Monday, July 4, 2011

AM~Erica's Holiday Greeting Smack-Down

So anyway...

Today, as I look at the calendar, is July 4, 2011. If I am correct, this is a day that an important holiday falls on in American history & culture. But, wait a minute, what is it called again? Oh yes...INDEPENDENCE DAY!

I am trying to figure out what other holiday we celebrate where we call it by the day/date:

Happy 1st of Janurary!

Happy 14th of February!

Happy 17th of March!

Happy 5th of May!

Happy 3rd Sunday of May!

Happy 4th Monday of May!

Happy 3rd Sunday of June!

Happy 1st Monday of September!

Happy 31st of October!

Happy 25th of December!

As you are reading through these, do they sound ridiculous to say? Of course they do! Because we wish the actual holiday name to others in our greetings on each of those days! OK, so the closest on is 5th of May, but we do actually say "Cinco de Mayo" to use for it.

And when it is our birthday, or someone else's, do we wish them "Happy [date]"? NO! We tell them "Happy Birthday"! We just celebrated my brother's birthday on July 2nd. We are certainly NOT going to tell him, "Hey! Happy 2nd of July, Dan! Have fun!"

So think about this as we celebrate today wishing our great nation "Happy Birthday" and greeting each other with "Happy INDEPENDENCE Day".

Just something to think about as you greet each other for cookouts & fireworks...and whatever else it is that you all have planned. And remember we get to celebrate our independence because of our soldiers & troops, through the years, who have helped to keep it that way. Thank a soldier & vet that we get to celebrate today! (Because we CERTAINLY don't wish them "Happy 11th of November".)

Have a wonderful, fun-filled, safe & thankful INDEPENDENCE DAY, everyone!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. In Canada we have a holiday we like to call "May Two-Four" which is actually May 24th, or "Firecracker Day" or, if you read our calendar, "Victoria Day". We all get the day off to honour a long dead queen (Victoria) and to celebrate the birthday of the now living queen (Elizabeth) who will probably be dead soon. We don't call it "Victoria Day" because we don't give a flip for the queen. We say "Happy May Two-Four" to remind each other it's the first long weekend for cottaging! Yay! Don't forget to buy your 24-case of beer before the liquor store closes!