Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AM~Erica's Grown Up Christmas Wish

So anyway...

The tree is up & decorated...OK, actually 3 are up & 2 are decorated. The stockings are hung, there's been some snow around already, the holiday music has been blaring for longer than most would like, and many are attending Christmas events, as well as buying & wrapping presents for under the tree. And, for many of us, our Nativity Scene is in a prominent place.

It appears that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wouldn't you agree?

I have been taking the last several early mornings & late nights just admiring the tree in our living room. It's a 9 foot tree that has white lights, colored lights, and a few of them slightly twinkle. There's a small handful ornaments left from the first tree my hubby & I had together, along with a collection of newer ones from pretty much each year. There's bows & candy canes, there's bells & poinsettias. Father Christmas, our very first & still favorite tree topper, holds some of the colored lights in his hands as he pulls them from his red velvet bag; sheer white ribbon spirals from the top to the bottom of the tree with a swirly snowflake pattern. It all sparkles, shines & glitters as the ornaments reflect the different light effects dazzling from them. The shiny paper & ribbons of the gifts under the tree catch the soft glimmer, too. It's an amazing sight.

Even though our tree is artificial, it still smells like a Christmas Forest in here. Being in Colorado, for a week over the summer, changed us. It just did. But can you blame us?

Our view from the balcony of our Colorado townhouse we stayed in
...it was our glorious view every single morning

And we made the decision to enjoy our artificial tree, but wanted the scent to waft thru the house, too. We have a Glade plug-in with the holiday scent of Sparkling Spruce. Very fitting for our tree, I must say. So just taking in the scent & the sights in the calm, peaceful & still moments (there are a few) of the early morning & later evening is so blissful.


Several weeks ago, I found a pair of shoes that I had been shunning for a very long time. I'm not sure what it was about fuzzy moccasins that repelled me so much, but they just did. I had seen that they have been & would be a big trend, but I didn't get it. However, Teen Girl was wanting some so badly. Figures. So I saw some on sale, plus I had an extra discount...so...we went to get some for her. And as she was looking at them, giddily, and trying them on, I became more drawn to them. I joined her in trying some on...and that's all it took. I had to have a pair, too. With that, I have worn them nearly every day. Seriously.

But Wait! There's More!

As I was researching the pricing of these moccasins, I also saw some brightly colored ones. I couldn't seem to find them in store...but I know what size I wear in them now. And there was a pair in Chiefs' colors!!! Umm...of course I needed those. Amm-i-rite? So of course I ordered them! So I now have two delightful pairs of this comfy footwear! I highly recommend them. Seriously.


Several years ago, when the family took a trip to Springfield, MO, we visited the Bass Pro Shop there. I'd been before, but something about this trip stuck with me. What was it?
Was it the boats? No.
Was it the fashion sense? Um, no.
Was it the great prices? No.
Was it watching someone feeding the giant fish? Not necessarily.
Was it the wildlife museum? I don't think so.
Was it the food? Meh. Huh-uh.
Was it the hunting gear? Not a chance.
Was it the strategically placed taxidermy? Ye...uh...no way...
Was it the decor? Ah...now we are onto something...

It was the lodgey decorum of the Bass Pro in Springfield that made me want that cabin feel at home. And I began to search out how to work it. But I didn't want big, bulky chairs & antlers everywhere; instead, I wanted the feel of a lodgey inn, but more contemporary & elegant. We've made strides toward that look in our living room. It's evolved here & there, but it's our general basis.

Because of this, we are so drawn to the rich & bold pattern of the red & black buffalo check look, and we see some beautiful plaids that make us swoon. I purchased a bright red plaid throw at a fantastic auxiliary thrift store years ago...and it's been used so much. So when we see other blankets/throws, throw pillows, etc. with these plaids, we stop & admire the decor & decide if it's something we could use &/or should get.

Jump ahead to about a month ago...
During one of our routine Walmart shopping trips, my hubby & I came across one of the most beautiful throws we have ever seen! It was a rich red & black plaid. The plaid side was so super soft to the touch, it felt like a heavenly cloud (or what I might imagine that to feel like). The reverse side was a faux lamby, fleecey sherpa material that seemed so warm & cozy! Sadly, we couldn't get it in that visit...but maybe in a future one...

As the fall began to let winter into it's time frame, the thought of being curled up by a fire with one of those throws sounded good. And then we got some sicky peeps in the house...and, with hubby being one of them, was begging for one of the throws. So I went to get some medicine & a throw...but, with the wide array of patterns, I could not find the gorgeous plaid. Hubby said not to worry about it until we could find the one we wanted...

On a different outing, we excitedly went looking for our red plaid throw. But...no luck. We did find a really pretty green & blue plaid though. It was the only one! So we got it. And, in just a couple of days, everyone seemed to be fighting for its use! It's like being wrapped in a warm, heavenly cloud. So, we decided we needed another one...

As we went to find the original red plaid, or to find a match to the green plaid...there was no luck. Geez, these are getting harder to find! But...we found only one of a pattern so striking that we couldn't pass it up! It's a red, ivory & navy (with some gray) wintery, Nordic look. It's kind of fantastic. So we nabbed it!

Our sherpa throws: Nordic & Plaid
There are a lot of hideous patterns in these throws...but if you can get one...DO IT!!! They are disappearing very quickly!!


Folks, it's a beautiful Christmas-spirit moment to be able to have the lights turned down, a fire roaring in the fire place, watching the tree twinkle while smelling the Christmas Forest it could have come from, wearing fuzzy moccasins that are getting quickly worn out from the use, and wrapped in this delightful warmth of the sherpa throw. Even better when you have a hot drink in your mug (like coffee, hot chocolate or cider) with your hands cupped around it. Yep...that's the stuff, people!

So, my grown up Christmas wish is nothing like Steve Martin's (if you are familiar with his SNL skit about this).

Not a great video of it, but it's still his holiday wish. 
*has adult themes, yo*

But it would be more like wishing everyone could have an artificial tree with manufactured pine scent (so there's very little work involved), a pair of fuzzy moccasins for warm & comfy feet, and a sherpa throw to feel like you are cuddled up in warm cloud sent from Heaven. It's the winter combo of the angels, I tell ya!

And, just to make it more clear about the shoes & blanket:
I am appalled by the Snuggie. I cannot even fully put into words how much. However...if there was one done in the sherpa throw style...I would wear it out! Really. I would easily be a "People of Walmart" as I grocery shop in my sherpa Snuggie, flannel pajama pants, thermal shirt, and fuzzy moccasins. Oh yes...it wouldn't be attractive, but I'd be warmer & more comfy than most other shoppers. I'd probably be happier, too.

So, just to be very clear, I'm wishing you all:

*Peace on Earth & Goodwill
*Fake Tree with glimmer & Manufactured Pine Scent
*Fuzzy Moccasins & Sherpa Throws
           ...which leads to...
*Comfort & Joy

Glade Plug-in (see it?), sherpa throws & fuzzy moccasins...
...and an artificial Christmas tree

This is a pic of Comfort & Joy, people

Merry Christmas..and God Bless us...everyone!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica