Thursday, January 10, 2013

AM~Erica Should be Shamed

So anyway...

I know I brought up about TRENDS THAT SHOULD GO AWAY...but...I came across another one that I haven't really had a chance to get in on. Well, I take that back...I'm sure I've had plenty of chances, it was just more apparent today.

There was a thing that became more apparent last year that started with kid shaming. Remember that? It started as a punishment from parents to stand outside with a sign letting everyone else know what they did wrong to "teach them a lesson". Then it hit social media, of course, with this right here:

Oh then became much bigger than just the neighborhood knowing. And it was a controversial parenting method.

Then...much like the planking-to-owling trend...kid shaming transitioned into pet shaming...well, mostly dog shaming:

There probably isn't a lot of cat shaming happened, cuz...well, you know...the cat might kill you in your sleep.

But it didn't stop there...there was a new shaming in town...
Maybe you've seen or heard of it? That would be "Mom(my) Shaming"!

One of my favorite mommy blogs & Facebook pages, The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva, has glamorized it like reality TV glamorizes "real life"...but in a much more lighthearted way.

What makes it better? It's MAMAS SHAMING THEMSELVES!

So...back to my part I've taken in the trend...
Today, this happened:

Sign reads "The family is going to enjoy some Thanksgiving & Christmas cookies...
from precut store-bought dough shapes...that I had my daughter bake...on January 10th..."


There is actually more shaming than just that, too:

I. I have on no makeup

2. I have nothing going on with or in my hair...except for my hurs gettin' all did...yesterday

Q. I made my daughter take the pic


Al a "Puss in Boots" (in "Shrek the Halls")...I have shamed myself.

Time to go eat some Santa & turkey cookies...since they're done now, and all. Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas! *face palm*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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