Tuesday, August 19, 2014

AM~Erica Wants Ye Ta' Be Preparin'

So anyway...

Today is August 19th. The boys went back to school a week ago. The summer is winding down. Oh! And there's exactly one month until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


If you remember, it's one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! It's a little ridiculous, but I do love it. And if you are fairly new to this part of me, or want a reminder, check out my past TLAP celebrations HERE.

As I always try to look toward holidays to celebrate, I try to look far enough ahead to have an idea on what can be accomplished to sufficiently celebrate. Talk Like a Pirate Day is no different. It's one of the holidays I've always got ideas swirling in my head about!

Recently, I started running. (go back & find out about the journey so far HERE) As I sit here & think about it, I run as a means of celebration! The bling of medals, the fun of being covered in colors, getting to wear tutus & costutumes (yeah...I said "cosTUTUmes"), and I have also discovered the fun you can have with pictures, too!

I have this great tutu skirt that I've thought would make a great addition to a fun pirate outfit. But I also like dressing LIKE a pirate, so this cute little skirt doesn't really help.

This little overskirt is so adorable. What to do?

I started thinking about a running costutume possibility. A pirate running costutume would be SO much fun! Now...just gotta find the right race to run. I was thinking it would be great to have a run for TLAP day. I thought about if it was a walk, even, on a pier by the ocean or lake (cuz I live SO close to any of that in the midwest) & it could be called "Walk the Plank"! But I want to run it...and get some blingy booty! Maybe even some loot & grub.

Then, my running buddy & one of my inspirations, Beqi, told me she was looking at doing a Talk Like a Pirate virtual race! THAT WAS IT!! I had to get a link to sign up! You KNOW I have to do this!

Just to clue you in: a virtual race is a race that you register for, but can be done anywhere within a certain period of time. As long as you get your required distance in by the deadline, and most of the time proving it somehow (depending on the race director/company set up), you usually get a medal, maybe even a giveaway like a t-shirt or a bag, and the registration usually goes to a charity of sorts. It can be completed on a treadmill, outside, on a trail, thru your 'hood or city, on a track...just get it in!

Now you know that bit of info, you must also know I signed up for that race. Amm-i-rite? The last day to run it is September 19th. I'm waiting until then. Not because it's the deadline, but I want to run this ON Talk Like a Pirate Day...as it should be! And, just so you know...yes, I will be running thru my 'hood dressed in a pirate costutume...as it should be!

Something like this as a start...

Want to join in on this virtual race that can take place from the time you register until Sept. 19th for $16.99? Link HERE!

I must possess this medal

Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on a Friday this year. It would be awesome to have a gathering for some grub from the galley! Planked TiLAPia, chicken "planks", shells & cheese, hardtack (maybe), Pirate's Booty, "Seaweed" salad, a lot of citrus...so may possibilities! Maybe some rum (cannon) balls for dessert. Prizes & loot...oh yes! Don't forget the Krispy Kreme donuts! Grog & Bumbo offered up to drink. (I have made an Arnold Palmer Bumbo...you shouldn't be surprised) I do have a pirate grub board for ideas on Pinterest. You can check it out HERE if you would like. However, a get-together is NOT inevitable...but it would be awesome!

Even if we can't make this work, I will be partaking it much of that. Maybe even Long John Silvers for some lunch to get some free fish (if you order like a pirate). So it has great possibility! Heck, last year I had fried catfish for breakfast...so why not!

But, with a lot of this in mind...oh do I have ideas for TLAP 2015!! My hubby just smiled & nodded at me. I know what that means...it's my own tactic. But the inside of my head can be a crazy place to be. You never know what ideas really swirl around in there. But I'll have to see how it goes before I put it out into the social media universe.

Until then...who else wants to plan something for yourselves? Start now! I hope to be seeing pics, posts, as well as hearing about what you all are planning on doing...or what you did, come September 19th & afterward.

So...are you on board?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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