Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apparently AM~Erica Needs More LOL

So anyway...

I was sitting here, on my laptop, checking my sites: Facebook, Pinterst, Twitter...the usual suspects. Lil guy likes to look over my shoulder & attempts to sneak a finger onto the keyboard to see if he can add his own flair. You "h" or a few apostrophes, maybe even a number or two.

Oneth (his version of "first"), he gets really annoyed since he's so bossy and wants ALL attention. Twoth (pronounced "tooth" & his version "second"), he gets really annoyed when I delete his flair to my posts.

Then...he made a decision for me. I needed to add something to the end of my posts...
But I really think sometimes it might be inappropriate:

Hey peoples & others! Sad time, just came from a visitation. LOL!

Well peeps & others...still not feeling good. Puking everywhere. LOL!

Oh, humans & is a hard day & I don't feel like myself. Just feeling really down. LOL!

Hmmm...maybe the addition of "LOL" is not always as fitting as he might think. However, I am pretty sure he'd find it hilarious no matter what. And it's all about him, right?


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AM~Erica is Tired of the Crusades & Persecution: Part 3

So anyway...

(continued from Part 2)

By no means am I anywhere near a “Perfect Christian”. But I will say that I try to live by example. If you love those around you & leave a positive print or connect with them on their level (humor, interests, hangouts, etc.), it is then you make the most impact. I will always be myself. I try to live in the way that God intended for me. I try to use the gifts He gave me. I have a lot of friends & some family who shrug off the Christian part of me, but I am humbled by compliments that people give me because I feel like they should be directed at God for making me who I am. And I choose to use my freewill in a positive way.

Heck...there's a bumper sticker that I saw several years ago that still resonates in my brain:

Jesus ate at Hooter's and rode a Harley.

Think on that one...

OK, I know that my soapboxes aren't always positive sounding...but they have a positive message & I try to show that there is hope. There is hope here, too, people.

Telling others they are wrong because of their sins & saying all they need is Jesus while trying to bound them, tie them, throw them in your trunk & drag 'em to church to make them “all better” is not the best approach. Show the joy in your heart & simply invite people to come with you. Don't let “no” get you down & think they are so super lost. It's a gentle leading & showing them that you have something beautiful that they don't & might actually want. Forcing someone to church is defeating the purpose. We have chased people away because of the nasty examples we have been setting.

Reading the bible just to try to throw words back at followers is wrong. I get excited when people read the bible, but it makes me sad when it's read for the wrong reason. So much can easily be taken out of context if you don't understand the why behind it. If you want to read the bible, do it for the reason that you want to know the Word. That you look for answers from God. If you use it for the purpose of holding words hostage or as stones to throw, you've missed the entire reason of the greatest love story ever told.

We all need to take a stand to end the Crusades & the persecution. It's embarrassing to the whole human race. Love your neighbor, love your enemy. Reach out to the lost. I know that there are those of you out there who are not “a people person”, but you still have to deal with people all the time. I've had my share of sarcastic remarks & not-so-nice words. I can admit it. I also ask for forgiveness.

Faith is a beautiful thing, but we have turned the sake of religion into something so ugly.

So, instead of uttering things like:

“...even though they are gay...”
“...even though they don't go to church...”
“...even though they go to church...”
“...even though they claim to be Christian...”
“...even though they have been in jail...”
“...even though they are in jail...”
“...even though they have tattoos...”
“...even though they are still single...”
“...even though they have no job...”
“...even though they are young...”
“...even though they are old...”
“...even though they have their hair like that...”
“...even though they dress like that...”

...just let people be people & live to be an example. We are all role models of sorts.

I have already said that I'm not a perfect Christian. I fall. I fall hard. Often. But I get back up & try to live better again. I try to watch the words coming out of my mouth & words I post anywhere: whether it's from this blog or on Twitter or on Facebook. I have a messed up & twisted sense of humor. I do. I am ornery as all get out. I know it. But I try to keep it positive in the end. I'm not going to post hatred toward other groups or people. Personal digs against people you don't know are wrong.

So...if we are not open to accepting each other, then we are sad and pathetic. If you openly do or say something stupid...well, you might be open to some backlash. So be smart about what you say.

I have hugs for all of you. Just be wary of how you are treating others. If you were treated in the same manner, how would it make you feel?

As a reminder, we are not the judge & jury. We are not God. We are all made in the image of God. When you see your reflection, it is what you look like, but it is not you. So, just because we are made in God's image, certainly doesn't mean we should play God. God is the final judge. Awfully bold of us to believe otherwise. Because, though we have ONE loving & forgiving God, it is still up to God to show us how we will spend our afterlife eternally. If you spent (or are spending) your life just gossiping about or openly judging others on their sins, how does that make you look while you sin right in front of them, too?

Take a breath, say a prayer, and love one another.

Now...let's bring it in & hug it out!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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AM~Erica is Tired of the Crusades & Persecution: Part 2

So anyway...

(continued from Part 1)

Christians – I am so sad in how we are showing how we follow Jesus. We pout, we gossip & we shout such vile hatred toward anyone who doesn't believe what we do. We point fingers & shake fists...almost to the points of torches & pitchforks. We have groups who claim to be “Christian” that we get compared to. Why? Because we don't prove much difference from groups like One Million Moms & Westboro Baptist. We get compared to these extremist groups & it bleeds into political standoffs, too. It's embarrassing. Should we stand up for being Christians & our beliefs? Absolutely! But with love & understanding. Don't shove someone down with your words of hate standing up for Jesus. Is that how He would have handled it? We fight with each other. We fight with each other about buildings & why people to come to us. We argue about committees & in committees. We are stuck in the 1950's & prior in the Establishment-type thinking. We are viewed as an “Institution of Religion”. That's not flattering at all.

Non-Christians – SHAME ON YOU!! Many of you spout off about equality & “no hate”, but in fact, you are some of the first ones to tear down a particular Christians. The rudeness is unbelievable! With the peace, love, positive energy, harmony & group hugs you tout, Christians don't seem to work into that for you. I don't know if there is a jealousy there or if Christians seem hypocritical to you. Well, I'm going to point out that you all are being just as hypocritical of us. You should be embarrassed. And when you see a Christian group acting in a not-so-Christian way, take note that the particular group doesn't speak for Jesus, doesn't speak for God & certainly doesn't speak for ALL followers. You talk about individuality, but you will group us into this group in your own concentration camps in your minds.

For both sides - We are all sinners. No sin is greater than another. There is the Ten Commandments & the Golden Rule. You step away from these, then it's bad. A sin is also anything that separates you from God. We all sin differently. Take care of the log in your own eye before you start throwing stones at others. You can't see where you're throwing. And we shouldn't throw the stones at all. Remember that whole “Golden Rule” thing? Treat others how you would want to be treated. It's not difficult. But somehow it so is...

Christians get persecuted for being hypocrites. Well, the church is a hospital for hypocrites. Some need more treatment than others. But there are some that view this treatment as an obligation & to make face. This is wrong, too. Making church about themselves & their own entitlements. If Jesus physically walked into these buildings, how would he react to our actions?

Non-Christians watch Christians in a big way. They wait for us to fall. They want us to fall & we get laughed at. So we get back up & try to beat up those who laugh at us as we try to put ourselves on a pedestal of sorts. What an ugly & vicious cycle.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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AM~Erica is Tired of the Crusades & Persecution: Part 1

So anyway...

I am finally getting onto the soapbox that someone desperately needed to get on. And I am going to let so many of you have it! But consider it tough love. Because this post comes from my heart & it hurts when I see a large amount of you doing it.

Oh, and this is another one of those posts. You know: if you're offended...then I'm probably talking to you.

I am totally going to talk about intolerance. But a slightly more focused intolerance that can leak into more generalized intolerance. So brace yourselves.

Today, I'm talking to the Christians & the non-Christians. Yes, I'm going there.

Here it is, the year 2012, and the Crusades are still happening as well as the persecution of Christians. In a time there has been such a large push for “No Hate”'s running rampid! *face palm*

Hmmm...which side to I start with? I will be going back & forth, so please be patient.

Please note that each of these will be a blanket posting. I know those of you who do NOT act/react in these ways.

I also need you to know that I am going to come from my Christian point of view.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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Monday, May 28, 2012

AM~Erica Has Focused Thankfulness

So anyway...

Today is Memorial Day. It's a day for parades, relaxing & barbeque. We get a day off of work to spend with family & go shopping for the sales today. It's the unofficial start of summer, but the official kick-off to swimming & sunbathing should be involved...


Hold on a moment, people! Is this really our focus today? It's the meaning behind today that we get to enjoy these other things.

It's weird to say "Happy" or talk about "celebrating" today. And it has, once again, taken on a life of it's own. Commerce & people end up doing what we do best...twisting a focus into something it's not. Today we should FOCUS on the memory of FALLEN soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice of themselves for the continued freedom of our country.

Don't get me wrong, we should ALWAYS be thankful for our soldiers who defend our country, past & present. We should always remember our dear friends & family who have gone before us, too. But sometimes there is more of a focus. And we all have a bad habit of losing sight of that.

Today was set up, originally as "Decoration Day", back in 1868, specifically to remember those who lost their lives in the midst of service to our nation. Flags are placed to fallen veteran's graves. There are Memorial Services set up to remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Today, there is a focus. Don't lose sight of it. We get to go shopping for great deals, and have barbeques, and get a day off of work, and relax, and wear white, and openly believe our religion, and fake all of these other "traditions" because we have the freedom to do so!

I do thank all of the veterans & those serving for defending our daily lives in freedom. But let's put the focus on what today really is: we need to remember the ultimate sacrifice of the soldiers who lost their lives so we can continue in our everyday lives in freedom.

Flags are (or should be) displayed at half-mast FOR A REASON!!

Freedom isn't free!

So...what all have you crammed into today? Do you have the right focus?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confusing Packaging Really Bothers AM~Erica

So anyway...

I know in my last post, I said I needed to get on my soapbox again. However, this isn't the topic I was talking about. Another has stepped up in its place for just a little bit. But you'll understand as you read along. And, don't worry...the other topic will be covered very, VERY soon!

For years, there has been a big battle going on that can spark the confusion of children & even adults. Any thoughts on what it is? How about this as something to think on:

So...the picture is of candy on one side & pills on the other. Can you tell the difference? It's hard. Isn't it? And even scarier to think about.

If you have any of these meds where a child can get a hold of them by accident, more than likely they think they are sneaking candy. It's horrible to think about. I remember charts of this stuff being up in my doctor's office when I was a kid. The mix up can be just that easy & even more scary.

This leads me to another product that I have had issues with since it came out. Not the product, itself...but the packaging it comes in...

When Tide came out with their new Pods, it is/was supposed to be this new & revolutionary product! (aren't they all?) The gel packs are brightly colored, but the biggest problem I saw when the commercials came out what the "canister" they came in. Look at this:

Looks like a candy jar! Don't you think? I certainly did! I even complained to my hubby about it whenever the commercial would come on or when we would need to stroll down the laundry aisle lately. If I were a kid & saw that in the laundry room, I would wonder why my mom was hiding candy & try to take a piece, open up those would be bad.

After several months of this & my complaining (I wasn't quiet about it), the Tide Pods are now under fire mistaking them for candy! Hubby saw the story first & made sure I saw it. He looked at me & said, "you've been saying that for a long time."

Just take caution, people! This is with ANY product that is pretty & candy-like! Make sure you are using/consuming the product you think you are & for the correct reason. It could be a matter of life & death. Seriously.

And in case you were wondering...the candy is on your left & pills on your right.

OK...I'm stepping off my soapbox after delivering this very important & timely PSA. Be safe out there, kids!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, May 21, 2012

AM~Erica's BIG Birthday Post

So anyway...

This post is HUGE! It really is. You know why? Wanna know why? Well, do ya??

You are reading my 100th POST!!! WOOT! *confetti cannon*

I have been contemplating on what I should post about. It's only taken me almost 5 years to accomplish, so what would I or could I cover for this milestone? I thought I might soapbox again, since I really do have a need to pull it out...but that wouldn't work. Needs to be happier. Was going to just make a simple montage blog open house, but I wanted to put some thought & effort into it. Then it hit me...hard. I had this 100th post looming, and today would be a great day for the story that goes with it. Teen Girl's 16 birthday! *cries a little*

As I compose myself in trying to get over the fact that I have a 16 year old, I thought I would share the crazy story behind it & helps explain her personality.

Back during the fall & winter holidays of late 1995, I was in a lot of situations where SO much food was being presented. I worked at a bank & we had so many loving customers who loved sharing treats of all sorts with the bank staff. Even though I'd had a few sicky spells with flu going around & some major stresses I was going thru, I was having spells of throwing up. One of the hard things of working customer service...the sickies come in & breathe on you. But, even being so sick off & on, I was gaining weight. I knew I needed to lose some poundage, but was just too lazy to start trying.

Then, one February Sunday in 1996, as I helped in the church nursery, I got really warm, and light headed, and tired. I decided to just close my eyes for a moment knowing that the other helpers would make fun of me for sleeping for a moment, but it would be worth it! know in TV & movies when someone faints & they can hear a voice in the distance getting closer & closer & closer before they come to & see whoever's face looking right at them in a very close proximity? Well...I could hear my hubby's voice in the distance, calling my name...and getting closer & closer & closer...and when I woke up, there he was, plus the 2 other nursery workers, plus my dad & maybe another person or two. I'd passed out. I was instructed to lay down in the pastor's office for a bit. Eventually I was taken home to rest. I still wasn't doing to the ER. *sigh*

When we got to the closest hospital, I had vitals taken & all that yucky-good stuff. Then I finally saw the doctor. They had taken blood & had determined that I was pregnant. Oh boy...we hadn't planned on that, but we were trying to sort out the info being given to us...especially since they said I might be 1-2 months along.

And, apparently, the hospital didn't have any sort of maternity ward, so anything to check for pregnancy stuff was very primitive. Just like the little wand & amplifier the doc pulled out. He thought he'd give it a shot to check my belly for any heartbeat. He also said that we shouldn't be alarmed if we don't hear anything because of the very primitive tool. He place the tip of the wand to my belly...and...very strong heartbeat! He pulled back in shock & said, "Whoa! Well we usually don't pick up a heartbeat with this unless you're about 4-5 months along." Wait...wha-WHA???? At this point I began to hyper-ventilate. The doctor ignored that & kept talking. Hubby did all he could to show the doc my condition to make him shut his trap. *face palm* know when I said that there were only primitive ways at that hospital to deal with pregnancy? Well, we had to find out just how far along I really might be. But how do you do that in the condition of this hospital? Brace yourselves, people & make sure you're sitting down. The only we could check I know, it's awful!!! But, when we freaked out about it (since we had NOTHING else to freak out about), we were informed it would be only one picture. So...of to X-Ray I went. For my one picture. Then back to the ER room I was in. Then we waited...and waited...and waited...and freaked out...and waited...

Then the doctor finally came in. But hubby & I had an agreement that, with my earlier heartbeat reaction, it might be best that he talk to the doctor in another room & then hubby would give me the scoop. They went to the next room & I could hear mumbling of the 2 that sounded like the adults talking in "Peanuts" cartoons, "Wah-wah, wah-wah-wah-wah..."

After a bit, my hubby came back in. Even though I was calm, he kept telling be to breathe in, breathe out & calm down. Now...I was worried.

He put the X-Ray film on the lighted wall box & basically told me to find Waldo. (He actually said, "find the baby," but it may as well have been a game of Where's Waldo.) I looked in the normal place you would find a developing child...the belly/abdomen area. There was nothing. I was baffled. So...hubby stepped in. He pointed to where there was a head & body & fingers & toes...IN MY RIBCAGE!!! I had been asked if I'd had trouble breathing, but I was fighting a YES! But not like that.

It was determined that I was about 8 months pregnant & I'd be delivering in about 2 weeks. They wished me luck. Nice, huh?

Then I had to break the news to family & find a doctor. Only 1 doctor would see me with as far along as I was. I had an emergency sonogram set up. Hubby was there, as well as my mom & MIL. Crowed room, but much concern.

We were informed of 2 things:
1. I was about 7 & a half months along. So that bought us a little time.
2. Not to go painting anything looks like it might be a boy.

Thus, the longest game of hide-and-go-seek was over. The child had been found. And since the child had been found & it was game over, guess who was up all night while baby came "out of hiding"? *raises hand* It was weird. And, if you laugh at the term "she woke up pregnant"...well, guess who that happened to! *raises hand* Imagine my hubby's face getting up the next day & I had to wear maternity clothes the VERY following morning. I had a belly & didn't know what to do with it. It was crazy.

Remember when I said I'd put on some weight? I had put on a total of 8-10 pounds. Guess it's a good thing I didn't try to take it off! But I was told to put on more weight. Well, I did that, too. I put on 35 pounds in a 2-week period. I'm not making that up. The doctor told me I could slow down at that point.

I passed out, found out I was pregnant, found out I was VERY pregnant, woke up pregnant & put on 35 pounds about 2-3 weeks. Yes indeedy-do. That's how I roll...

Oh...and even though we told people it MIGHT be a boy...I had 2 different baby showers thrown for me & the upcoming little boy themes. (remember this part - it's important)

With this being my 1st pregnancy, I was informed that, a) the due date may be off considering how late in the pregnancy it was figured out, and b) I would probably go about a couple weeks over the due date. My doctor was getting ready to go on vacation RIGHT at the time of my "due date". He was setting up future appointments with a different doctor so I could get to know him since the other doctor would probably be the one to deliver if he wasn't back by then. My due date was May 23rd. My doctor was going on vacation on May 22nd. On May 19th we had church, a child's birthday party & I had to teach a makeup dance class. May 20th, I began to feel the pangs. After a while, I started writing down the times & length of my pangs. Coworkers started noticing that I was keeping track.

I don't remember much more about that day except that I got home, hubby & I were trying to figure out if I was in labor, planned on dinner, called the hospital to see if I should eat dinner, called the doctor, walked Kmart (this is an ordeal by itself), still thinking labor & then called the doctor to say we were going in. This was finally around 10ish at night.

I was told that I probably would be sent home, but found out that, along with the steady contractions, I was 80% effaced. That meant I was staying! I got to get settled into about the only room they had left available...the big suite! One they normally use for high risk birthing situations, but it was free & I needed room. Voila! And I felt great! Just the contractions hurt, but I was carrying on colorful conversations only pausing for contractions. Even the admitting office didn't believe I was in labor when I had to go over insurance stuff with them on the phone.

The contractions were getting harder & the family was showing up. At around 11:00, the doc showed up. This is a very stately man with a balding top of his head & sporting a perfectly silver half-circle of hair & a full, yet very groomed & stately beard. Always in a tie & labcoat. Until he showed up at my room's door. What he had of hair was every direction you could think of; he was in a grubby brown tshirt & faded jeans; and, even though I didn't see it, he was wearing wooden clogs. He showed up in the door and proclaimed, "So! We're having a baby!" Duh!!

There's more fuzziness in memory here. I do remember hurting & fading quickly. I remember that I couldn't dilate fully, so I had to be given pitosin. I remember getting ready to be given a local anesthesia & my hubby freaking out for me by covering my face in a wet cloth & telling me it would be OK. He didn't want me to see the size of the needle. That's love. I also nearly crushed his hand during a couple of contractions. Well...they hurt.

When it came time to push, I remember pushing, but not a lot of what happened during that time. I remember the baby crowning & hubby thinking we were having a redheaded boy with his ears. Then...the moment came to pull the baby out...and on May 21st at 6:08 AM, this is what I hear from the doctor:

"'s a girl! Oh...she peed on me."

Yes, the build up to a boy deflated quickly & this little, tiny girl already had so much attitude playing hide-and-go-seek for so long & then wanted to prove to the doctor that she was in fact a girl BEFORE he went on vacation.

After the nurses got her cleaned up, hubby & I spent some time with her. And then it was time to let the family in. (Heck no we weren't gonna have an audience!) They walked into the room in a straight line...almost like getting ready for a firing squad. They stared at us. And I said, "Everyone, we want you to meet (our girl)." The jaws dropped to the floor. Seriously. No one said a word. After a long & awkward moment, my MIL was the first to speak. "It CAN't be! Think of all the little girl stuff I passed up at the garage sales!"

That was our bit of congratulations.

Even when I called into work to let them know I wouldn't be in for a few weeks, my work (who hosted one of my baby boy showers), sent flowers, a girl balloon & a card with this message:


HA!!! Still one of my favorites!

The nurses did say she didn't even look like a newborn, and that she was the prettiest baby they'd seen & were trying to hook her up in the nursery. *face palm*

That was 16 years ago. Hard to believe. We gave birth to a teenager on that day. She has had the sass & the attitude to prove it for all of these years. She's the one that gave me migraines.

She is also blessing. She does make us crazy, but she is creative, entertaining, talented beyond belief, adorable & a beautiful young girl. She has big dreams. I know she will achieve them because that's the one place she's driven.

This is my story on an important day. What a great way to celebrate my 100th blog post! What great way to celebrate a birthday!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Friday, May 18, 2012

AM~Erica is Gonna Get Burned

So anyway...

Summer vacation is quickly upon us. And Memorial Day is right around the corner to kick off the summer season (even though it doesn't REALLY truly officially happen until June 20-something). So, time to get prepared, right?

Not too long ago, I brought up swimwear. I'm still on the search for my perfect dream swimsuit! But, in the meantime, I need to deal with a bigger issue for me: the sun.

It has come out that any sunscreen (it's no longer "PC" to say "sunBLOCK") with any higher SPF protection of 50 will do no good & will, therefore, be discontinued.


This is oh-so-very wrong!! Who the heck did they test? It certainly wasn't any of the fair-skinned brand of folks. *raises hand*

So, what are the those with the Irish, Scottish & Netherlands blood supposed to do in this situation? And what about the albino folk? (See? Still talking about you, Nikki!) Well, since we obviously weren't asked...we are left to do one thing:


There is gonna be a slue of crispy critters going around since the sunscreen will only act as a marinade for us. Trust me.

Wanna know what I use on the kiddos & myself? I use this amazing, magical brew:

That's right. It's hardcore stuff. And I love it! It's the stuff that actually works for me. And it works for my kiddos. Well, the fair skin ones. Teen boy got the working complexion of his dad's Native American side. Teen girl & lil guy sport my Irish complexion. Nice, right? And I have used & tested a WHOLE lot of different lotions to fight off the sun for the sake of our poor skin. And this is it! Now? They are planning on taking it away.

Happy May...Melanoma Awareness Month! Let's take away what actually helps the fair skin peeps & let 'em fry like lobsters. Awesome!

Oh man, oh man...I am hurting just thinking about it. *sigh*

And if any of you doubt my paleness, I have a couple of stories for you from high school. And my skin hasn't changed in that time. So here we go:

1. I remember being in one of my "I don't care" moods one day. So, I wore cut off sweats that were turned into shorts (shut up, they were cute in the early 90's) & a souvenir-type tshirt. I was sitting in the choir room when my good pal Nikki (Hi, again, Nik! Still talking about ya!) came & sat next to me to talk, as usual. She had a weird freak out moment when she realized an awful truth & shared it with me. Well, the truth was awful for me & joyous for her. My albino friend had discovered that my pasty legs were whiter than hers! UGH!! And then, my fabulously loud & eccentric friend declared to our whole class of her discovery. *face palm*

2. I did track my senior year at the nudging of my friend Cara. (Hi, case you read this). She wanted to "get in shape" & convinced me to do it with her. And we were both dancers at that point in our lives. But we didn't want to run or anything. So, what was left? Oh, I know...shotput & discus! I'm not kidding. I'm shaking my own head as I type this. Anyhoo...this meant we were outside in the elements everyday to practice. I eventually got a tan line! Farmer's kind of tan line, but it still proved that I had color! Woot! I was excited until another classmate looked at my legs one day & proclaimed that I needed to get a tan. Imagine her face when I moved my sock to reveal my tan line. *face palm* get my point right? I didn't earn the nickname of "Casper" in high school without merit! (Right, Crispy Legs?)

I can burn in a 10-minute, partly cloudy outing. Oh jealous. Maybe it's a superpower!

Nonetheless, getting rid of the higher SPF products just isn't right. I will take my vitamin D by chugging milk, just don't make me get skin cancer because Dr. Tanhide doesn't feel higher numbers do anyone any good. Hope you enjoy your trips to the Carribean! Grrrrr...

I have no aspirations of being like the Tan Mom (ick!) & I would still prefer to keep myself from looking like leather to any extent if possible.

Maybe I'll feel differently when I get my dream swimsuit. I'll just have to worry about my crispy critter of a face.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self-Image a Big Deal to AM~Erica

So anyway...

I am all about promoting better self image for everyone. Girls really need it, but so do the guys.

Just the other day I had to suck it up to make my point in another blog post, but I saw something today that made me scratch my head.

Not too long ago, there was media coverage of a very brave & outspoken 14-year-old girl who is such a big advocate for self image of girls, she staged a photoshoot stunt in front of Seventeen magazine headquarters to try to convince them to feature just one spread a month that is completely photoshop & airbrush free. I applaud her in her efforts. I do hope more than just Seventeen magazine listens.

We are told to achieve perfection in how we look. I do try to look good & put together...but I am nowhere near "perfect" in the media sense. If we all followed the Hollywood-type guidelines, we'd all be plastic Barbies & Kens. And we'd all look very much alike. UGH!

The whole elective-only plastic surgery bugs me. I know there are those who have done it, but I want you to remember that we were all made in God's image. God doesn't appear just one way, but in a multitude of ways. Mostly in our imperfections. They are supposed to keep us humble. And then we change what God has made us.

Along these lines, Dove has their stance on promoting self image & that we should all feel beautiful in our skin & the imperfections. I love this campaign. It's gone on for years...and it should continue.

However, I have a bone to pick with Dove. Remember when I pointed out something I saw today? It was a Dove commercial. It was about boosting the confidence in girls so they grow up confident. What a great message, right? Here is their current Social Mission commercial/video that I want you to pay attention to:

Why Do 6 Out of 10 Girls Stop Doing What They Love?

OK...did you see what I saw? I know they are trying to get a particular point across, but they went against what they stand for in this very video. All the girls in the video are super adorable. But there are two very awkward girls. They put them in not a good situation. Then the video shows self esteem being promoted in very adorable girls.

This video, though inspiring, makes me sad. The awkward girl self-consiously pulling up her swimsuit & the awkward Asian girl who is shown as a loner in a very frumpy outfit. It makes me want to go hug those two, specifically.

All the other girls are at least shown in a positive light. Dove, your message got across when you say the first set of girls may drop out of what they are involved in...but to throw the other two girls in the mix in such an awkward view wasn't right. Shame on you! Why couldn't these two girls be a part of the group in the end? Why?

People, please remember that every girl, every child & every human needs the self esteem boost. Everyone is beautiful as they are...BEFORE surgery. We all need that reminder.

Dove, you were so close...but keep up the campaign & know that placing ANY girl into a sad & awkward light goes against what you promote.

Hugs to everyone reading this & know you are beautiful! And also...

" are good enough, you are smart enough, and, doggonit, people like you!"

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AM~Erica's Wall of Positive

So anyway...

After making my confession of depression in a previous blog post, there has been a lot of chatter about the subject. Part of it has to do with May being Mental Illness/Invisible Awareness Month, but it's interesting when some of it comes to light.

I believe I've been fighting my depression since high school, but didn't get it officially diagnosed until about 6 or 7 years ago. Yes, I was on medication for a while. No, I am not doing medication now. Even though I feel like it doesn't hit as often, it still does. And it doesn't take much to flare it up. It could be something big, something small, or nothing at all. And it does affect the way I react to situations. It's not the best. Sometimes I don't realize how awfully I've reacted in a situation. People forget that. And then I get to talked to like a child, being scolded for my actions. I hate the way I react to these situations. And, inevitably, I feel like the worst person on Earth...just the worst human alive.

After I openly confessed to my "condition" the other night, I found some posts on Facebook last night that really got some conversation going. Good conversation. It started with this post:

I put my own caption with it saying, "No kidding...I feel like this more than I let on..."

Believe me when I say I don't try to victimize myself. I hate it when people do that. So, I wasn't looking for sympathy & positive thoughts. The post just stated how it is sometimes. Doesn't mean I like it. No matter how much positivity & love come my way, this feeling still washes over me. It just does. And I do thank my friends for the sweet comments, but it's the ones that get the conversation going that I appreciate. I know I'm not alone in this & someone understands. Because there are those who hear or see what you are going thru, try to understand, but just don't.

Then I saw a follow-up post on Facebook that was kind of a slap on the back of the head:

As true as this is, it is still hard for depression sufferers. We try...we really, really do. But it's still a great reminder.

I had a conversation with a guy (this is important to know) when a post much like this one was put out there:

This GUY made a snarky comment that he just didn't understand females feeling like this. It was actually almost rude. I'm thinking in his own mind he was trying to be nice...but it wasn't conveyed like that. So, I stepped in with an analogy brought on by Divine Intervention, alone.

Brick-by-brick, your family & friends build a wall of positive for you. It's building your self esteem & self confidence. It's by positive & encouraging words of love. It takes a long time to build this wall to make it stronger. And it takes a while to make that wall strong & sturdy. However, when anyone comes along with a negative word, comment or action, it's like throwing a stone at the wall; it causes damage with a crack or hole. Any wall, no matter how strong, is in danger of collapsing in the midst of damage. That damage can become greater if not repaired quickly. Soothing repair is what is needed for damage control & you might have to start rebuilding that wall's strength again. It doesn't matter how much encouragement & love you have to build your strength, one bit of negative damage, no matter how small, can cause damage in the strength of our very being.

Those of us with depression always seem to have cracks in strength appear. We don't handle it well & don't know how to tell people there is damage in our wall of strength. Instead of using stones of anger & negativity to try to patch up our damage, we are in need of the grout of healing. The grout is applied with care & helps to fill in those empty spaces. If you just shove in even a pebble, there is still emptiness & more damage can be caused.

It's the only way I can even explain it, folks. I hope it helps you to understand at least a little more. And I ask that you continue to bring bricks of encouragement to those you love. And if you know anyone with depression, take 2 bricks. And we try to carry our bricks to you, but we are clumsy with our emotions & tend to drop our bricks. We just ask for gentle understanding, even if we aren't the most gentle at the moment.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, May 14, 2012

Somehow AM~Erica Survived This

So anyway...

You remember when I told you from the last super crazy weekend that there would be more coming? Well, that was this weekend. If you want to know the bizarreness & craziness that ensued this time...keep on reading...or you can run now. You're choice.

If you are still with me for this ride, then hi! Stay buckled in and keep your hands & feet inside until the blog post comes to an end. Sound good. Well then...let's do this. Enjoy the ride!

The past several months, my MIL started a new chapter in her life. My FIL passed away almost 10 years ago. She had been grieving over him ever since. After a lot of struggle in her life & a lot of health problems, she got back on track. She got healthier & was working out & losing weight. She was feeling pretty good, but still lonely & grieving. Sad since she is a beautiful woman, but living vicariously through her children, grandchildren & all of their friends. Seriously. And happened. "It" was something no one ever really saw coming or that she would ever do or that she would ever get a hold of or...well...she was introduced to Plenty of Fish. Yes, the online dating service. This was weird for all of us. Glad she was starting to get out there & that she grasped that there was no chance that my FIL would ever be walking thru her door, but still weird.

Well, come July 4th of 2011, she was meeting with yet another gentleman. She was just, once again, being nice. She was feeling really weird about this whole dating thing...having a great time, but just weird for her. Well, she was going to meet up with this guy for lunch. That's all. But when they showed up...they looked like Twinkie Twins: you know, dressed alike. Royal blue shirts & white shorts. They seemed taken with each other & what should've been only lunch became a day-long date with fireworks in the air that the sky & between them. After that...they were nearly unseparable. And a new love was born.

It didn't take too long before they were talking life together. And then, without a lot of thought process (that's whole different set of posts, people), they jumped into blindly planning a wedding on their own. Head-scratching planning, through & through. Including the date. She decided (without checking a calendar) to have her wedding on May 12th. Even though, once realized it was on Mother's Day weekend, she refused to move the date. She's stubborn like that. Even though it clashed with a lot of school functions, family issues, and the given weekend...she was bound & determined to do it right then...even with her (at that point) future hubby's birthday being that Monday (so today).

Hubby was to preside over the ceremony, which was weird for him, and I was to be the coordinator. I was also supposed to be the planner, but it's hard to live in damage control mode when they were knee-deep in situations they got themselves into before talking to anyone.

We then got to meet her man's side of the family finally, too. They hail from New York...accents and all. And the whole wedding party was mostly family-based. Only 4 "friends of the family" if you count one of the soloists & guestbook attendant. Heck, my kids were a bridesmaid, usher/scripture reader, and ring bearer. My stepdaughter was the maid of honor. It was weird designing the programs (yep, I did that, too) & noticing how many times I was having to put that a part of the wedding party was a grandkid of the bride.

Between meeting new parts of the extended family family & dealing with the weirdness, it went well. Even though the wedding was at 4:00 PM & the girls got there at 10:30 AM, I decorated the sanctuary, I made sure the bride & bridesmaids had what they needed, between wrong hairdo's (don't get me started), pictures taking 3 hours, trying to get the boys all together, thinking the wedding party would starve (due to more lack of good planning), a lot of talking to, running around, getting people where they need to be, the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner, hubby trying get out of town peeps to the church from the airport, tux screw-ups, over abundance of flowers (don't get me started), dealing with directing family to where then need to go during the wedding & pictures (since family doesn't necessarily like to listen to family) was something else.

Then clean up the church in record time to get to the reception (again, not well thought through), for food & music & stuff. We got word that one of the attendees of the wedding (a good friend of my BIL - one we all actually like) was in a horrendous accident on the way to the reception. I refuse to go into gruesome details here (and they are gruesome), but he will be OK...just very scary. But part of the band went to the hospital to be with their friend & put the reception even more behind.

But it was good to see some people that I hadn't seen or talked to in a long time. I even got to meet even more family that I only heard stories about.

All in all, the wedding went very well & I am very happy for my MIL & her new hubby. They are good for each other, even though they need live-in chaperones.

MIL bride & me as coordinator

Then...after the tiresome wedding stuff & a late night with the reception, we had to get up for church & Mother's Day. I have my own feelings on Mother's Day, and it was so obvious that this one would not go very well. But we did get to spend time (eventually) with my mom & grandmother, then back over with his mom & visiting family.

So...we got home late last night, too. We were exhausted. Still are. Hoping we find some recovery time soon. Not sure when...but holding out hope...

Still with me? Did you make it to the end? Do you have whiplash? Well, I feel like I do after this weekend...and so does the rest of the family. I need a rest...

Oh...and just a note that if you're planning a wedding, do everything the opposite of how the in-laws did it.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How AM~Erica Really Feels About Mom's Day

So anyway...

Today is the second Sunday in May, also known as Mother's Day.

Isn't that sweet & special? That mom's only get one day of appreciation every year? Hallmark has yet another day to profit from with all the cards, and all the flower shops profit from all the floral arrangements for everyone to feel pressured to show gratitude toward the woman that raised them. Am I right?

If you have figured out...this isn't going to be a pretty post. I really don't like holidays like this one. Seriously.

I know there are women out there who really want this day to be showered with gifts & attention. Forced appreciation is good enough for them. But not for this mama. At all. Actually, the day makes me grumpy. Believe it or not, I feel bad getting gifts & things on a designated day. But let me state my case. You don't have to agree, but it's a different perspective.

I'm going to open up with some stuff about me that I have only let out very slowly to people. It's nothing I go shouting from a mountaintop, but I feel it needs to be spilled out to help show where some of my feelings are guided from.

*deep breath in, deep breath out* Here we go...

Contrary to popular belief, I suffer from depression. It might be a good thing to point out since May is mental illness/invisible illness awareness month. My friend, Nikki (Hi, Nikki!), did some reiki on me a few years ago & asked me if I had depression. She asked me almost facetiously, but then I told her I did have it. She looked at me funny & said, "Well, you're the happiest depressed person I know!"

With that said, it does effect how I react to things sometimes. Especially Sunday mornings that involve holidays & special happenings at church. Every year, I get the kids up on Mom's Day for church, it doesn't go so well. And I am the one who gets the kiddos to church since hubby has to be there much earlier than we do. Just like this year being no exception. I will just say that I need to get one kid to church at a decent time & had difficulty getting others around. I didn't react well. I had one kid give me a mother's day gift that was super sweet, but forced to make at school. However, lil guy was super sweet about that. The rest of the morning didn't go so well either. Scheduling was all screwed up & everything. We feel forced to see family. We shouldn't feel should be a want-to. Plus we had a very crazy-busy weekend that I will try to cover tomorrow that didn't help the attitudes of family waking up this morning.

Even though all turned out OK, it was a hard day, too. Not how society expects Mother's Day to be spent.

A few years ago, I wrote a poem. It's powerful & so not pretty. It's harsh. I wrote it a few weeks before Mother's Day in 2008 after certain ways of being treated in the house. I always feel more drawn to this poem every year. I wish I didn't. But I will share the harshness with you:

* No Mother's Day *

Don't celebrate Mother's Day
I can't stand to see it come:
Don't want it,
Don't deserve it;
Thoughts of the pedestal makes me numb.

The higher you (p)Raise your mother,
The more you inflate her head,
up & up
with flowers & cards -
That sweet tear you watch her shed...

But the tears become more painful,
for as the pedestal you tip...
She falls...
She plunges further...
Can't you hear her heartstrings rip?

Don't celebrate Mother's Day
with sentiments, gifts & such.
Don't want it,
Don't deserve it;
It hurts way too much.

Hard reading, isn't it? It's OK. I know. But these words ring so true. The kids are still going to argue. They are still going to be themselves while trying to force sweetness & appreciative gratitude toward their mothers when they spend the other 364 days shrugging at what their mom's do.

Today, I saw male family members watching what they wanted to watch while mothers were still organizing, cooking, cleaning, checking on everyone else...gee..."Happy Mother's Day" indeed. See? It doesn't really change. We, as moms, get a pat on the back for doing a good job doing what we still do. Now, the case I brought up doesn't happen in EVERY situation...but I did witness it happening. There were still ball tournaments going on today, too. Really? And, if they are still around to celebrate, the attention is turned to either the more matriarch generations of the family &/or the very newest. If we've been there a while,'re still on everyone else's time.

Don't get me wrong. I am very grateful for all the mom's & their doings in all capacities...just don't like the fact we only point it out on one day out of the year. I feel the same way about Father's Day & Valentine's Day, too.

The superficiality really upsets me. And, I will admit that I hid in corners at church this morning based on the morning I'd already had & trying to dodge the Mother's Day greetings.

I do hope all the moms, grandmoms, great-grandmoms, adoptive moms, single moms, step moms, mister moms, pet moms, expecting moms, trying to be expecting moms, awaiting moms, surrogate moms & pseudo moms all had at least a moment of pause for people to say thanks...but at the same time, be sure to do it all year long: every day, once a week, once a month...whatever. Just be thankful for the moms & their guidance & help. One day out of the year is not enough practice for true gratitude. Building up the apprceiativeness for a whole year doesn't really help either. Let this be the same for your true loves & for the fathers of any capacity. Forget the once-a-year thing. Seriously.

That's my opinion. That is all.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Natural Clinton Really Bugs AM~Erica

So anyway...

I know I've already done a blog post earlier today, but I need to talk about this.

There are some photos surfacing from a trip that is stirring people on the web & in the media. These pictures are of someone that makes me insane to no end. My skin crawls when this particular figure pops up on TV or the internet or by any other means. Mostly because I do not agree with this person. At all. Not how they got to where they are, not how they handle their job...just...UGH!

So, this is why this particular post is important to share. It's because this will probably be the ONLY time in the history of forever that you will see me defend Hillary Clinton.

*shudder* Just the name makes me cringe, but here goes:

Anything that she has or has not done, job-wise, has nothing to do with this post. The pictures that have surfaced is my focus.

Right now, she is being torn down for showing up on a trip without makeup! *GASP* WHAT??? Yes, without makeup. Why? Why would she show herself like that?

But the biggest question about this lewd act is...WHY DOES IT MATTER?????

We are in an age where we are trying so hard to defend & accept body & self image. Especially for females. I'm all about wearing makeup & doing hair to feel better about how I feel. Sometimes it just perks me up. But that's not for every female out there. We need to build each person up as beautiful as they are. No going under the knife & adding diseases to ourselves to be "more beautiful". This is a real struggle right now. take a strong woman like Hillary *cringe* who shows up as totally herself, she gets blasted for it.

If you are going to blast this person for anything, it should be more of how she has handled herself in the name of the country & how she has gotten to the power she has. It certainly should not be for not having makeup on. Or contacts in for that matter.

For the women out there who have serious allergies, you know when you just can't get the eye makeup on & can't put contacts in because your eyes watered so much or are so itchy? Then it's just weird to put on the rest of your makeup except maybe some lip gloss? Did anyone stop to think about the fact that could have been happening? That's just a theory. It could be ANY reason. It could be that she just wanted to sleep in & not even worry about it.

It's not right that we have to focus on HOW she showed up instead of WHY she showed up. Really?

Believe it or not, I applaud her for laughing the whole thing off. Good for her. And shame on anyone else who had decided to degrade her for that. Find other I do. HA!

OK...I've gotta shake off this post. Like I said...I don't like her. At all. That's my opinion. Got it? Let me live with my purple politics. OK?

Now...let's learn to leave the tearing down of self image alone.

Thank you. I have now ended my PSA soapbox.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

AM~Erica Has a SUPER Crazy Weekend

So anyway...

This past weekend is one that had a lot going on & hard to keep up with. Yes it's Wednesday...but it's been crazy, just like I said. Still wanna know about it? If so, keep reading. If now.

So...who's still with me for the ride? Ready? Here...we...go...!

Just something to keep in mind when you read this is the fact that it has weird holiday-type stuff involved. Understood?

OK, we are going to begin with Friday. It's a very good place to start, since it starts the weekend. This past Friday had a couple of things going on. Since it was May the 4th, it's Star Wars Day. You know...May the Fourth be with you! I also feel like I need to respond with, "And altho with you." (Yes, it's a churchy-liturgically thing...but that's how it goes.)

But then, scheduled to overshadow Star Wars Day, was a very anticipated event: the opening day of "The Avengers" movie! This created Uber Geek Day!

So, who holds non-Star Wars related events on Star Wars Day besides the Avengers? Schools.

That night, lil guy had his school carnival...and...teen boy had his 8th grade dance. So...looked like watching 'The Avengers' on opening day was out. So, we dropped off teen boy at his school & then accompynied lil guy to his school carnival. After we had our fill of that, we went back home. Hubby texted teen boy to see how late we should pick him up & got a response of "as late as possible". WHOA! Teen boy, God love him, is awkward. He to hear this was really kinda awesome! I told hubby to text back that we say hi to the girl. *snicker* But all of this was done after we had dinner. Which was not Star Wars or Avenger themed.

My nerdness needs to find a Star Wars cookbook so I can actually make meals for this that aren't just snacky food. And next year, Star Wars Day will collide with the Kentucky Derby.

But this year, the Kentucky Derby (Race for the Roses) fell on Cinco de Mayo. That's an interesting collision, for sure! The race happens on the 1st Saturday of May. So...a big hat was in order! But so was a fiesta with it being Cinco de Mayo. This is what I wore out of the house later that day:

I put together that big ol' hat. And those shoes are from my shoe blog. They are number 18. It has a fun fiesta-like feel to the outfit & still pays homage to major event at Churchill Downs. Can you imagine the looks I got when I walked into Walmart? There could be pix of me on the website. But I'm not sure.

The biggest reason I said I wore this later in the day was because I could not wear the hat to the theatre. That would've been rude. But my kiddos wore outfits to pay tribute to some Marvel superheros that we were about to watch. Yes...we partook in the watching of 'The Avengers' on opening weekend! We went 1st thing in the morning to catch the 9:40 showing so we would only have to pay $5.00 for each of us to get in. Ummmm...SOLD OUT. Figures. So we shelled out the moolah for the 3D version so we wouldn't have to wait 2 hours & be watching a nearly 2 & a half hour movie during lunchtime. Great movie! Lots of action & humor...didn't need the 3D. But we are dying to go back & contribute more to it's box office intake.

Later we needed to pick up my stepdaughter from the airport, who is in town for the next week for my MIL's wedding. (Oh yes...we are in the midst of all of that, too.) So we got her in & we had enchiladas (duh...Cinco de Mayo) & fake strawberry margaritas.

On a nerdy note...I heard May 5th also referred to as "Revenge of the 5th". *snort giggle* So. Funny.

So...after all of that, are you as worn out reading it as I was living it?

Trust me...there will be more exciting things to come. You just wait...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AM~Erica is Eyeing Swimsuit Season

So anyway...

We have officially entered May. Where does the time go? 2012 is slipping away quite quickly!

But, no matter what, there is an explosion of swimwear everywhere once May hits. There's always a little bit in December thru February (yuck) for those going on spring break, but it's the approaching hot weather that makes us want to wear much less & jump into some kind of body of water.

However, I always find this swimsuit finding a challenge. I'm like so many other women who dread it. But it's not for the same reasons necessarily.

If you haven't picked up on it by now, I am SUPER fair skinned. I fry...easily. So, on top of swimwear, I have to find mega sunscreen, too. And for the "experts" who say that going over a 30 or 45 SPF does no good, you have tested the WRONG people!! That low of an SPF is just a marinade for my skin. I'm not kidding. I have found that Walgreen's 90+ SPF is fantastic for me. It's OK...I hear you laughing out of shock, but it's true. So, so true. I always look for swimwear that covers more so it is less likely for sunscreen to be my marinade.

Also, I am modest. I love me some fashion. Many of you know that. But, if you truly pay attention, I have this philosophy that you can look great AND not have to have everything hanging out. So, again, the more covered...the better.

I have told people in the past what my dream swimsuit would be. I think some might think I'm joking, but I'm not. Here is an example of my dream swimsuit:

Nice, right? I think so! I can be covered, so less sunscreen (much, much less) AND my modesty is taken care of.

Until then...I will be wearing my 2-piece tankini with boy shorts. Because it covers more than most 1-piece swimsuits now.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AM~Erica Stops to Admire Intertwined Hair

So anyway...

My hubby slightly issued a challenge to me to blog on here it goes.

I realize I covered "hair" yesterday, but I swear it's different this time, so keep reading. Please. Trust me.

I love getting my hair cut. I do. I have tons & tons...& TONS of hair! Some of you may remember that if you messed with my hair in high school or tried to cut/style my hair ever. Tons.

Well, that was an issue for me back in those days. I cut my hair off, FOR GOOD, over a decade ago. My favorite part of the haircut? When it gets thinned. I love it. I know there's several out there who wished they had more hair, or are jealous at this moment because you are losing your hair. If I could be a donor for you , I would. In a heartbeat! I told my hubby I would do this out of a gift of love for his thinning hair if I could. He knows. We laughed about the gift of spousal hair plugs. I know, it's a beautiful thought.

OK, I have not had a set hair stylist person in a very long time. Probably since 2002. I'm not kidding. After that, I would go to random people who would not listen to me, screw up my hair & then I'd go home & fix it. It got so crazy how often this was happening, I was cutting my own hair for years. Seriously. I gave up on "the pros". And every time I'd give a new "pro" a chance...I'd have to fix it anyway.

My hubby, on the other hand, would go to several places to get his hair cut & would come home complaining about no one could get his sideburns right. Which is absolutely true. I would have to help him fix them sometimes. He finally found a place he really liked when we lived in St. Louis, but by the time he decided that was his place...we had to move. And, even though it's a franchise type place, there wasn't one in KC. Although we heard one would be opening, it was going to be quite a drive for him to get there.

Well, just a few months ago, I decided to give another human a try. I was losing my touch cutting my own hair. I went over to Beauty Brands not too far from our house & set up an appointment. I ended up with Megi. Megi is a doll who listened to what I was looking to get. She did a great job! So much so...I couldn't wait to use her again! I got a steady stylist again! And it only took 10 years! Then my hubby had finally had it with his bad sideburn haircuts, so we talked about him trying Megi. Well...that's who he's been going to, also. We just took the boys to her, too! The girl will be coming up soon to see Megi.

We have a family stylist! Woot! She is awesome & has a fabulous memory, too. I highly...HIGHLY recommend her!! that I gave you MAJOR onto the meat of my point:

The hubby & I were in desperate needs of getting our hairs cut. So, I set up an appointment with Megi for both of us to go in. It's the second time we did a couple's appointment. Aren't we cute? Well, I went first. And we talked about how much hair I truly have. Even if I go in for a trim, it looks like someone shaved a dog. I wish I was kidding. I'm not. But I got a great haircut from always. Then it was hubby's turn. Megi hadn't swept the floor freeing it from my hair before she did hubby's. So, when he was done & happy with his haircut (cuz Megi did such an awesome job), we stood & looked at the ratio of my hair on the ground to his. But it hit us as we were looking at our shared chopped locks spread on the floor around the chair...our hair had been mixed & intertwined...just like mimicking our real life.

We just celebrated 16 years of married bliss a couple of weeks ago & will be taking part in a wedding very soon. So, along those lines, we likened our hair together on the ground to the recent rise of a sand ceremony in weddings. The bride & groom pour in 2 different colors of sand into a glass container representing their 2 lives coming together; and once the sand is poured in, the different sands would be impossible to separate.

Just like our hair on the ground together...intertwined. It would be very difficult to separate the 2 kinds of hair from the both of us as they came together. Just like our lives.

My hubby looked at me & wondered if I'd blog on it. I said I could. He said I blog on everything else...hehe...

Aren't we cute?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica