Monday, October 8, 2012

AM~Erica Celebrates the Fall of Isaac

So anyway...

The midwest had a brutal summer. We are technically still in a drought & desperately behind in moisture. And it has been so dry that the colors of autumn were being threatened.

That's where I draw the line, buddy!

I have brought up before how much I LOVE FALL. I can't say it enough. Ever. So the thought of having one of my favorite parts taken away is totally unacceptable.

There were so many people watering their lawns, and then there were limits set on that from different cities around the KC metro (and other areas) due to supply & demand. And we were trying so hard get our apples going.

Then there was a weather event at the end of July that looked to be changing things: Hurricane Isaac.

Now, don't get me wrong...Isaac was a meany-head when he got done swimming in the ocean. He did quite a bit of damage in the NOLA area (New Orleans). However, he worked on his journey northward...and sauntered into the midwest. The south was not so hospitable to their hostile guest...and that is understandable. The south needed Isaac to leave! But having him chill out & mosey on into our territory worked out really well. He behaved by the time he got here. He cooled down the 100 degree air & stayed for a good, long visit. I think I figured it was a calm, peaceful & delightful 31-hour stay.

We left the doors open to enjoy Isaac's visit. We rejoiced in the fact that we were catching up on major moisture we so desperately needed. I'm sure Isaac is very sorry for the tantrum he threw down south. But we enjoyed his visit here. He really helped us out! And we truly enjoyed him coming.

After that, the rest of August was much calmer. What should have been the "dog days of summer" being so hot & awful, it became much more mild than expected. But we were concerned about the damage that had already set in. There were leaves changing color & singeing even in July. We also believed that autumn would be much more muted in hues due to the drought.

As the new season of autumn came upon us, the weather became just as it needed to be. I have been loving wearing my scarves, boots, leg warmers & sweaters. And, also, my hubby & I have been noticing a change in color of the leaves. The hues seem to be deep, rich, and much more vibrant than the color was believed to be.

This. Makes. Me. Happy.

We owe Isaac so much. He's given our area the gift of a beautiful fall. We are still behind in ground liquid, but Isaac did more than you could possibly imagine. Hurricanes & their damage make me sad. Isaac learned his lesson by the time he got here & used his powers for good.

So we celebrate this "Fall of Isaac"! I'm sure many will join us in our sentiment.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Due to me not having my camera during most of October, I didn't get a lot of the beautiful color that came from the autumn leaves. However, we do have a little still in November. This is due to the long visit we had from Isaac back in the summer, as of today, November 7th, 2012:

Beautiful, right? Thanks, again, Isaac!

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