Thursday, April 25, 2013

AM~Erica Will be Watching the NFL Draft: the DVR'd Special

So anyway...


Today is a big day.

Today is a big day for KC.

Today is the 1st round of the annual NFL Draft.

Today...Kansas City Chiefs have the #1 pick overall in that draft. FINALLY!

And, as my entire day has been turning upside-down &'s taken me hours to get to this part in this post. And we are just under an hour until the draft begins...

Now isn't going down as hoped...

It's about being a parent. Being a parent can throw some wrinkles into timing of things. Sometimes it thwarts our original plans all together. You know...kind of like MISSING COMIC-CON to be a parental unit instead.

Well...I am missing (again) meeting my kicker. That's right... Ryan Succop is the player I root for. Ever since the 2009 draft.

A. He was crowned that year's draft's "Mr. Irrelevant" (aka - the last player chosen); went to KC

2. He's a kicker

III. His last name is pronounced "suck-up"

Everything was against this poor guy. So I took it upon myself to be his fan. Someone needed to be rooting for him...and I decided it would be me. And this is while we were living in St. Louis. He may have been crowned "Mr. Irrelevant", but I crowned him as my very own Chiefs' player.

Well...he was making a couple of quick appearances at a couple of draft parties in town. Because of being a mommy on kiddo time...going to either of these was now out of play (sorry for the pun)

I barely missed him when we checked out Chiefs' training camp last year. I was so close to get my pic with my very own Succop jersey...but it was the one day in the entire drought-like conditions that sent a storm a-brewin'...and the quick evacuation of the players before I could get to him. *sigh* figures.

Hard to see...but it's my #6 Succop jersey

Then...who schedules things around here during a BIG drafting moment? about Lil Guy's very last football make up practice (irony?) & a meeting hubby had to be at. Go figure.

Yes...DURING the draft. What is wrong with this pic??? So much...that's what.

However...we are in an age where we can record, via DVR, and watch the event later. But I'm super bummed that we couldn't get to a party, or just watch live...or take in big festivities. Cuz it's an exciting time in KC right now, yo.

This week has had me in many different places:

1. A fine-dining/antioxidant-fortified Jesus water outing at OUR LOVE LOCK SPOT with great company

II. A poetry & music filled concert at the Kauffman Center, called Verses & Voices

C. Took in a night of the Young Playwright Festival at the Coterie Theater at Crown Center - in which Teen Girl is PART OF THE ROUND TABLE

#. I will be helping with costumes for Teen Girl's play next week

As you can see: I am having a very cultured week. I think my pinky finger may be permanently raised with so much culture taken in. I really NEEDED this sporting event!

Don't get me wrong...I love the cultured stuffs! LOVE IT!!! But there's gotta be some balance for me...

If you weren't aware, or might have forgotten, I REALLY LOVE FOOTBALL. Especially my Chiefs. It's totally my hubby's fault, too.

But we will have to enjoy this as a delayed special. And not until my hubby is home from his meeting.

And now as I start this part of the post, the draft has been going for 30 minutes. And we must wait...

But it didn't stop me from dressing the part.

I will always show my support!

Even the Royals (who are doing very well so far) even pulled off an unbeliveable extra inning win in celebration of the great things in Kansas City! Amm-i-rite?

2013 is a good year for sports in KC. We can feel it!!


So it looks like we will get to start watching the NFL Draft: DVR Special in about 1 hour delay. You know...for censorship...and stuffs. Amm-i-rite? *shrugs*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

**** Oh...and because of kiddos getting cleaned up for the may be on an hour-&-a-half delay. Go figure in the Parenthood...*sigh* Tick-Tick...

***** OK...maybe only 1 hour & 15 minutes. Whatever...still behind. But gonna watch...GONNA WATCH!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

AM~Erica's Day of Celebration Crammed into Under 5 Hours

So anyway...

Yesterday was an important day! IMPORTANT! Hubby & I celebrated our 17th anniversary of being married!
*GLITTER CANNON* happen to fall on a Friday! This was really good for us since hubby takes Fridays off anyway. We tried to figure out our plans for the day...but there were a lot of really good options, so it was hard to make up our minds. Well that...and the kids were still going to be coming home from school at some point. So we would have to make the most of the little bit of time we had. Amm-i-rite?

So after figuring out timing of things amongst our options, this is what we decided upon to celebrate our day:

1. We wanted to go out for dinner, but we had some timing & scheduling issues up in the we decided to close our eyes & pretend that lunch was our fancy dinner. Hey! As gotta make whatever work. So we went to "our spot". Remember? It's the place we found; WE LIKED IT & PUT A LOCK ON IT! So we went and ate a delightful meal (I'm clamoring for more, actually), plus we got there early enough to get a great window seat! It. Was. AWESOME!

And even though the daytime pics didn't turn out so grand (probably because I was shaking from the cold outside...go figure), I grabbed a quick pic of our love lock still in place.

Our SHMILY Love Lock at Cafe' Verona on the Square - 4/19/2013

2. Since we have embarked into the journey of discovering & enjoying some antioxidant-fortified Jesus water, we made the decision to check out a particular winery in the area. We made a small trek to the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO.

They have free wine tastings of their 6 varieties of antioxidant-fortified Jesus water, so we tried it out as we got some interesting history about the location.

The winery is what used to be the Odd Fellows Home. It's a multi-building complex, but the winery is out of the orphanage building. Not only is there the winery bar, but you can walk around to take in some rich history, you can hold events there...and even weddings on the beautiful front lawn.

However, the 2nd & 3rd main buildings are not in use...but...the 2nd was a nursing home (and asylum, maybe), and the 3rd was a hospital. All run by the Odd Fellows as their charity portion to society.

And for those wondering, no...we didn't encounter any, but there are apparently ghost sighting outings that do happen there, too. They even hold ghost-sighting outings called "Booze & Boos". There's even a tshirt they sell saying "I came for the Spirits. " (haha - clever) As a matter of fact, the show "Ghost Hunters" went and filmed there in February & will have an hour-long episode near the end of June. Teen Girl is dying to do one of these ghost sightings! Not me so I'll wait for the Ghost Hunters episode. Mmmm-k?

Hubby in front of the Odd Fellows Home.
I realize it seems ironic...but just got a great pic from our visit.

Well, after sampling (I promise that we literally had about a sip) of each of the 6 varieties, we decided to purchase a white variety AND a red variety for our inventory & as an anniversary gift to ourselves! And after making our selections, they allowed us to take in one floor of the orphanage & then we could get our bottles.

Our anniversary Belvoir selections:
Casanova Semi-Dry Red Wine
Plumeria Semi-Dry White Wine

We really enjoyed it & learned there are more wineries in the area to take in! We have visiting to do...

By the time we had gotten our lunch in as well as our winery outing, we needed to get stuffs. Plus we were trying to figure out if Lil Guy would be having football practice or not. That's what was throwing off our dinner plans. And it appeared practice was

The family enjoyed our anniversary dinner of finger foods: BBQ wings, tortilla chips & nacho cheese, big soft pretzels...and some pizza rolls for the boys. Yeah...super classy like that! Then it was off to a very cold football practice!

Hubby & I decided to finish the night we decided on coffee & dessert out. So...we warmed up a bit & got ourselves to go to Starbuck's. But, with the coldness feeling like a mid-to-late October evening, we both got Carmel Apple Spice ( cider) and a slice of Pumpkin Bread. *HAPPINESS*

We got our "us time", but as parents, had to work in a whole day's worth of celebrating into what was less than 5 hours. But we will take it! However we can get it!

And, after 17 years, we make the most of the little times. We've learned that over the years. Parenthood runs rampant in our we make the most of the rest of the time. And we will find small-yet-romantic ways to keep things in our relationship alive & fresh!

So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my hubby & me! HE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING. And my life's soul mate! I still don't know how I got him...but God had big plans for us...and I am so thankful & blessed!

1996 & 2013
Lookin' Good!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Thursday, April 18, 2013

AM~Erica is Even More Coffee Snobbier Than Expected

So anyway...

It really shouldn't be a shock that I LOVE MY COFFEE. I do.

I have also (re)discovered the zen of hot tea. Milk with sugar &/or honey in a cup of...
Seriously. Channeling my inner Piccard & I make it so.

And even though I have gotten into this new ritual of AM Coffee & PM Tea...I will still drink coffee if it's offered at pretty much any point of the day. Seriously.

With the new-found status hubby & I have found in OUR COFFEE-SNOBBERY, we tend to get picky about the java we consume. Since we have found our favorite coffee bean from a particular coffee shop, and we grind our own while using filtered water to put into coffee filtering resevoir of the coffee pot to be put thru the coffee filter with the grounds...yeah. We are probably a little ridiculous....but whatever. It's not like we are growing our own beans! ...yet...

It really is so bad, that we can totally taste the difference in good & *ahem* not-so-good coffee that we get at other places. We are a little pathetic. But we can't help it.

Since we are advocates of hometown stuff, too...we are always more than willing to support a local place. Even though our favorite beans & favorite coffee shop are a chain...we still give locals a fair shake. So the hubby was given a sampling of grounds from a local place. He was at a meeting where he got the chance to get a tiny package of coffee grounds from The Roasterie. If you've been thru KC in the last few months, it's the really cool building with an old airplane looking like it's taking off from the rooftop! Yeah...that one. And one of the presenters had  these packets of a specialized blend from The Roasterie. Well, hubby wanted to use the sample (plus the extra one he acquired from someone who doesn't drink coffee), so I made the coffee this morning. As I figured it...and according to the vague directions on one of the little packages...I really needed both sample packs to make a full pot.

Well...tried it. I haven't heard hubby's assessment of it yet...but...
It's proof of how spoiled we are with our chosen beans that we love. Meh & Bleh.

No kidding...I'm having trouble getting it down. I've even added extra milk AND foo-foo creamers. And it helps...but still...

Maybe a different blend would be better. I've heard really good things about the coffee from The Roasterie...but this was not one of the better ones. I'm glad we didn't get anymore of this type. But maybe some success in shop with a fresh brew would help. But...

I'm ready for my freshly ground Sumatra beans from Gloria Jean's. Seriously. Oh...AND THEY KNOW ME THERE ANYWAY.

Geez! How big of a coffee snob am I anyway? *face palm*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Hubby wasn't fond of it either. Thought it didn't have enough flavor, but could stomach it since he has to switch to non-snobby coffee from time-to-time. Thought I'd share his critique of our brew switch. Time to go back!

Monday, April 15, 2013

AM~Erica Will Drink Tea in Protest

So anyway...

In the U.S., today is THAT day. It's April 15th, y'all. You know...Tax Day. (in case you forgot)'s my assumption that most folks who are getting some of their moolah back from the government have already filed their taxes way before today. Amm-i-rite?

It's also my assumption that those who owe to the government at this point may have waited to today to finish up &/or file their taxes. Amm-i-rite?

Today is the tax deadline. It's a day of stress. I've also heard that April 16th is also known as "Stress Awareness Day." Go figure.

Last year, I TALKED ABOUT TAX DAY. I brought up the ridiculousness we have to deal with to get taxes done. Even worse? H&R Block has had commercials priding themselves in taking on the most difficult tax situations & how they've read the 9000-some pages of tax codes. That's what you call complicated, people! I mean...really.

In a world where we are trying to simplify things again, the government & IRS are trying way too hard to have job security. Trying so hard, in my opinion, that it has made itself quite corrupt. When the IRS seems to follow its own rules & throws a lot of law out the window...that tells you something.

The IRS does hire a lot of people, don't get me wrong. But...BUT...have you seen or ever really dealt with the masses who are dealing with your money & information? It's frightening. I'm terrified by the lowered standards that the IRS makes OK to hire. I wish I were kidding.

Also...the IRS spends a lot of our tax dollars to send out bogus letters. Did you know that? Auto generated letters & notices that are pulled from old information or nothing at all. Not only is it  bad on the's bad on the environment as they continue to kill trees as we approach EARTH DAY COMING. *face palm*

Now, politically, I am in between the crazy. I'm not red...I'm not blue; I am in the purple area. So, as I lay this out, don't accuse me of being a koolaid guzzler....especially by any of you koolaid guzzlers (and I know who you are). I have talked about, and will continue to, making the tax system simpler. I'm talking flat-taxes, people. Think about it: (for example) 10% to federal out of every check; 7% to state out of every check; 3% to local out of every check. Just to keep it even in the example. Again, the rich will still be paying more than the poor, but the ratio would be the very same. This amount would automatically be pulled out of unemployment & welfare, too. It's much along the same lines that Herm Cain brought up in his short try for the presidency: the 9-9-9 taxing. Duh! Could be just that simple...

This gets rid of ridiculous tax codes, it makes things much simpler, no stress over the forms, better for the environment, better for overall stress...
Get the idea?

And if you are using the government as your yearly savings plan...think about how that sounds for a moment. Maybe you should open a CD to get interest on your savings, or put it in a savings account. Trust might actually be better than trying to appear to be a better citizen by "paying more taxes" that you might get back after filling out 5 billion forms...probably more than once. Amm-i-rite?

In the meantime, we continue to protest in our own ways...cuz we still gotta pay taxes. So, have a tea party to protest. Again...not talking about the new republican-based party. They started with this premise...less taxes/lower taxes. However, it's produced some of the most radical characters yet. Yes...characters. But I'm talking the old-school Boston Tea Party concept. If you remember, I BROUGHT UP SUGGESTIONS BEFORE.

So, I think I'll wear a hat, drink some tea, and take in some of the freebies & discounts being offered today. Of course...after I have finished consuming my coffee...

How about you?


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


UPDATE: The above post was from this morning. This afternoon, the horrific story & images have come out of Boston at the historic marathon finish line. Explosions going off down the street near the finish line is unreal & awful! And possibly a couple more found that did not go off? I would hope this is not a protest for Tax Day. It is ugly & uncalled for.

Pray for these people! Many had this on their bucket list & may not have gotten to finish. Many come from all over the world to run in this particular marathon. Those who did finish & was such a great feat now have had it turned upside down.

As of this update, 2 confirmed dead & 23 wounded. So sad. I'm in shock.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AM~Erica Believes if They Can Dance it...Then You Can

So anyway...

Most folks know, but some may not, that I have been a dancer most of my life. doesn't involve metal poles or dollar bills. I'm talking tutus & tap shoes! And in the last few years, it's evolved into something else...more of a ministry.

I don't dance as much as I used to, but I do like to choreograph for church settings more now. I have reached out to get kids & adults moving in the last few years...and I've actually had to use layman's terms. Many of my dance folk would be disappointed to know that I've forgotten most of my correct terminology for steps...but I'm getting people to find movement to praise! That's amazing to me!

Now...I try to recruit folks, too. But I get a whole lot of, " don't want me do dance." Then it's followed by some vague or lame excuse. So...I share this story with them:


Back in 1995, I was asked to return to my high school to be the choreographer for the chosen musical that year, "Pippin"! And for those quite familiar with the story...don't worry, it was made appropriate for high schoolers to do.

Now then...thru the audition process, I got to look at everyone doing the dance moves I gave them & got to select my own dancers if they weren't already chosen for a major role. So that was really awesome! But then I got word that I would have some extra choreography to do. That was not an issue for me & so I excitedly agreed. And then I was told this:

"Well, you should know that who we have selected to be Pippin is a bit uncoordinated."~ OK...that's fine. I can work with that...
"Oh...and the one we've chosen to be the Lead Player is...legally blind."~ Um...O....K...

So, I had some work cut out for me, it appeared. But we worked really hard & got thru it! And I was so proud of my new dancers! Then, at the glorified dress know, the "show" before opening night...which was also "family night", I sat behind the mother of the Lead Player. I couldn't wait to watch her reaction! But it wasn't what I thought it was going to be...
See...the guy playing Lead Player conveniently left out the fact that he was going to be dancing when talking about the show to his mom! She burst into tears...and she turned around hastily & weepy to me & said, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME HE WAS DANCING?" At that moment, I burst into tears & said, "I thought you knew!"

That's my story I tell possible recruits. Because if those guys could do it...YOU CAN TOO!!


I put that out there since it has to do with what I saw last night...

Believe it or not, I am not a fan of 'Dancing With the Stars'. I don't have the draw to it like many do. And people are shocked when I tell them that. I am a fan of 'So You Think You Can Dance'! That's a show of pushing skilled dancers...and that's what I love to watch! I have gotten so much inspiration from that show...especially in my liturgical dance ministry! Seriously!
However...due to some weird things with our TV last night...I just didn't know what I'd end up watching at that point & ended up switching over to DWTS, reluctantly. However...I came across this right here:

Chills. Tears. Amazement. One of the most beautiful things I have ever watched. Seriously.

 It also reminded me, not only of my own choreography experience, but also when this showed up a couple of years ago on SYTYCD:

More chills? More tears? More amazement? I would hope so! Because this is so incredible! you see a pattern here? If you have the passion to share this gift...then DO IT!

Moving into what I do as my calling, I began the Faith Movers Liturgical Dance Ministry. It began when we lived in St. Louis. The Faith Movers StL is still going under the direction of my very good friend, Crazy Mar! We have had dancers as young as age 8 all the way up to around 70! read that correctly. Usually a lot of youth (grades 6-12), but it did expand into regularly having ages 30's-50's. And I loved bragging about my 68-year-olds (yes, plural) who would join right in! There is video of all of us wandering around on YouTube somewhere. When I find them, I will update this post so you can see what is possible!

 *** UPDATE *** 

Here is the video of Faith Movers StL doing Baba Yetu for Pentecost 2010 (ages 12-68 at the time):


***               ***

Now that we are back in KC, it's been slow to get the Faith Movers ministry really going. But I have a small committed few. And I am hoping to build on it! I do get really frustrated when I get the same excuses as listed earlier in this post. Then I share my story. But my newest excuse was about "being too old". of my steady dancers, currently, just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary recently. Think on that one! I did get to pull in a few extras for what was supposed to be kind of a flash-mobby deal...but it was like a surprise small group since I had several back out at the very last minute.'s what Faith Movers of KC did for Easter morning:

I have heard that it has gotten some others charged up! I hope so! I would love to continue to grow this special ministry.

 And...if you've paid attention to any part of this post...well... ...if they can do it...YOU can do it!

Stay tuned... 

God Bless, AM~Erica

Monday, April 8, 2013

AM~Erica Gets Tidal Wave of Butterfly Moments

So anyway...

Thru this past weekend, even though I DIDN'T GET TO COMICON (actual reason given right HERE) as hoped, I did get flagged down with something else...well...someone else.

With some of the things that I've noticed, it hit me that it's been 6 months since MY FRIEND PASSED AWAY. I had shared a couple of the stories in the previous post about it would be hard pressed for a couple of these other things to be popping up like this...

It began back in February. As I watched the Super Bowl & the commercials, imagine my surprise when this Budweiser commercial came on:

I know this one got to a lot of people. It's so sweet! But I just wept...this very song, even Stevie Nicks singing it, was played at Renee's funeral. So to have it turn up during the Super Bowl was such a shock! It was a bittersweet moment. It really was.

Football with Renee: Tailgating work party. 
My SIL was the Chiefs player...Renee & I did "The Perfect Cheer".

Lately, they've picked up the frequency of the commercial on TV...and I weep or get choked up every time. Seriously. Every. Single. Time.

When I got word that she passed away, I was talking with her sweet mom...and she asked me if there was any music that maybe should be played at the funeral. I was in such shock, I cannot even believe that the song "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks popped right into my head! I don't listen to that song very often. I don't have it on any playlists. It was divine intervention...I know it! Renee would always wear these flowy tops & she'd run over to me to sing & sway like Stevie Nicks...her arms out to the side like wings so we could marvel at the flow of the blouse.
And I have gone back to listen to the lyrics of that song often since then. They were actually very fitting for her. Looking for love and acceptance no matter what was happening. Things in the world would change...and she would put herself out there. She was loved...but not always accepted by some that she really wanted that acceptance from. And that song popped into my head to have her mom play. And I've heard it more since then. Go figure.


And then...when I go by the mall lately, I can hear her laugh. Some of you who knew her know what I'm talking about: her loud, girly, giggly laugh. I started thinking about at what point I would hear it...then it hit me...there's a store that sells these big, wild, blingy purses. If you are in my area & know the's the one right by the smelly stores (i.e. Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle). I know she wants me to buy one. But I'm not. It's not my style...but I will love to hear her laughing when I walk by that store. Because I miss it.


Teen Girl's in a play coming up. And we were talking about it at the family get-together the other day. Somehow it came up about Stevie Nicks...since the theatre teacher idolizes Stevie Nicks. And it brought that song rushing right back...


And then...I was chatting with my very dear friend, Princess Jules, last night. We got talking about cakes...and she brought up something that floored me! She talked about her chocolate turd cake. She was worried I would be so grossed out by the sound of it...but...I was glad I was sitting down, or I might have hit the floor. You see...Renee was probably the only person to ever get me to eat something called a "turd". It was a Belgian chocolate truffle, and she had a crate of them at her desk. So...seeing more of the commercial with the song, hearing her giggle as I pass big & blingy purses, then...there was this. That's what put her absolute presence over-the-top...and she used a very trusted friend to convince me to eat a chocolate turd.


It causes me to reflect back on my short time on Earth with my friend. And cannot believe it's been 6 months since I last talked to her AND her passing. It's been 6 months, and there are still so many reminders. They really did build up a lot within a couple of days, too. I mentioned it on Facebook last night. Another dear friend said that she lost her mother about a year & a half ago...and still sees reminders all of the time. She called them "Butterfly Moments". I couldn't properly put out there how much that meant. Especially after my connection to butterflies anyway...and the BUTTERFLY CONNECTION TO MY GRANDMOTHER.

I took a moment & thought about this: I wore a butterfly maxi dress to Renee's funeral. And, over the weekend, and as I looked down at the moment, I was wearing this:

This is a stretchy ring I found at Kohl's, on clearance, that I thought would be perfect to wear for Easter...which I did. But I was drawn to wear it thru this past weekend, too. And I ended up having several "Butterfly Moments".

I am so moved by all of this. I am so overwhelmed by the rush of memories that have been coming at me in waves. The tide was certainly high this weekend.

Truly, I am thankful that such a beautiful spirit was in my life. Even for such a short time. I miss her. But love the memories that remain.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Sunday, April 7, 2013

You May Refer to AM~Erica as Your Highness

So anyway...

Believe it or not, I am not one who puts it out there whenever it's my birthday. There is usually too many other things going on right at the same time, our time gets taken being pulled in several directions. So, I just put it off as another day.

I usually don't have it broadcast of Facebook either. But I got Facebook's new timeline setup & think it triggered the re-broadcasting of my birthday. Because...imagine my surprise when I kept getting very sweet well wishes...especially by folks who wouldn't know it was my birthday unless you REALLY knew me! As I got appeared that Facebook was, indeed, the blabber-mouth. But I was very blessed with so many well wishes...I could hardly keep up thru the day! Thank you, all!

Now, please realize this is absolutely NOT a post to pander for more birthday I said...I'm not that person. But I wanted to point this out instead:

Yesterday was Day 1 of Planet Comicon in KC. Originally, I GOT REALLY EXCITED ABOUT GOING & had fully hoped to take it in. I had certainly hoped to meet some sci-fi legendry. However, mommyhood set in...and it turns out that Teen Girl, who also wanted to go, had a choir contest smack-dab in the middle of the day. Figures. And then...Lil Guy got signed up for spring flag football...and found out that his 1st two games would be...oh yes, that's right...the same day. And? Smack-dab in the middle of the day! *sigh*

It appeared that Comicon would not be happening. And I really wanted Day 1 since George Takei & Wil Wheaton would both be there. I think Ray Park, too. *sigh* Figures. But mommyhood had to come first. So I put out a call to any of my friends going to do me a solid & keep bringing up a birthday party that these legendary icons (yes...I am considering Wil Wheaton a legendary icon at this point...he's made his mark) that would want to come to...and then "gently invite" (or possibly steal & throw in a trunk to force <<<=== haha - I said "force") into coming to have cake & possibly some antioxidant fortified Jesus water. That's all. Not much to ask at all! no avail. I heard the security was pretty tight...but the security could've come, too! And then...AND THEN??? I found out my "head geek", whom I put in charge of such mission, actually came into inadvertent contact with George Takei! Yeah...that's all cool & know. It's an entertaining story...that I had nothing to do with. Why? Cuz I was busy being a mommy!


However...being a wife & family did get me some pretty perfect cardage.

First, my kiddos gave me this envelope:

That's does say "Your Highness (:"! And yes...that would be me!

And then here was the card:



Now hubby thinks he's so adorable when he says that I look good for being 45 (or sometimes up to 54). And he's being so ornery since I'm no where near any of those ages! He likes to tell people what a cougar I am...even though he is older than me. I usually say that I'm always 24! And I really like to remind him that I'm totally the trophy wife! DUH! And yes...we really do have this conversation from time-to-time.

With that's the card front I got from my hubby:

Greatest Card Ever! My hubby really does like to golf (even though he hasn't been in a while). I really do dance & have gotten trophies that look very much like the one in the pic. This was so crazy perfect...I can't stop giggling!

I did go out to eat at one of my fave places (got me my Spinada Enchilada at Jose Peppers) & see family, had gifts. It was a good day. Just crazy. Cuz I'm more in the mom role...and it strangely still felt like just another day. Weird? It's my off-kilter brainy-brain.

And today...the kiddos have more stuff going. Just the crazy busy weekend that everyone decided to schedule everything for this weekend. I can't tell you how many things we actually had to turn down! to get George & Wil here for cake & tea...or antioxidant fortified Jesus water...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Friday, April 5, 2013

AM~Erica Seems Stuck on Shell Mountain

So anyway...

This is going to be another one of those posts where I'm just venting my feelings. Not one I will openly share on social media, but if you have come across this warned.

In the last POST LIKE THIS ONE, I really had my heart torn out of my chest. Or it felt that way. I am back in that place. It sucks.

Part of it is hormonal right now...and lots of migraines. Weather changes & stress are all mixed in that ugly, poisonous cocktail. And I get grumpy. I say things I shouldn't. But this time around really got me down.

In the last few days, the same words keep ringing in my ears & resonating throughout my head:

"...not that it matters...but..."

And it's weird cuz I can totally hear it in the voice, too. The voice of Shell Mountain: Morla, the Ancient One. Remember her? The incredibly large, fantastical tortise from "Never Ending Story"?

Yeah...her. And that's what I feel like right now. A gloomy, grumpy turtle with answers that probably no one will listen to. The one mistaken for a landmark until it's too late. The one who dwells in the Swamp of Sadness. Yeah...describes me right now. And about the same level of care.

And I feel myself sinking into the swamps. Not that it matters...


You remember the sad moment when Atreyu is trying to get Artax out of the sadness after that? Remember when the swamp consumes him anyway? Yeah...that. But I'm still trucking on like the sadness as I trudge along in the mud of the emotion...with the sad synthesizer music in the background...



And I hope to shake the feeling of this swamp soon. Before I'm consumed by more than just the swamp...but consumed by the Nothing.

With the amount of disregard & disrespect I've gotten from most of the kids...and just kicked to the side...yeah...this is where I'm at. And it all hits at once.

So for now...I will deal with this emotion & what the migraines do to me...

...not that it matters...but...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica