Friday, November 14, 2014

AM~Erica Kicks Off Dumb & Dumber To Weekend

So anyway...

Last night was it!!!

My hubby & I got to go take in the movie...THE. MOVIE.

It's been 20 years...but we were SO excited to be able to go a day early, even!

That's right! If you remember, I got my hubby a REALLY DUMB BIRTHDAY GIFT. And he was SO excited about it!!

Actually, he was so excited, on Tuesday when we were getting our hair cut, he was talking to our hair stylist, Megi (love her!!), while at his turn in the chair. They were talking about our boys coming in on Thursday...and he wanted to make it very clear they had to be home before 8:00!! She said they would be done WAY before then...but he was so excited, he told her about his birthday gift & that we were, in fact, going to see "Dumb and Dumber To" on preview night!!

That's right, it wasn't that I just got my hubby a date night to see the sequel to the flick from our first date, or that it was on opening weekend...but...on preview night!!

So, when Thursday came around, I needed to get in a run, of course. I hadn't run in a week, it had been very cold, but I needed to get in that run! Since it was "Dumb and Dumber To" opening weekend, and the morning of our date, I felt the need to channel some Harry & Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber" when they got to Aspen, California:

I had recently scored some pretty spectacular furry leg warmers on Halloween clearance, so I layered up, put on some layers including my ski bunny Fair aisle-style leggings as I topped everything with a red track jacket to mimic Lloyd's ski suit...then the furry leggings were the perfect addition to appear as furry boots!!

Oh yeah...I ran thru my 'hood like this! Would anyone really doubt? I do think I entertained about 3-4 trash trucks rolling thru the 'hood as I gagged on their exhaust. was all perfect for the day!

Oh...and I layered my socks, too. Because...uh...COLD!! So I also had some Fair aisle-patterned socks over my Batman & Robin socks. Duh! A total dynamic duo! Much like Harry & Lloyd...and my hubby & me. DUH!

Now that my spectacularly Aspen, CA-inspired running outfit had it's outing, I needed to focus on the excitement of the coming evening...

It was cold out (remember?), so I decided to go out & find long sleeves for hubby & me to wear under the snazzy tuxedo t-shirts. Only one left that happened in the color I needed...and in my size...and only one left in the color hubby needed that was in his size! It was meant to be!! to find the absolute topper to our movie-date-going outfit: the hats!

I had to hope Party City might have something! After finding ONE orange top hat, I was thrilled!! However, in all of their solid color choices...pastels aren't exactly part of the I had to try to improvise...

I found a super cheap white, plastic top hat with a fake velvety-feel to it. So I got it, found some turquoise hairspray (cuz there wasn't any light blue), and then was gonna use light blue Sharpie for the under-plastic side of the brim that would show.

Uh...for the record...that hairspray was STINKY!! Whew!! But that's how it went. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make an outfit work!

We got dinner, we got ourselves together, grabbed our hats, the sign...and off we went! The 8:00 showing (the first one) of the "Dumb and Dumber To" preview!!

We got to the theater, left our coats in the car, went to will-call to print our tickets as I carried this sign...

The girls behind the counter wanted a closer look at our I lifted it up for them to read. They gushed at how adorable that was & congratulated us and said they would worry about doing something silly & dorky like that!! LOL!! We took it as a compliment! Then...a couple guys seated close by wanted us to turn around so they could read our sign, too! They congratulated us, too, after saying how awesome this was!

Then we took our tickets to the ticket-taker-girl. She tore our ticket stubs & then wanted to read our sign...then she was SO close!

See that pic of us up there with the sign? Study it for a moment...
...did you catch it?

The ticket taker said, "That's awesome...but...shouldn't he be standing on the other side?"


I told her it was part of the joke!!
Did you get it?

Well...believe it or not, she was the ONLY person since the sign was unveiled that even pointed out! When I told her it was part of the joke, she kind of laughed, then apologized for being blonde. She was, but I did tell her she's the only one who caught on to that part of the sign!

We then proceeded to the lobby & by the concession stands to see if we wanted anything. And I just stood there holding my sign. Just wanted to make sure everyone know EXACTLY why we were there!

We decided to wait a bit since we got there so early. Also, we could sense people reading our sign.

Next we killed a little time looking at posters of upcoming movies. Then we decided to make our way into the theater.

We weren't the first ones in there, but not we got some amazing seats!!

Slowly, but surely (I know, I know..."Don't call me Shirley!"), people made their way in. Even though I put the sign away, people could turn the corner into the seating area, and then...*BOOM*...we were right there looking all Harry & Lloyd like. Some were entertained...

Now hubby decided he wanted something from the concessions. We were "debating" who should go get the stuff. I only wanted something to drink, but he wasn't sure totally...we finally decided he should go. And then, as if I couldn't save his seat...this happened:

Yep...the hat stayed. He didn't take the crowning glory of his outfit! *sigh* Whatever...

Eventually he got back...with a giant Coke for us to share & some M&M's...

He then proceeded to tell me about his encounter with the girl at the...uh...concession counter.
It was a counter encounter!! OK, sorry...moving on...

Apparently, he got the the counter & the girl took his order. Then she calmly, in a monotone voice, asked him, "so, is it really you're birthday?" He was a bit thrown off & said that it was on Monday. She replied to him, "yeah. i saw the sign. happy belated birthday," then proceeded to just give him his order. He said it was so weird...and not even a birthday discount! Rude...

Then we got settled in...

...waited for the theater to get ridiculously full (some guy's team of sorts decided to come & fill the rest of the theater) and we were about to go on a long-awaited dumb trip! And we couldn't have been more thrilled!!

As I had said, were we expecting an epic cinematic plot? Nope. We were hoping it WOULDN'T be that!

My hubby heard a critic give a horrible review of it. Like, ripping it to shreds. You know what? If you enjoyed the first one, you can expect a lot of the same of the 2nd. If you saw it the first time, you'll see much of it again. Which is NOT bad!! Plus...we felt this one had more heart. Seriously! And...even though not many have seen it yet...I won't share the quotes we've already been using today. But we were entertained!!

Oh...and treat it like a Marvel movie & stay thru the credits. Trust me! Especially if you saw the first one!!

And my hat still stunk...

Now to the next thing to plan. But I can't tell what it is yet...hehehe...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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