Friday, November 2, 2007

AM~Erica Countdown to Craziness...

So anyway...

My job is going well! And the Halloween party was fun! I have no idea who won the teacher costume contest, but it obviously wasn't me. Oh well, I know how to plan for next the parents of the kids! Apparently, that's who vote. It was fun creeping some people out anyway.

Then, off to dress as Her Royal Highness, The Queen of Manchster for Sir Ethan's medeival birthday party, and sister, Liz, as the Royal Court Jester, "Candy". My mom made the most amazing castle cake, too!!

Oh! Here are the invite pics I promised, too! We put info on both sides of half a sheet of paper, tea/coffee stained it, then rolled them into scrolls:

Now, I must shift my focus (HA!) to all of the dancing..."Once Upon A Mattress" dance rehearsals begin on Monday; Hanging of the Green dance rehearsals begin 1-week from Sunday. I guess I should figure out the dances now, eh?

Oh, I must share the most amazing Halloween! Some of our friends from the church invited us to go to a family gathering & go trick-or-treating with them. We felt weird because we didn't want to intrude on "family time", but we didn't know what else to do in this new place, so we went...and it was like a magical scene out of a movie or TV show! The trees were just colored & a lot of leaves to step on & hear the crunch, the weather had just a chill in the air, neighbors were getting together for bonfires in yards, people handing out candy asked the kids to tell a joke first (apprarently it's a thing around here), and there were children in costumes EVERYWHERE!! It was amazing! Christian got the hang of it after about 2 houses. Oone of our friends' kids, Abby, came as a Candy Corn Witch (which her mother made), and the other, Audrey, wore a black dress, pearls, had a black updo wig, golves & carried a "Tiffany's" sack for her candy...yep, she was Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". They were awesome, too!

Here's a pic of our kids & "me" (really, it's Trish Barnett - a homemaker visiting from Stepford, CT).

There's also Sir Ethan of the Round Table, Liz as Princess Winnefred from "Once Upon A Mattress", and Christian as a monkey (we also lead him around with his monkey backpack/leash, so there was a little monkey on his back). Aren't they adorable?

Whew! Things are insane!

Stay tuned as things progress...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. ooooooooooo! a post with pictures!!! wahoo! looks like a good time and those invites look mighty crafty to me!

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