let go of to complain about: a portion of the opening.

Here's the whole issue: everyone seems to keep focusing on the song, "I Saw Your Boobs." The problem is...several outlets are only talking about that part. It's out of context!! The point was...he "didn't" perform the song. Remember? Captain James Tiberius Kirk came back in time to stop him from doing that song so he wouldn't be considered the worst Oscar host ever!

Captain Kirk talking to Seth about righting his hosting wrongs

Let's not forget, either, that there were actresses in on the joke! DUH! And that portion of the entire bit (there was SO much more, people) was considered one of the "most awkward" moment of the awards show. REALLY?? I thought it was uncomfortable & done so well as an artistic loophole! With Seth could've been so much worse!

Charlize Theron & Jennifer Lawrence in on the bit

He did feel bad for some of the jokes they were going ahead with on the teleprompter thru the show. Did you catch any of that? He was witty, edgy, and very talented...and gladly made jokes about himself! The only improvement would be for overall time management...but that wasn't all on him!

Jane Fonda's complaint about the song holds only slightly more merit in that some of the women he brought up had scenes that were rape scenes. I want to point out that it wasn't ALL of those scenes...and he actually left some out.

There are only four subjects that you had better never joke about in my presence...or ever:
SUICIDE IS NO JOKE, BULLYING WON'T BE TOLERATED, abuse isn't OK, and neither is rape.

When jokes come up about any of those, that's when I draw a line.

With that said...I enjoyed Seth as a host & hope he gets asked back. He could've been worse...I think he was very well behaved considering what his mind creates.

Oh...looks like Seth is shocked I'd love to see him host again...

If we cannot laugh at ourselves, or at life in general, then how are we ever gonna get thru it? We are a society who looks to be easily offended anymore! Why is that?

There are things that are offensive. Period. However, as a society, we are hyper-sensitive to everything! We can't say or do or stand up for anything anymore without someone wanting to sue someone else because their feelings got hurt. We are a frivolous culture!

I have brought up that I FOLLOW SOME MOMMY BLOGS. I also said they are very real, some are raw, but they find the humor in everyday parenting living. We all need that. We all need to know that we aren't the only ones feeling that way, or that have felt that way...but there are the ones who get offended that someone might have read their mind & put the dirty laundry of parenting out there...and then feelings get all hurt...and the whining starts.

These moms, no matter how harsh they sound sometimes, love their children. Some days are harder than others. That goes for all of us.

And if you can't laugh at this stuff & only look for things to be negative & grumpy about...well then, just throw yourself on the floor & throw your tantrum! If that's the kind of attention you really want....

Let me laugh at you & the thing you are whining about. that I know about Nick Mom...I'm gonna laugh at some more so-true-it's-funny videos...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica
** Read my NickMom followup commentary post HERE

AM~Erica is Finding Peace Again

So anyway...



Do you hear that? Nope! Me neither!

It's the sound of near silence. I say "near silence" since the TV is on in the background, but as I am typing at this point, there is no other sound.

Generally...that should be scary to a mom. "What are they up to...?"

However...I am sitting here & enjoying my coffee. In peace, y'all! In Peace!

There is no arguing over how someone is playing the video game on the Wii, or which movie we should watch, or that anyone is so hungry even though they ate 5 minutes ago, or askin 1283.639 times what we are having for dinner, or that there is a video we need to watch & just playing it before asking if we want to see it...
None of it! Cabin fever is broken! School is back in session!! WOOT!!!

My kiddos weren't quite as excited...but we will keep reminding them of this when they might have to go to June to make up these days. Bwah-hahahahaha...!!!

I think I need to break out into a mama dance like many others in the area:

The only downside of today was having to get up so early to kick them out the door...I make sure they got up at a decent time so they could eat & get ready to go back to school and see their friends! That's totally what I meant. Really...what?

We have been cooped up for nearly an entire week due to THESE CRAZY SNOW STORMS! The 1st one was "The Storm of the Century", and then we had "The Blizzard of OZ" show that one up with more snow just a few days later!

I think, around here, everyone crammed as much as possible into a 3-day span between the 2 storms. Last week, the kiddos had 3 days of school. Then, on Thursday, when the storm hit, and school was called off for that day AND long weekend of family bonding. (That's what we're gonna attempt to call it. OK? Got it?) Monday, this week, came & the kiddos had school...and then The Blizzard of Oz school on Tuesday or Wednesday. Two weeks ago was a shortened week, too!  If I figured it out correctly (cuz math is SO NOT my thing, yo), the kiddos have had 2ish weeks of school attendance in February. (give or take a couple of days & how you view the weeks)

I need today!! NEED!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my children. Dearly...but mama needs some peace, too.

Who knows...maybe THE MAGIC MISTER SNOWFALLFELEES might do a magic show for me! He did tell me he's working on a trick of making the snow disappear...but I'm supposed to give him time while he perfects that trick. I understand...every magician needs to practice new tricks & illusions.

In the meantime...I might get some stuff done...without being interrupted to pour some milk or tea for one of the kiddos or to get them something to eat.

Wow...I'm all out of whack! What am I gonna do with myself...??

And for those of you who still have kiddos with you today...hopefully you can join in the mom dances with me tomorrow...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AM~Erica Needs Faith in the Benchwarmer

So anyway...


Whether you are excited for it or totally hate it, it's still big news...

There will be a change in the QB position on the Chiefs. It was thrown out there from pesky sports reporters hoping this story would stick, but it was made semi-official today that a trade would be made between KC & the San Fran 49ers.

That's right! One of the teams from THIS YEAR'S SUPER BOWL would actually trade their QB!!


Hold on there a moment though...

We are trading our 2nd round pick (which is also the 1st pick in that round) for this year, plus a "conditional mid-round pick in 2014" for this guy! That's huge stakes, people!

So...we MUST be getting Kaepernick, right? This is SO exciting!! He did really well in the Super Bowl & went from a benchwarmer to a

It's not Kaepernick? We got the season starter for the 49ers: Alex Smith! let me get this straight...
We are trading high-stake draft picks for a replace our now-highly-paid benchwarmer.

Meme courtesy NFL Memes


It's been reported that this trade was happening, but the draft picks to be traded were speculated.

Now then...while Alex Smith started for the 49ers, he did fine! And apparently it had to do with the coaching that had come in. So Jim Harbaugh was a good thing for Smith. But somewhere in there, during the season that got them to the Super Bowl...Alex fell from the coach's favor & was placed upon the bench of shame...

In this very same year, we had a starter, too. But it became a very sad story. We Chiefs' Fans are a fickle bunch. But when you are used to being a force to be reckoned with...even in an off season...then you have a season where no one causes a stir, and people start looking for scapegoats.

Our named scapegoats were: GM Scott Pioli, Head Coach Romeo Crennel, and QB Matt Cassel.

The fans desperately wanted Pioli out & Cassel benched! Eventually, Crennel gave into the fans & benched our starter...who was, by now, beaten & broken. We ended up with Brady Quinn...who has a good arm, but not the vision or the accuracy...but it's what KC was asking for. Be careful what you ask for, amm-i-rite?

Non-Football Savvy Teen Girl happily with Brady Quinn. She loves him.
She could care less about talent level.

As soon as the ugly season ended...Crennel was gone...Pioli was gone...and a new regime was swiftly & excitedly put into place!

Now the fans were pushing for the QB situation to change RIGHT NOW! But it wasn't going to happen until OUR NEW HEAD COACH, ANDY REID (who I still can't believe we landed), and with OUR NEW GM, JOHN DORSEY (who was awesomely excited to get this job) could get acclimated with their new surroundings.

And...they were excited to be here! HERE!! For really-realz, yo! And I, for one, was terribly excited to land these guys! But we also knew that we would need to leave the rest up to how the upcoming draft might be handled.

Even though the fans were dying to get a QB as the 1st pick in the draft (that I am hoping that's what Clark Hunt was pushing for), there just aren't any in this class talented enough to be that 1st pick. But I'm pretty sure we'll take one of them somewhere...since I have a feeling our "current starter", Quinn, will be making an exit. (Teen Girl will be so sad...)

** In my opinion...none of the QB's this year should be higher than 3rd round worthy...but that's just me **

Now then...John Dorsey has already made it clear that he would push for getting the best PLAYER out there available. Notice he didn't specify that he would be looking for any particular put your stock into the best person there & work with them...whether to help your team or as leverage, I'm sure.

Now with all of that said...we come back to the Alex Smith situation. The Chiefs have decided to wager major draft picks for a talented benchwarmer. Awesome.

You the 1st "official" roster change for the Reid-Dorsey team...they may have overshot it a bit...

And now that we have Alex Smith coming on board for such a high price...there's no way we will be keeping our high priced benchwarmer. We will need to release Matt Cassel.

I'm not gonna lie, y'all...I feel SO bad for Cassel. He does have talent, just not an elite QB. And with such a bad coaching run...he fell out of our grace on the field. And when he's released...who is gonna take him? We turned him into damaged goods. I say "we" as the fans. Did he help himself? No, not really...but we certainly did not support him either. So, I think he will have to be released into the wild.

Oh wait! I have a job for him! Let's push for him to be another analyst on ESPN! Amm-i-rite? You know it could happen.

Now the NFL SCOUTING COMBINE winds will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks.

Remember when I called this KC/SF deal "semi-offical"? It cannot be actually official until the NFL season is actually declared open. This will happen on March 12th. Then the officiality of the deal will take place.

Then it's countdown to Draft Day(s)! Wonder if we will take that Sandcastle...

On another quick note...I really like having the KC Chiefs as a lead sports story in a positive-type light. *shrugs*


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

PS ~ It was pointed out that the last time we got a QB from SF was the last time we WON a playoff...back in 1993 with Joe Montana. Hmmm...hoping for history repeating itself...maybe not this year...but soon enough...??

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AM~Erica Will Attempt to Introduce You to Someone

So anyway...

With MY CONTEMPLATIVE THOUGHTS today, and an intense, deep & good conversation with a good was time to take in the snow...

Out the boys went to take care of the know...LIKE A FEW DAYS AGO...

Even if it was only a hair warmer this time...the shoveling was different this time. Still the snow blower & manual shovels were used...but this time the snow was heavier & more dense. I think Teen Boy gave up after a while, even. I did take a crack at a few digs of clearing the driveway. That was enough exercise for me! WHEW-WEE!!

Of course, the boys played in the snow...and this time, the snow being so wet & dense, made it great for snowball fights!!! And we took in one...and it was WAR!! But I have no idea who actually won... the outcome is still being disputed...

Not long after that, someone showed up on our front walkway...

This stately dude:

I swore I heard him introduce himself as "The Magic Mister Snowfallfelees"! I asked him three times!

When I told the family who he is...they looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I did hear wrong, and it was REALLY cold out...and I was hit a few times with some cannon-sized snowballs. So I can neither confirm nor deny what his name actually is yet...

Mr. Snowfallfelees (I'm pretty sure that's his name) decided he wanted to stay at our place & has made himself comfortable in the blankets of snow that was left for him.

Maybe I'll get some rest tonight & I will try to find out more about him tomorrow. But he is pretty snazzy! I hope he's a magician! That. Would. Be. AWESOME!

But he seemed to travel in from somewhere & my guess he'd been on quite a journey...So I've decided to let him rest...for tonight. But the interrogation is ON tomorrow!! I want answers!!

And we'll be here since there's no school tomorrow, again, anyway.

Oh...and he's tall! Very, VERY tall! My guess is over 6'! Seriously.

Teen Girl is about 5'1"...Mr. Snowfallfelees is definitely more than a foot taller!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

AM~Erica is Sitting Here

So anyway...

Round 2!

The snow storms have hit again. SNOWPACOLYPSE II HIT just a few days ago...and now the BLIZZARD OF OZ HAS OFFICIALLY COME!

And we are hunkered down. And we are sitting here.

I am so blessed to be able to have a warm home, electricity, coffee, food...we can be settled in. And I know that not everyone has all of these things...if any at all.

This round has placed me in a very contemplative mood. HERE I GO BLOGGING AGAIN...but there are things that I think about, or things that come to the forefront that need to be thought about.

Being snowed in, and while the news people are staying on air thru this whole thing to remind us that it's snowing & to stay inside, we are almost used to it. And this time around, as the snow gently falls & quickly builds, it causes me to pause.

I still have other things I want to cover, but this sitting & contemplating has brought on other thoughts...

I've already covered part of my thinking of how blessed I am/we are. I was making cinnamon rolls, from a tube that we could buy from the store, and getting the coffee ready...I couldn't help but think about it. Again...I do so hope that those who don't have the blessings we have readily available could at least get to somewhere to have their needs met in this mess.

But I also have the blessing of wifi to stay connected to everyone. We are sharing our pics & stories with each other & making sure everyone is OK. This is nice side of social media. You know...the caring & sharing of our lives side...not the NASTY MUD THROWING as has not even let up. Ugh to all of you who are keeping up on that! Shame on you! Trying to be all inspirational & then throwing someone under the bus right after the other! Cut that crap out! Either be your rude "informative" (term used very loosely) self OR lift others up! You can't be both!


Like I said..."contemplating"...a lot.

I also came across a blog post from a page I enjoy following on Facebook. The owner of the page flagged down her followers to have them read a blog from another page. I read the blog, and was totally taken. Because it's an IMPORTANT ISSUE THAT I TALK ABOUT HERE, too. The page I follow said she would cover the same subject soon...and I was looking forward to it. And she posted it today...

Friends, I cannot stress enough how much I NEED you to read THIS LINK RIGHT HERE from Frugalista Blog.

I'm still shaken by her words. Like she's been inside my head. It scares a good way. But still scary. And it should be.

As this day continues...and it's a lazy day while being snowed in...I will continue to contemplate, I will be thankful for my blessings, and I will be thankful for all of you who read my ramblings. I appreciate you for hanging with me for the insanity that runs thru my brainy-brain...whether it's funny, weird, informative, or sad...the support from each of you is another blessing I truly count.

Now...onto spending some quality time with the blessings I'm hunkered down with here...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Kind of Berry AM~Erica Has an Allergy To

So anyway...

There is a lot of talk about things that are good for you. One of the foods with very little fluctuation of where it stands in nutrients...berries.

Now I love me some fruit...and I can pop strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. like candy! Sweet & juicy...and also doing the body good!

However...there is a type of berry that I cannot deal with. Many of you may be shocked.

Now then, as many of you may know or have heard, the Oscars took place last night. We watched the whole thing & I really enjoyed Seth MacFarlane as the host. And I'm a sucker for the dresses & big production bits. I'm a bit cheesy like that. But I don't have Oscar parties. Maybe I will in the future... But I see where people do get dressed up & have these parties & fancy-schamcy appetizer thingys like bacon wrapped something on a stick, lovely little quiches, and super fancy crudite & fruit platters...that usually have berries.

Still not what I'm talking about...

The one berry & one of the Hollywood staples that I absolutely, positively canNOT do...





Halle Berry.


I'm pretty sure I just heard several of you gasp...but I don't care! I really don't.

OK...I actually think I developed an allergy. I'm serious, people! I have a Halle Berry allergy!!

People, folks & people & others...simmer down...

The allergy began slowly. I first attack hit me hard, but I didn't realize it was the possible onset of an developing allergy.

Here's how it went down...

There was a time when I enjoyed me some Halle...I looked up to her. LOVED HER! But then...things changed between us...

See, there was this time while I was preggo when I felt disgusting & super hormonal. When my hubby's folks had a swimming pool, we would go over so the family could get in during the summer. Summer...the best time to be pregnant EVER! I didn't even want to be seen in a swimsuit. I sat on the patio by the pool while the others would be in. And then this conversation somehow started:

"Who are the most attractive colored women in Hollywood?"
And the conversation between my BIL & hubby began...
Several names came up, but this particular utterance by my hubby stuck in my head:
"Oh! Halle Berry! She's HOT!"


Yeah...beached whale preggo wifey on the sidelines heard it. Beached whale preggo wifey felt even worse in that moment than already felt.

But I figured I was being hormonal & I tried to blow it off that my hubby was finding someone else "hot" in that moment of me feeling so...bleh...when he got me that way. *sigh* Whatever...

A few weeks later, we were back at the the in-law's...
I was back on the sidelines, feeling all beached-whale-like & disgusting.
And then this conversation somehow started:

"Who are the most attractive colored women in Hollywood?" (yes...the SAME conversation)
The conversation was happening, shockingly, between my BIL & hubby.
The same names seemed to come up. Then I heard this from my hubby:
"Oh! Halle Berry! She's HOT! know who's really hot? My wife over there!"

*ahem* Too late...damage was already done.

I was no longer too fond of The Berry.

>>> Fast Forward about 7ish years >>>
I was preggo. Feeling huge, gross & super hormonal.
Sitting at dinner with the family, a conversation got started...

It is not the same one you think...THANK GOODNESS!
However, it only started with one sentence. My stepdaughter said,
"Hey Dad! Remember when you said, on the way home, that Halle Berry is HOT?"

Something in me clicked. My allergy kicked in full force, my eyes began to water & my tear ducts began to swell.

I can tell you, that it has never come up during my times of being NOT pregnant. Only times I was. Feeling gross & hormonally.

Now then...I am done being being preggo. Lil Guy is often referred to as "Our Last". But I have been scarred by my allergy to the Hot Berry. I didnt' even watch Ellen's 12 Days on THE ELLEN SHOW during the holidays due to her ongoing mascot for the year. Yep, you guessed it..."Holly Berry". Bleh...

Ellen & Holly Berry - my gag reflex just kicked in...

So, when SHE ends up on a show or something, I won't watch.

I'm sure she's a lovely person. But I know where she stands when I'm feeling the grossest of all.

My hubby laughs about it. I do not. But it really doesn't come up much anymore...still scarred...for life.

So when everyone is putting her pic of their selection of "Best Dressed at the Oscars", just note that my gagging is my allergy flaring up.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

AM~Erica Experiences a Dangerous Combo

So anyway...

Not sure if you've heard yet, but the midwest was HIT WITH A MAJOR SNOW STORM a few days ago. I know! It was a shock! Imagine how surprised I was when they had called off school for a flurry...that built up to be about 8-10 inches of fast-falling-flurrying.
(Obviously brought to you by the letter 'F')

After the crazy amounts of snow & plowed mounds that are already dangerous to try to get around...we are preparing for yet another round! And it's another round of a whole lot!! Like...probably more than the last round! YIKES!!

Look at what's coming, people! LOOK AT THIS!!!

This is the prediction for our area. Hunker Down, folks...A storm's a-comin'!!

I do know that many of you in Colorado & Kansas have already been hit with it or are getting it right now. It's a slow-moving sucker that just keeps dumping on our parades!

It's Insanity, People!!

So, as we prep for another hunkerin', the stores hardly had time to restock anything.

Hubby & I missed our usual Friday shopping due to the last blast of winter, so we had to try to work it into our crazy know...when everyone else was trying get out of their own walls, too. Partially to prep for the next hunkerin' down.

The only way I can describe what we experienced is this...
Survivor: Walmart.

Holy Cannoli!
The shear numbers of people? Insane.
The number of carts crammed into any given aisle? Insane.
The shocking amount of bare shelves due to hoarding? Insane.

Kinda getting the idea?

I was blessed to get one gallon of milk, a big jug of OJ, any sour cream, the last bag of shredded carrots, the last bagged celery was frightening!
If you wanted shredded lettuce or salad mix, sliced bread, eggs, almost any shredded cheese...well, you were out of luck! It was so insane.

And the level of characters out at one time beat out a normal hectic run to Wally World. I think one of my "favorites" (term used very loosely) was the short, heavy, colored lady who about ran me over...
She had no cart. I did. So did a lot of people in front of me who ended up in a big cart jam in a main way. This gal got on her tiptoes & yelled in my ear (I think to "clear the jam"), "BEEP, BEEP!!!"
Seriously, lady? Seriously? *face palm*

The whole trip was stressful. Hubby & I were out of breath trying to work thru the mess of the freak-out shoppers. I think folks are confusing this next Snowpacolypse with the actual Apocalypse. You 5 days ago.

Even worse? Based on the big, scary mounds I talked screwed up parking spaces in majorly busy parking lots! People...we saw an entire row of parking spaces gone because that's where the plows stopped...and shoppers used those areas for parallel parking. Ca-Ray-Zay!! if all this insanity isn't messing with everyone...I noticed something: THE FULL MOON!

Oh great! If snow doesn't mess with people's heads we gotta add the stupidity levels...
*face palm*

So...a second major snow storm (this one has delightfully been referred to as "The Blizzard of OZ"...Love It! The name...not the storm...) on top of a full moon. No wonder people are losing it!

I want a medal for surviving Walmart during that! Where Is My Medal???

Winter's procrastination amazes me. We got maybe an inch in the last winter We've had a snowfall here already that didn't amount to a whole lot...but more than all of last winter put together...but now we have 5 winters worth of snow that Jack Frost keeping stockpiled in the closet & forgot to bestow on us out of laziness...I'm guessing. And just when Jack found all that stockpile, he unveiled the other stockpile that he stockpiled on top of. So, now he's gifting us with what he's been saving up... the last part of winter...
Way to wait there, Jack!

Oh...and here's your warning:
My brainy-brain has been on warp speed...and since snowy days seem to be a PRIME TIME FOR MOMMY BLOGGERS...and it appears we will be cooped up "lovingly" with each other for a couple of days ready for an onslaught of blog product from my brain factory.

You're welcome...

Stay warm & safe, y'all!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Saturday, February 23, 2013

AM~Erica Wants a Sandcastle

So anyway...

Even though I WAS SICK THRU THE BIG GAME, I still enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. I wasn't contagious any more (supposedly), but I kept my distance from company as best as I could.

I did enjoy getting some of my wit back to poke fun at the game, the coaches, the halftime, the power outages, the not a total waste. Plus, I even called a few things before my hubby did during the game. See? FOOTBALL IS TOTALLY IN THIS GIRL, RIGHT HERE! *fist bump* Anyone? that the Big Game is done & over...and Coach Harbaugh came out victorious with his team (*snort* I crack myself up sometimes) we are shifting the focus to the next part of professional football:
The Combine!

You know...the moment when many college (and maybe other) prospects dropped their names into the draft hat & hope to show off their amazing skills to NFL teams in hopes of being chosen & put on an NFL uniform. This is where many drills are run & numbers are taken to compare in hopes of competing to be chosen for a higher place in the draft. Scouts, agents, owners, general managers, and coaches are all trying to see new potential for the game, and hopefully to find good fits for each team.

So, this brings me back to a portion of the Super Bowl that a lot of people look forward to...the commercials! Amm-i-rite?

Overall, there was a major lacking in the commercials this year. A few stood out, but there is one that I want to talk about. And you may know where I'm going with this, but that's OK...

Believe it or not, the commercial was for the NFL Combine!

Do you remember it?

OK...I know it's quite a stretch...but I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CHIEFS' SEASON coming up! The changing of the guard in hierarchy certainly has people pining & jonesing for a better season! Amm-i-rite?

Right in the midst of the fan base recharging, this commercial came out. Even though we desperately need a quarterback...and with John Dorsey (KC's new GM) saying he would take the best player out there, regardless of the position, a firestorm was set off, even if for a couple of days, of what would happen if we landed a "Sandcastle."

With Dieon trying to throw the staff off by changing his name to "Leon", and then totally playing our our quarterback's name (Matt 'Cassle'), a new pheonom was created! And he would be the best player out there, which would totally make sense for him being KC's 1st pick in the draft!

It was crafty. It was creative. And it got KC going even more...'s the combine. We need a quarterback...but with no one (not even Heisman winner, Johnny "Football" Menziel), we need the best out there...

I want a Sandcastle!!! Anything to totally charge us up the way KC Chiefs' fans should be! Let's see who the best of best of anything out there is! And let's git'em!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

** SIDE NOTE: Leon Sandcastle is not who you think it is! It's NOT Dieon Sanders...totally... the athletic part of Leon: It's Andre Dawson, the cornerback at Ball State! Still want Sandcastle? I'll take him...

Friday, February 22, 2013

AM~Erica Has Layers

So anyway...

As today is consecutive snow day #2 around here, it probably shouldn't surprise you that I AM DOING A SNOW DAY POST. Amm-i-rite? You knew it was a-comin'...

But today is a bit different. Unlike I POSTED ABOUT YESTERDAY being all snowed in & is less lazy. Today was what we were preparing to actually do for when we got snowed in.

Today, the boys went out in the snow! Well, I say it was the boys because hubby & Teen Boy went to try to shovel maybe about a foot of snow (OK...maybe only SLIGHTLY less) off the driveway. After the big initial snow yesterday, we did get a little bit more that afternoon & again that evening.

So, as I was trying to say before I interrupted myself was that hubby & Teen Boy went out to shovel the tall & thick snow off the driveway. Oh, and attempt a snowblower that we inherited, too. Lil Guy decided to go out, too...but to test out the snow, of course!

I prepped myself to go record some memories. Help out? No way...I'll take pictures of the hard work so we can always remember...
Teen Girl slowly got herself around. See, she just hates the outside. But I kind of guilted her into heading out.

Between Teen Girl "supervising" the boys, hubby, Teen Boy (and sometimes Lil Guy) shoveling, Lil Guy diving in the snow & throwing snow like a fake snowball...I got some pretty good pix:

Hubby assesses the situation

Lil Guy jumps & falls into the thick snow...

Lil Guy throwing snow at me...look at that ornery grin of his...

Hubby & Teen Boy work on the Lil Guy plots his next move

Lil Guy enjoying his impromptu snow fort

Ar-ar-ar (Tim Allen style)...hubby has the power

Teen Boy trying to shovel when Lil Guy plays

The wall of snow after the snow blower made it way thru...once...

Lil Guy diving into the thick snow!

Lil Guy peering thru the peep hole of his makeshift snow fort...

Teen Girl finally joins us

Teen Girl "supervises" as the boys shovel & Lil Guy still plots

Teen Girl with her makeshift gloves from Lil Guy's socks...just in case...

...of having to handle snow...

Teen Girl's momentary attempt to help shovel...that didn't last too long...

All of the events in one pic: the boys shoveling, me pictating, and Teen Girl looking on

Lil Guy got excited as he found "directive" (Wall-E reference to plant life...aka: grass)

Teen Boy about done...

...Hubby getting exhausted...

...Lil Guy cold & coated in snow..
Time to come in

And we made sure we went out like "ogres"...

That's right...we had to peel off several an onion (or an ogre) so we could rewarm back up. Those layers don't keep you very warm anymore once they are coated in snow that melts...BURRRRRRR!!!

So, speaking of onions...I came on in to put on some soup. Beef & veggies (like onions) into a big pot on the stove. I ended up adding rice since we had some to use. It did turn my soup into a stew...but it was hearty & really good for a lunch greeting after being in the snow! made tons! Anyone want some beef & veggie stew with rice?

No recipe yet, folks...this was a "let's throw stuff in a pot" kind of dish.

But, speaking of food, we are gonna have a nice hearty meal of chicken & noodles...which happens to be brewing up in the lazy cooker right now! I love that comfort food. Mmmmmm... a smaller lazy cooker, I've got some chicken tenders going so I can work on having  my Mexi-style chicken noodle soup for tomorrow! 

With still being slightly hunkered down, and all of this hearty comfort food, and being overall pretty lazy...
This is totally MY CHANCE TO BE LIKE A BEAR!!! You know...cuz I'm totally adding more of those onion-like layers anyway... (plus...awesome sleeping weather)

OK...onto the rest of the day...of movie watching, possible fire in the fireplace, antioxidant-fortified Jesus water, chocolate, hot chocolate, hot tea...maybe even coffee...
You our bunker den...

Now prepping for more possibly on Monday...hope we have time to restock the an oger...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica