Monday, September 18, 2017

ARRGH! AM~Erica Needs to Sail Different TLAP Seas

So anyway...

I'm preparing for one of my favorite weird holiday celebrations: International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


I already knew my celebrating was going to be a little bit different this year since I'm working AND it falls on a Tuesday, so I was trying to plan how a Krispy Kreme run was going to happen, and trying to work in some food from Long John Silver's.

To my sad pirate heart, Krispy Kreme backed out of the promo. I've said for a long time it was an odd pairing - but somehow Krispy Kreme & ITLAP Day just worked. The two became synonymous! Children everywhere knew they were gonna get doughnuts for playing dress up!

You know the scene in "A Christmas Story" where the dogs eat the turkey & older Ralphie starts narrating like reverse Bubba (al a "Forrest Gump" about shrimp) about all the turkey leftover dishes they would not be able have?

"No donuts for dessert! No donuts for breakfast in the morning! No donuts for snack time! No donuts to sneak to eat in the closet!..."

Krispy Kreme had decided to run a bigger promo on their pumpkin spice doughnuts & latt├ęs. I would like to point out this is nothing new for them. They've had these for a few years now. If the TLAP promo was a financial strain, just be honest. And pumpkin spice isn't everyone's thing.

Long John Silver's has been giving away free food off & on the last few years: anywhere from free fish to a free meal, depending on if you were dressed like or ordered like a pirate. This year is also a step back for them. They ARE giving away free food - in the form of a fried Twinkie. A carnival attraction for ANYONE who is pirate-like. One Twinkie. Fried.

Look - many of our favorite places, who have been great contributors to the day, have kind of let us down in celebrating this ridiculously fun holiday, but it doesn't mean we can't celebrate!

You can still talk &/or dress like a pirate. Enjoy some of your own sea-worthy goodies. And you can still enter these establishments in full pirate garb & get doughnuts or food from former great celebrators. Be seen to remind them that they have been part of your celebrating so they can think about it.

Celebrate on, mateys!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica