Monday, April 30, 2012

Armpit Hair & Bikini Bottom Talk with AM~Erica

So anyway...

My kids are funny. They just are. And sometimes the conversation I end up having with them are nothing less than entertaining.

Last night was a great example of that. It was a discussion with lil guy as I was tucking him into bed. Here's how it went down:

Lil Guy: (scratching armpit) My armpit itches. Did you know that when you grow up, you get hair in your armpits? On boys anyway.

Me: Ummm...yes. I know that.

Lil Guy: Like Patrick [Starr]! But how come Spongebob doesn't?

Me: Well, I don't know.

Lil Guy: Do you think it's because he's a sponge?

Well, there's one to ponder for you. Would the molecular makeup of a sponge prevent it from growing armpit hair? Hmmmm...

And , yes...I couldn't help but start laughing. I never know what is going to come out of his mouth.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reiterating Earth Day Confuses AM~Erica

So anyway...

It's Earth Day! I would love to know if you all are partaking in anything or if you are just continuing on with lives. If you read my POST YESTERDAY, then you'll know I see this more as Earth Environment Awareness Day.

Now I need to let you know upfront that we still get the newspaper delivered on our driveway. The biggest reason is so I can get my sales papers for price matching & coupons. So we are working on it. However, if you look at (or already read) my post from yesterday, then you will know my Earth Day weekend issue with what my son brought home & it's timing. Well, along the same lines, the Kansas City Star had an extra "section" printed & put in the paper on how to be better to the environment. Once again..."IRONY". Sure...let's kill a couple more trees to print about how to be better to the Earth. Smooth.

*face palm*

If we are going to put Earth (Environment Awareness) Day into practice, do we have to have environment-destroying ways to do it?

Don't get me wrong...I, personally, am still learning & revising & trying; it's sad to see schools, media & places of business be so hypocritical of the practice.

Thanks for the info, y'all...but there's gotta be another way!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Saturday, April 21, 2012

AM~Erica Makes Grilled Cheese Croutons Italian Style

So anyway...

I don't do too many foody posts here, but I wanted to share this one!

About a month ago was the Ides of March. And some of you may have seen the Caesar Feast I came up with. Well, I found a slight upgrade recently to try!

It turns out that April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day. Interesting, right? Well, I heard some trivia on April 12th that the (grilled) cheese sandwich originated in Rome. I thought about just adding grilled cheese to the Caesar Feast...but then a lightbulb went off!

Grilled Cheese Croutons for the Caesar Salad (or just a different kind of grilled cheese)!

I wandered around Pinterest to see if I could find a grilled cheese crouton-type recipe. I found out that the croutons being used for soup were simply cubed up pieces of grilled cheese sandwiches. After that, I started coming across a lot of different grilled cheese recipes for the summertime being pinned.

So, here is my Italian Grilled Cheese Croutons with Italian butter:

1. Set oven to 450 degrees F

2. Mix in a small bowl for Italian butter:
1-2 Tbsp freshly ground black pepper
2 palmfuls crushed oregano
1 palmful crushed basil
1 palmful crushed parsley flakes
1 1/2 palmful garlic powder
1 palmful grated parmesan cheese
submerge in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

3. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray & then use stale bread.

4. Take a short basting brush & "paint" the Italian butter onto one side of the bread.

5. Place the "butter" side down onto the cooking sheet

6. Place 1 slice of either provolone or mozzarella cheese onto the bread. (Sargento has a provolone/mozzarella blend, so that's what I used) Only use 1 slice since you do not want croutons to be over cheesy. If you are making just a sandwich, feel free to use 2 slices.

7. Repeat step 4

8. Place on top of cheese with "butter" side up

9. Once the baking sheet has been covered (the Italian butter lasted enough for 16 slices/8 sandwiches, which just fit my baking sheet), place in the oven for 6-8 minutes

10. Pull out of the oven when the sandwiches start to appear golden brown (mine ended up a hair darker on the bottom side after 7 1/2 minutes, but they turned out fine)

11. Begin to cube the sandwiches into 16 pieces. I began with a knife, but found a pizza cutter to be much more efficient

After I cubed my 8 sandwiches, I ended up with 128 grilled cheese croutons. I tossed them in with our Caesar salad for dinner.

Isn't it beautiful? And everything was SO yummy!

These can be done on the griddle or in a skillet, too...especially if you just want the Italian Butter Grilled Cheese sandwich without cubing them.

So delicious! Enjoy!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


Update: 6/29/2012

Guess what?? I made this grilled cheese sandwich (so, two slices of cheese) & added a mini Caprese Salad to each one!

Pretty, huh? I took either a cherub or sunburst tomato, a small piece of mozzarella cheese, wrapped a basil leaf around them, skewered the combo with a toothpick & then brushed each mini salad with the Italian Butter.

So pretty, so tasty!

AM~Erica Ponders How This Teaches Earth Day to Kids

So anyway...

As many of us know, since it's talked about and advertised and covered many ways, tomorrow is Earth Day. A day to bring heightened consciousness about the environment around us & what we can do to help take care of it. This should happen all the time, so I really think we should call this "Earth Environment Awareness Day". But that's just my thinking.

Earth Day seems to get a lot of people & places talking, discussing & learning about our environment and ways we can keep it good condition. Schools, for example, try really hard to cover this. I know my lil guy's school has gotten onto teachers for the amount of paper they use. Really I think it's more of a budget matter, but it still fits here. I had heard that 1st grade does get a whole lot of paper coming home. I thought that was crazy! And then the paper crackdown happened. We still get a lot coming home. I can't tell you the piles & mountains of paper we get brought home with him.

Lil guy had been talking about what they cover at school. This past week, they've been discussing & learning about Earth day & things we can do to help our environment. I think that's great! But when he came home yesterday bringing up that they had been learning about Earth Day, I never expected him to pull this from his bag: see a destroyed forest on the floor with a couple of booklets they made about Earth Day & healing the world. How did this really help teach the kids about the care for their environment? It might be on paper (ironically), but certainly not in practice. The contradictoriness of this has entered sad & epic proportions. This is what he brought home for Earth Day weekend. The Lorax would cry.

Speaking of the Lorax, you all should know my love for Dr. know, since I'm a MEGA FAN, and all. I honestly believe that Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel) was way ahead of his time in his thinking, especially when he created & wrote "The Lorax". We saw the movie & it was amazing. The whole story is so painstakingly relevant to this day. So imagine what I was thinking when I looked at this pile of Earth Day weekend send-homes.

I have decided to use this post as a help to hold me accountable for my part. I want to make bigger strides in the environment's care.

Get things from thrift shops to help repurpose or repurpose things from around the house instead of throwing away. Or, to help with TAX DAY in the future, donate your stuff to a thrift store...or see instant "reward" by having a garage sale. "One man's trash is another man's treasure." The old saying can certainly help with our environmental issues. Like I found a candlestick holder & a wooden Lazy Susan at a thrift store (Salvation Army, to be exact). I attached the two together to make a spinning cake stand.

Pinterest (if you're on it) actually has fantastic repurposing ideas & ways to make your own foods, cleaners, etc. for safer & cheaper, too.

Less chemicals & more recycling of things. If your disposal company does not do recycling in your area, find out what you can do. The company we use does do recycling, but not in our area...strangely. Do research on recycling places, too. What are the emissions going into the air to recycles some paper, plastic & glass. Something to think about.

There are SOOOOOO many more ways & things you can help out & do your part. It can be big or it can be small...but anything that can help, does.

So, have a great Earth Day...but keep in mind it's an awareness day. Earth Day should be happening EVERY day.

(and just to prove it...I might share this blog post again at random times just as a reminder)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Friday, April 20, 2012

AM~Erica Apparently Appears OK Thru Mediocrity

So anyway...

It's Friday. The day of the week my hubby & I get to spend the day together. Usually it involves going to the grocery store without the kids & either breakfast or lunch out. Sometimes other things we want or need to do...but that's pretty much the major gist of the day. We are an exciting couple!

Today was no different. Except we were out of milk, so cereal, oatmeal, know, the "breakfast essentials" were a little weird to deal with. After getting the kids out the door to school, and we were having issues piecing breakfast together, my hubby offered up that we go to breakfast. Here was the deal: he had a chance to get showered & get ready; I had not. He thought I should just throw on a hat & we should go.

Well, since I had gotten the kids up, fed them, fixed them lunches, made sure they were fed, dressed & out the door in time...I obviously had not had the time to get cleaned up. As a matter of fact, I was in some baggy sweats. Nice, huh? But he was hungry, the breakfast thing at home was NOT working, so he figured we could make a short jaunt to a place we haven't had breakfast at. We go to places like Bob Evan's, IHOP, Cracker Barrel...places like that. Not today. My hubby said it didn't matter what we looked like (even though he was READY) since we were going to a different fine dining establishment...

Wendy's. They have these artisan breakfast sandwiches that my hubby has bragged about having before, he wanted to eat NOW, so...OK. I did go & put on something a little more decent than sweats since he looked decent; this included jeans, t-shirt, cardi, boots with leg warmers (it was chilly this morning), topped off with a woven beret that I added a flower too (of course) & a scarf. I put on some deodorant & a spritz of body spray (you're welcome, to all those who were standing near me) & sported my day-old makeup. Yes, I was exhausted last night after celebrating 16 years of wedded bliss, so I did not remove my makeup before crashing hard. So there. I'm pretty sure, even with a slight upgrade in attire, I was some kind of sight to behold. But, whatever...we were just going to a fast food place.

We got there & there were only a few old men gathered there along with an older woman in front of us who had just placed her order. When our order was taken, my hubby & I gave our preferences...which included coffee. I know, you're shocked. HA! While we waited, I found a spot for us to sit & hubby waited for our order to come up. As I got up to get napkins & thought I overheard the employee who took our order say this to my hubby, "blah-blah-blah- young lady - blah-blah?" I wasn't sure if it was said to my hubby or not. But when he came to the table with the order with the coffee, I realized she brought up to him that she forgot to ask the "young lady" how many creamers for the coffee. Whoa! She was referring to me!! I decided she's my new best friend. But I never got her name. But she's now a true-true friend.

Then we saw the most adorable little old lady come in & sit down close to us. On a dreary, chilly morning, she walked in wearing a coat & a straw hat while sporting a cane, red lips & sunshine on her face with a big smile. While we ate, she flagged me down & complimented my hat. Awww...cute little old lady is my other new best friend! No, I didn't get her name either...but she was a day-maker...wishing us well & warmth through the rest of the day as we left. So Adorable!! I was actually feeling pretty good for feeling a bit day-old stale. But we got our stuff together & headed to the store. No, I still hadn't cleaned up. Yes, I was still unshowered & in day-old makeup. Still a sight to behold.

We got to the store, shopped & headed for the checkout lane. Hubby tracked down our cashier...the one we try REALLY hard to get to, no matter how long her line is, and her line was completely open & waiting for us! Woo Hoo! I think she had a manager type person standing behind her & we all got into a conversation about our past week. We told her that we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday & she congratulated us. The manager & the cashier pointed out that I didn't look old enough to be married that long! Woo Hoo! They said the same for my hubby, too. But that was crazy-awesome!

Even being a day-old stale, day-old makeup, unshowered...I was being told that I looked "young". Apparently the mediocrity of self-staleness worked to my favor today. But take heart in knowing that will not be the norm. I have gotten cleaned up by now. But it was pretty entertaining.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AM~Erica Needs You to Put Away the Hoodies

So anyway...

I do realize I've been really soapboxy lately, but there's be a whole lot to be soapboxy about. And this subject I'm about to soapbox on is not out of knee-jerk reaction, but out of ongoing frustration of misconceptions & running with it.

Oh yes...I'm going to give my take on the Tayvon Martin case. I'm going to tell you upfront that what I will be saying here will be a lot. You are not going to agree with everything or any of it, but I do ask you to read to the end, breathe & think on it BEFORE you give a knee-jerk reaction response. So, if you're up to it & think you can handle it, then strap in brace yourselves, and here we go!

I'm going to start by saying this whole event is tragic. It's sad that it even happened. But I'm going to lay out a lot of stuff & I am not taking sides. You'll understand why in a moment.

Thanks to the media, national media, no less, has done such an injustice to this whole ordeal. They manipulated what they wanted to show to stir things up...and did they ever!

The 911 call that was replayed early in this mess was edited. Edited in a way that it caused a mass hysteria over an issue that it has nothing to do with. Over an issue that did not need to be torn up when such strides have been made. An issue that has taken over 300 years to continue to make better has been thrown backwards so's nearly unmentionable (but I'm talking about it anyway). Thanks to the media, this whole thing was thwarted into a racism war. It's awful.

People reading this. Put your hoodies away. Quit buying Skittles if you weren't purchasing them before. This whole thing was absolutely NOT about race! It's about some horrible law in one state, guns, actions that should never have happened & a continually deceptive media trying to get rating instead of putting the full truth out there.

We already know that George Zimmerman was overzealous in his neighborhood watch duties. He was actually a bit of a nuisance to the police department. But he was trying to do what he thought was right, even if it wasn't, necessarily.

George saw something in his neighborhood that seemed suspicious, even though he apparently saw many things as suspicious. I would love to know what else he called in to give some perspective.

However, he made the call to the police to report yet another suspicious thing. He'd never seen Trayvon in his neighborhood before. Now...I need you to take a couple of deep breaths before continuing. I know there will be some of you already stirred up, but I need you to hear this out...
When the actual tape of Zimmerman's call was played, he talked about someone walking in his neighborhood. The dispatcher asked if the figure was male or female; the answer was male. Then the dispatcher asked George if the male was white, black, hispanic; George answered the dispatcher's question with "black". He didn't just jump to conclusions & give up information. The dispatcher pried it out of him, people!

And, for those who think he is so racist, he's Latino. Did you even realize that? I bet you would've felt differently if his name were at least Carlos or Juan or Jose; maybe even with a last of something like Gonzales or Rodriguez.

OK, let's move along now to the fact that he called in his suspicious thing in the neighborhood...again...and then the dispatcher said they had the information & told George to not approach, the police would check it out. This is where it went terribly wrong. Zimmerman should never have left his vehicle. Ever. But he did...with a gun in his pocket.

Before I move along with that, I want to point out that the early MEDIA reports made it sound like Trayvon was anywhere from 8-12 years old. Then he was portrayed as an early teen, maybe. Ummm, folks, Trayvon was 17. Trayvon had been suspended from school for possessing marijuana. Trayvon had his Twitter profile pic of him with gold teeth & tweeting pretty rough things. And people are upset as to how Trayvon is being portrayed?? What he puts on his twitter account is HOW he wanted to be portrayed! He was [allegedly] smoking pot. And guess what, people. If Trayvon would have been the shooter instead, he would have been viewed as an adult. Most states have very blurred lines as to what "adult age" is when it comes to legal matters. Trust me. I know. And many who have read my most read post will know & understand.

Folks, there are 8yo's & 11yo's being tried as adults. In high school, students are being prepped for making adult decisions. Trayvon would have been an upper classman. He was not some helpless baby that happened to be shot for nothing kind of deal. He was 6 foot in stature. This is important to keep in mind, too.

Thanks to the MEDIA, all the pictures shown of Trayvon are of him at 13 & younger. No wonder people think he was the defenseless little thing.

The pictures used of both involved were & continue to be wrong portrayals of both. They used an old mugshot type pic of George, not an updated one except to blow across the screen quickly. The media only used out-of-date picture of Trayvon to make him seem so much younger than he actually was. Shame on you, Media!

Oh, speaking of MEDIA screwing with this whole thing, let's talk about Geraldo Rivera who took it to a new disgusting level of adding the hoodie angle. Really? So...more insult to injury? And what was worse was the fact that people took the race thing & the hoodie thing to a whole new level. And since Trayvon wasn't armed, only possessing Skittles & iced tea at the time, people had giant protests set & ready before actual information was even out. They ran with partial information & the media created these mass protests over skewed information.

Here's the real issue: a civilian with a handgun took advantage of a Florida law. Keep in mind that Zimmerman is 5'9". Most 17yo's look quite a bit older, especially when they are tall. They were both trying to defend themselves, but Zimmerman also thought he was protecting his neighborhood. When he is overtaken by someone bigger, he felt his life was in danger & shot. We don't know how it all went down, but the fact is this part took place. Zimmerman felt threatened & shot.

Bill Cosby is an Afro-American with a good head on his shoulders. He calls things in a worldly way. Even he came out & said it wasn't a race issue. He says it's about guns, and goes on to say that he owned a gun. He had a discussion with an officer about the gun in Bill's pocket one day when he was told, "Once you pull that trigger, you can't take it back." Hmmm...wise words, officer. That was a wake up call for Dr. Cosby.

So, you have the Conceal & Carry law on top of the Defend Yourself if You Feel Threatened law, and it's a recipe for disaster.

If anything needed to be protested, it should be the law.

The fact that it was blown up (thanks to Media) into a giant race issue is frustrating. Supposedly these protests were for trying to get Zimmerman arrested. But it was made into something completely! It was Media that screwed over the life of a man that needs help. Does he need to be held accountable? Absolutely!

But we (as a nation) couldn't let this guy get any kind of fair shake. I say that in this regard: "You are innocent until proven guilty." Giant protests went up, with Media involvement & scrutiny, that allowed racist gatherings to yell "CRUCIFY"!

Whites have worked hard to make relations better between races. But when someone white makes a comment that seems the least bit derogatory toward another race, the torches & pitchforks come out. But when the tables are turned, then whites are questioned on why they are offended. There is major racism on all ends. And it's awful when it gets stirred up again & has major setbacks when the Media screws that over. And how dare all of us fall into that trap.

When anyone automatically makes a issue a racism one, even when racism is a part of it, then that is racist as well. Keep that in mind. Look at all things.

I know that knee-jerk reactions are human nature. At first, I had a knee-jerk reaction to this whole situation based primarly on what Media put out there. And it was wrong. So, so, so wrong!

So when I see these hoodie protests (thanks again, Geraldo, for that), it makes me sick. I think how far we have fallen off for that moment as a nation. I was even more frustrated when there was a protest in KC & the mayor turned out for it. Inappropriate in so many ways.

There are things that we all don't know about concerning this case. There are things we may never know. There are reasons that we don't know about as to why Zimmerman wasn't taken in at that time. But it seems he was questioned for 5 hours. And it wasn't enough because he wasn't yet crucified. Then he was landblasted over his head injury claims over a grainy video. All that had to be taken in was a report by the EMTs on the scene. My belief is that he should have been apprehended for disobeying direct dispatch orders & abuse of the neighborhood watch system. Then the law can take it from there.

You know...he turned himself in to shut you people up. You all made him the new most hated person in the nation. Why? Because of the Media! Did you know the guy that wrongly edited the original story resigned because of what he did? Well, it happened!

And then you have people trying to cash in on this mess. Like a depiction of George Zimmerman (the old, out-dated mugshot) done in Skittles. Like there was supposed to be some kind of deep irony there. It's rude & an artist trying to make a name for himself. And when Media covers junk like that, it perpetuates this whole deal into a deeper, faster downward spiral. For shame! For real!

Again, Zimmerman needs to be held accountable for his actions. If he needs psychiatric help, then I hope he gets it. Trayvon is no longer here & it is sad that he was taken at such a young age. But it was for being in a wrong place at a wrong time and with the wrong neighborhood watch guy.

But I am going to throw out there that Trayvon was still a teen. If he retaliated, we must remember that, even though we try to prep teens for adulthood, the good decision-making part of the brain shuts down until the 20's. He made a bad decision to attempt to [allegedly] fight back.

Those who are calling this a racist issue, you are being racist. For those who are in support of the conceal & carry thing, a life was taken. For the Media who perpetuates the wrong image of this case, stop it!

Now then, Zimmerman is in custody. But because of the insanity created in these protests, he may not get a fair trial. You know what that means? It means it will be dismissed & he will be let out & will have to deal with hateful people trying to track him down to make sure he gets crucified.

Everyone is in a bad light in this. No one is/was innocent. We need to drop all of this race issue within this case as we have to try to mend relationships yet again...over something that had nothing to do with race.

On a side note: Our Latino suspect is being supported by right wing conservatives for this move. He's a registered Democrat. I hate that I know that, but it's a point worth making. Simmer on that for a while.

I will step off of my soapbox for now. I know this may have really aggravated many of you. But that's how it is. Sometimes the truth does hurt. I am not taking George's side. I am not taking Trayvon's side. I am taking the side of the justice system & will have high hopes that this brings crazy laws into the forefront to be taken care of.

Stay tuned...if you dare...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AM~Erica Knows Taxes Are Necessary (I Know How You Feel)

So anyway...

It's Tax Day. I covered some protest thoughts last year, but I want to get a bit more serious today.

When it has come out recently that the tax codes happens to be 3x the amount of words as all of Shakespeare's works combined. Um...there's over 900,000 words in Willy's combined works; you do the math. Cuz I hate math, but I know it's a whole lot. A ridiculous amount, as a matter of fact.

So, taxes are necessary for a lot of different things. We all should know that by now. But when it is that difficult to do your taxes, or to prep for taxes, or to set up withholdings, etc. & blah-blah-blah...that's crazy!

I do not advocate one political party over another since I'm pretty moderate (see my post on purple politics & it's follow up), so you know where this is coming from. Herman Cain had a good tax idea going of 9-9-9. Even though it sounds like Germany saying "NO" 3x, it's the right idea.

When there are states that tax you on your tax return...isn't that crazy? How about lottery winners who have taxes set up on gifts given? Really?? If you give a monetary gift to someone who is trying to buy a house (since that's usually part of that process), you can very easily get taxed on that "gift" you were trying to help someone out with. Are you ready to vomit yet?

I'm going to give you a new one, for those who don't know: Clergy (such as my hubby) is considered 'self employed' & gets taxed as such. The church they work for don't deal with their taxes, in part, but they have to try to set it up themselves. It's disgusting that the church can be tax-exempt on so many things, but the pastor is charged so much to the government. So much for separation of church & state. I guess it's another government "loop hole". I'm not going to say how much we owe...but it's disgusting & the government should be horribly ashamed of itself.

If there were a flat income tax charged to everyone, then it would be so much easier. A percentage (like 10% for example) of your paycheck goes to federal & then another percentage of THAT goes to state. States shouldn't need as much as federal, so that's why I bring up a percentage of a percentage. Then there's no extra money going out to check printing (although so many love it when their form of "yearly savings" comes back to them), processing fees for direct deposits, the amount that those getting money back are "loaned" (like the interest) know...the IRS is a big, giant mess!

What's more frustrating is that there are people who would argue against making things simpler. I've heard it! UGH!!

This is where the protests need to fall.'s so bad that people are retracting citizenship. I'm not kidding. Do you know why? For those who travel abroad, it's an even BIGGER pain to deal with "international monies".

The government is screwing itself over by being so over-wordy, over-codey & over-complicated. to drink my tea now...while wearing my big hat. So there!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AM~Erica Wonders Why Holy Week Gets Overlooked

So anyway...

It’s Holy Week. It’s a difficult journey to the cross so that we may celebrate Easter. Everyone just wants to celebrate Easter, but without dealing with the yucky, messy death part. But that part is so very necessary so that we may celebrate Easter.

I was reading a daily devotional this morning. The author, who is also a pastor, pointed out that there is no issue with so many people filling pews for Easter, but it is the dark & ugly side that churches commemorate with services that are so much less attended. Maundy Thursday & Good Friday are only 2 days out of all of Holy Week…and they are so important. Few want to face that part of it. Instead, they feel like they have to be at church on only Easter Sunday morning, hoping to find some eggs, eat candy & wear pretty clothes without the full understanding & witness of how & why we really got to that celebratory point.

I am a full believer in having the full gamut of Holy Week services. No combining. Jesus went thru all of these things & it was much harder for him. Just take a good look at ‘The Passion of the Christ’ to get that idea. We can take 2 nights out of our week to remember what else Jesus went thru for us.

When churches start combining or leaving things out because people don't come, we become a Church of Convenience &/or the Church of Warm Fuzzy Feelings (which is a whole other soapbox). Well, guess what, folks...there is nothing warm & fuzzy about Holy Week & there was absolutely nothing convenient for Jesus to give up his life for every one of us. Yet so many hide from this fact & become like Peter...denying Jesus & what he was going thru.

People, if you are willing to take part in the Lenten season by giving something up, then take an hour out of your Thursday & out of your Friday to understand why we change our lives for Christ thru this time. Then you can truly celebrate Easter with the understanding it deserves.

Do you have guts to do it...the heart? How's this...I DARE YOU! The WHOLE experience.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica