Saturday, August 24, 2013

AM~Erica is Calling the Pigskin Pretties

So anyway...


The countdown to the 2013 NFL (yes...I do mean FOOTBALL SEASON this time) is coming upon us very soon! Raise your hand if you are excited!!
*raises hand like an overzealous Hermione*

It's during this preseason time that many start looking at and projecting stats to compile to see about building a team of their own. For anyone who is unawares: it's called "Fantasy Football." Some of you are getting excited by that thought...and some of you may be cringing.

Most of you know it's my hubby's fault that I really like football. After being a "football widow" for a long time, it became more of a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" kind of thing. Kind of like my STAR TREK FOLLOWING, I came into it by being baptized in the association river.

Well, my hubby has participated in several fantasy football leagues over the years...there was even the year that he was the commissioner of one, and I helped. It hurt my head. As much as I love keeping up with football, I hated keeping up with the FFL. The team names usually amuse me, as well as the trash-talking...but that's about it.

So, while my hubby does his FFL-thing, I had thought along those lines...

My friend, Lisha, over at THE LUCKY MOM & I did this wager a couple of times. Last season, she asked me if I wanted to wager something for our teams playing against each other.
Now, if you probably remember, my Chiefs last season. Embarrassingly awful! Lisha's team, the NO Saints, were having a tough year, but nothing like ours. So when they played, she offered up an interesting wager: if our team lost, we needed to sport our Facebook profile pic as the other team for 24 hours; the pic being of the winner's choosing.

My family was very busy at the beginning of the game. We had to DVR it & watch the possible massacre when we got back home. We stayed off of social media during that time so we didn't know what was going on until we could watch it. When we got caught up, we got on Twitter & Facebook to catch up on reactions, too. Then I saw the wager offered up. I didn't want to take her up on it & wanted to pretend I didn't even see it. I did tell her I wasn't sure, especially with how sad our team was...
...later in the game, the Chiefs were actually making up lost ground. They put up a fight. They were putting up such a great fight that I flagged her down & asked if she was still up for the wager. Even if we lost & I had to sport a Saints pic of was going to be worth it! She agreed.

Now then, if you don't know how hard I root for the Chiefs' kicker, you need to catch up RIGHT HERE to understand. Because he had an amazing game!!! He had to make up for everyone else that much so...that he led us to 1 of our 2 victories of the entire season!!!


It was quite a game. Quite. A. Game.

And, like a good sport, Lisha said she would hold up the end of her wager, and I would pick the pic for her to use. So...of course I had to use one of Ryan Succop...that I slightly doctored to add his number & "MVP" to his shirt:

The pic I chose & doctored for my friend's profile pic

It was a lot of fun. Now that preseason has been going, the Chiefs played their 1st preseason game against...guess who! That's right! The Saints! So...Lisha offered up the wager again. I'm pretty excited about our team this year, so of course I took her up on it! Why not! Amm-i-rite? it turns out, our backups to our backups' backups weren't so great. We lost in the end. a good sport...I held up my end of the wager. She picked the picture I was to sport for 24 hours:

The pic my friend picked for me to use for my profile pic

You know what? Just that was a lot of fun! No money exchanged & just 1 day of changing your profile pic if you lose the wager!

So...I got thinking...

I know a LOT of gals who are big football fans! And from all different teams! So it led me to thinking about this:

What if there was just a lighter version of a pick-a-team league out there, for the football-lovin' women? You know, you root for your team every week & wager up your profile pic for 1 day should your team lose? Yes...even if it's to one of your twitch-worthy arch rivals.

So, my pigskin pretties...who's in? Would that be something you might be interested in this season? The first official kickoff is right around the corner!

Let me know! If you're on FB, send me a private message. Or you can email me:

This could be fun...and we refuse to be the football widows, yo!

So let me know, if you know someone who would be interested & I'll start working out the details.

Sound good? Starting a League of Our Own?? *wink, wink*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


I decided to start a Facebook page specifically for this!

Head on over to WageHer (click for the link HERE), take a look around & decide if you want to join in the fun! Hope to see a bunch of the girls there!

All the football-lovin' gals, put your hands in, and "WageHer" on 3:




Saturday, August 17, 2013

AM~Erica Goes Retro for Date Day

So anyway...

This week came to the delight of many parents & to the disappointment of most school-aged kiddos in most of the U.S.

This week marked the start of a brand new school year!!


As we are trying to settle back in the "regularly scheduled programming", this was also getting my hubby & I back on track to getting our Fridays back. While the kiddos are at school, my hubby (who has most Fridays off) and I use Fridays to keep kindling our marriage that usually included our weekly grocery shopping. Oh, the life of PRINCE CHARMING & HIS PRINCESS!

          Have you ever tried to do your grocery shopping with the kiddos? It's stressful & takes at least double the time. 

Right now I'm in the midst of possibly getting the chance to dress up hardcore vintage/retro & maybe be an over-the-top-type character! Exciting, amm-i-rite?

          What? Why are you not acting shocked by this? *shrugs*


I've been trying to pull the look a little more often to try it know..."just in case". So I did it yesterday for hubby's & my 1st date day in the new school year. outfit was pretty close to this. Only with slightly different headwear,


& footwear.

That whole sheer socks with pumps thing. It's weird, but I'm figuring it out...

Put it all together & then you get the is the gist.

My hubby looked a bit more he changed to a button up shirt to try to appear comparable. *snort*

While we were out grocery shopping, a little old man flagged me down to ask for some help getting some milk off the top shelf for him. He was probably in his 80's & was housing his oxygen tank in his grocery cart, so I was happy to be helpful to get his half gallon of skim milk for him. He was so funny telling me about how his wife, of 40 years, would tell him he was the most trying person she knew. He was a funny little man. And I carried on with the shopping...

Then, as I headed down the cereal aisle, I was flagged down by another little old man, probably in his 80's. Here was the conversation:


"Pardon me..."

*right here, I can't believe another little old man has flagged me down*

*he removes his baseball cap & places it to his heart*
"You are mighty charming today in your getup: your hair & lovely dress, with your socks & shoes. Just lovely."

"Why thank you so much, sir!"

"Oh no, my dear. Thank you."


When my hubby & I went to IHOP for breakfast, our favorite manager made sure that she sat us. She had on an amazing Chiefs shirt! We always compliment her on how she looks. We watched her, kind of from afar, for quite some time while she was losing weight & making herself over. Finally, when we connected with her, she knew who we were & we confessed to us watching her making herself over. So we do make sure to compliment her often when we go in..which is obviously often enough that she figured out who were are. So as I commented about how much I loved her shirt (since she was obviously wearing it from the first home game of the preseason), she gushed over my retro-inspired which did include red for the Chiefs game.

As we sat there, I noticed a couple of little old ladies sitting together in a booth. They were so adorable! After a while I began to notice them looking around the restaurant & people watching, much of what I enjoy doing, and I could read the lips of one of the little dears, as I could feel their eyes fixed upon our booth:

"I really love her hair. It's so pretty."

As I have been on Pinterest lately, I have seen several (including myself) posting pictures of 50's housewives & dresses. I do see a lot of taglines to them with the laments along the lines of, "If only we still dressed like this."

Why not begin this revolution? I have seen some begin to. I've done a little & don't mind picking it up more.

The older generation definitely laments the Pinterest sentiments, too. It appeared glamorous & simple all at the same time.

My hubby loves the look, too. He likes that traditional look. It's modest with sex-appeal. Because it can happen! You can look great without EVERYTHING hanging out, yo!

So my hubby was just fine with my look. And would have no issue with me sporting it nearly everyday! hehe

But we know that if this were to happen when I head out with my might look like this:

Modern-day Lucy & Ricky...amm-i-rite?

Oh yeah...looking forward to our Fridays kicking back up!

By the hubby did say that if he really did speak Spanish (more specifically, the Cuban dialect), then we really would be like Lucy & Ricky! hehe

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, August 12, 2013

AM~Erica Takes in Some Live Football

So anyway...

You all know that I love my KC Chiefs...and I LOVE FOOTBALL! Amm-i-rite?

I'm not a bandwagon Chiefs' fan. I have been disappointed in them...but will cheer them on & stand up for them all day long. Even after the sadness of last season. It was bleak.

But I have been counting down to this season with all the changes made!!!

~ I couldn't believe WE LANDED ANDY REID!

~ I was stoked for us BRINGING ON JOHN DORSEY!

~ I was leery about GETTING ALEX SMITH.

~ I was hopeful after the NFL Draft.

After the excitement of being at training camp last year, I was super stoked for going back this year!! And the changes to practice were oh-so-obvious. Well, the very different weather helped a lot, too...

Last year, we did get to talk to, meet, get autographs & pics of/with some of the Chiefs. That was SO awesome! I think our overall favorite was Eric Berry after all of that. He was so personable & was willing to take several pics & sign anything without hesitation. He loved mingling with the fans...even in the heat of the drought!

With Eric Berry in 2012

But the one I was hoping to our kicker: #6 Ryan Succop. Because somehow I KEEP MISSING HIM! How is this?? Especially when I've been his die-hard fan from the moment we acquired him. So since I was so close last year...and I seem to keep missing him other places...or others I know keep getting to run into him...I was hoping I would get my pic with today!

We watched drills, our draft picks, we watched Coach Reid being VERY involved in the practice,
Lil Guy got to do the kids' zone,

we spotted John Dorsey (like a Sasquatch moment),

we saw running plays, touchdowns, a little tackling, smashing pads & grunting, one big hail-Mary pass, and some serious field goal kicks (like a 57-yarder, baby)!

This really is Succop & Special Teams back at 47 yd marker

They even blared a lot of music a couple of times. First song up?

Totally made me think about our high school pregames when our school would play this song for years!
Then it was followed up by more Head-Bangers' Ball playlists that rolled into hardcore rap & hiphop songs.

It was quite a morning!! Even getting thru some rain, a nice cooler morning...we got to see some of the scrimmaging & the crowds that came out 2 hours after us just to watch the scrimmage & try to catch some autographs & such.

And is when Jamaal Charles was carted off the practice field...quietly. We didn't even know it! My hubby saw a tweet about it! Go figure... practice ended. And people were beginning to gather along the field & trail borders to try to get at least an autograph from at least one player, if not their favorite...
Guess who got to meet the kicker! Go ahead...GUESS!!! No...really...!!

Cuz I don't know either. *sigh* Missed him AGAIN!!! He was still on the field working out a bit, and hubby had to head back to get to work since the practices are in the mornings.

*Imagine a pic with me posed with Ryan Succop here*


Oh well...maybe yet another time...eventually...down the line...before Succop leaves the team or retires...*sigh*

Well...onto an exciting football season...
And, for us, absolutely ANYTHING will be better than last year! always...

(You don't think that Ryan Succop is dodging me do you...???)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Sunday, August 11, 2013

AM~Erica Needs Your Votes

So anyway...

If you remember, I totally took part in a PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE that my friend, David, hosted thru his PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS.

It was because of this challenge that I came up with A BLUE DRINK as well as finding A STRANGELY ROMANTIC SPOT. It also helped me discover & really like mint M & M's. I blame David for that one. hehe has come time for the top 50 photos (out of over 600 submissions, by the way) to be voted on! And I am so excited to say that the voting is going on RIGHT NOW! It began today & will go thru August 24th. And...AND...? I have 2 photos included in that 50 photos being put up for the public vote! I. Am. Stoked. here's where I need your help:

1. Click on the links (part of the photos, below). Each link will take you straight to my photos being considered.

2. Click the 'Like' button on each of those photos to make your vote official.

3. Share the pics &/or this post with others so more folks can vote.

4. Browse thru THE OTHER AMAZING PHOTOS in the gallery! Vote for any of them you like, but the photo with the most 'likes' wins the popular public vote. I would really, Really, REALLY like for this to be one of mine! (hint, hint)

So...are you ready? Click on each photo to take you to the respective link on Facebook & hit that 'Like' button on each one!

Click on photo to vote with your 'Like'

Click on photo to vote with your 'Like'


Please? And...thank you for your support. *bats eyes really big*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


Don't goes thru THIS SATURDAY!!! I'm woefully behind on my pics' voting.

Also, there is an ALBUM OF EXTRAS that you can check out, too. I have a few featured in there. But those are not up for voting...just to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AM~Erica Has an Odd Romantic Moment

 So anyway...

Recently, my family went on vacation to Colorado. I have been teetering back-&-forth as to whether or not to share some of our adventures here like I did when WE WENT TO SEATTLE. So it might still happen...but I had to share a particular moment!

OK...just take note that my hubby & I found it very romantic for us...but there will be several of you shaking your heads, wondering what's wrong with us, be confused, or just laugh in amusement. Trust me: we understand all of these reactions. But it was great for us & that's all that matters! Each to their own, amm-i-rite? (Keep in mind the REDDIT PROPOSAL that worked for that's not for everyone, but it was great for them. OK?)

As we were planning our trip to Colorado, we built it around some amazing lodging that we found in Keystone. So that's the route we went in the family vacay planning. And in the planning stages, we realized we were fairly close to Breckenridge...which we've heard so much about!

I've been to Colorado 3 other times in my life. Breckenridge was not part of any of those trips, so I was stoked to check it out.

During this time, I was taking part in a summer photography challenge from my friend, David, thru his photography business HIPSTABEAR PHOTOGRAPHY. It was almost like a scavenger hunt to try to get great shots of any or as many of the 100 possible topics given. Since we were getting ready to travel, I wanted to plan ahead to see if I could try to get any of these while in Colorado.
One of the shots being asked for was a building location where a movie had been filmed. So I started doing some research as to movies that were possibly filmed in Colorado to see if I could pin down a location or two. And guess what! GUESS WHAT-GUESS WHAT-GUESS WHAT!!! I could not have been more ridiculously excited than to come across a particular movie that had apparently been filmed in Breckenridge!!

Folks, Breckenridge had been filmed as Fake Aspen. And in Fake Aspen is where a few shots of an important movie in hubby's & my relationship happened to be filmed. But I had to pinpoint the spot! And it took ridiculous study of movie stills to find the right spot. But we found it! And it was one of the most exciting moments for me in all of our Colorado trip!!

Do you recognize it? It's where Harry & Lloyd went to Aspen!

Wait...did you ask who Harry & Lloyd are? Let me refresh your brains for a moment:

Yes!! It's from the movie, "Dumb & Dumber"!

"...He must work out..."

Wait...are you scratching your heads? Shaking them?? Again, allow me to refresh your memory...or introduce you as to why this movie is considered so romantic to us. It's a part of our MODERN DAY FAIRY TALE.

So we had a full-circle moment that meant a lot to us. And in a beautiful area, I might add...
And when we go back (yes...I said 'WHEN'), we may very well stay in the very romantic & beautiful Fake Aspen!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, August 5, 2013

AM~Erica Believes in the Power of Prayer

So anyway...

Got a call this morning that my 92yo grandmother had a stroke. Left side completely paralyzed & couldn't form words. After being given some declotting meds, an angiogram, and lots of grandmother is doing amazingly well compared to what they thought she would be when she first arrived.

She has movement on her left side, can lift her left arm & leg...and she can form words! She knows where she's at, what's going on...and even has a bit of humor in her. She told the lab technician taking blood to not take all of it.

Imagine my surprise when she even asked if my kiddos were ready for school, especially Lil Guy, and wanted to see if we enjoyed our vacation.!

She still must go thru quite a bit of therapy for movement & speech...but she moved her check-in nurse to tears when she saw the progress within hours. And that moved me to tears.

Now...I don't know if she'll remember that I was even there, but I am stoked to know that she is doing so well that she may be moved into a regular room tomorrow!

I honestly cannot thank those of you who prayed & sent positive energy today. Even if you didn't know why. We were lifting up a very special woman...and she is so much stronger than she believes she is. Because of how bleak things sounded & the little I had to go on earlier, I could not give details. But I am moved by the faith you all have that joined in prayer during an uncertain time. My family cannot thank you enough!!!

I waited a long time with my dad today. As he said, "This waiting sucks!" And it did...but it brought great news!

She is not out of the woods yet. Please keep up the prayers & positive thoughts. They work miracles!

Stay tuned...

Got word she was feeding herself a sandwich & using BOTH hands!!! Moved to a regular room & her face is even less droopy. She will begin physical & speech therapy right away. Continued prayers and positive thoughts & energy is working beautifully! Keep it up as she continues to recover. Thank you all! You all are a blessing!

God Bless, AM~Erica