Monday, January 26, 2015

AM~Erica is Boycotting Chocolate

So anyway...

Not a good way to start a Monday morning. The news that came out today was beyond fathomable. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I've already had my coffee, so I'm trying to figure out if this is just a nightmare.

Hershey's Chocolate has put a block on the import of Cadbury into the U.S.

Go that a couple more times & let it sink in. I'll wait...

For some reason, the Hershey company is all up-in-arms & offended that their very successful chocolate might be subpar in it's taste & quality compared to something that another country, from across the pond, has to offer.

I love me an amazing Cadbury Creme Egg at Eastertime, except after the noticeable recipe change. However, in perspective, it's still better than a Hershey bar.

Just know that I never mind being handed a Hershey bar. However, there's other chocolate out there I like better. I love Dove chocolate, first. It's followed by Godiva & Cadbury, too. Hershey's falls down the list a bit. And now it looks like it will fall OFF the list.

Now, I'm known to be a purist when it comes to certain things, much like using Hershey bars for s'mores. That's how it goes. However, I'm going to have to step in & force them to break a chocolate bar.

That's right. I'm totally down with the #BoycottHersheys movement. I am actually boycotting chocolate.

Believe me, I'm all about the "Made in America" label, but if you are a subpar quality while being a juggernaut of a brand, why are you so concerned about the competition of a better chocolate that's imported? Oh wait...I think I just answered my own question in there.

Understand that I love me a Cadbury Creme Egg. I thought they had a different taste, as of late, and thought it was just my own tastebuds. Come to find out, the recipe had, indeed, changed...but it's no controversy match for what Hershey's has just thrown down.

It's been said that even bad press is good press, since it's free press. But...I don't think this bad press for Hershey's is going to help. Some may stand up for Hershey's. That's how it goes. But there has been years of competition in these companies. So why now? It makes no sense...unless there's something going on at Hershey's that they don't want the public to know about. Maybe they overcompensated & pulled the import block...and now it looks even more suspicious.

Is it possible that Overly-Paranoid Rob Lowe has some hand in this?

I call shenanigans!! (hehe...cuz Cadbury is imported from Ireland...*ahem*)

Now I'm going to have to go console myself with chocolate: Dove Chocolate, from Mars. (Which is my favorite, anyway.)

Wait a you think that Hershey's is so paranoid about competition that they believe Dove, M&M's, Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers...and Milky Way are all from the planet of Mars? I wonder if they will try to get the government to try to put an interstellar import block on Mars Candy!

Oh...and shame on the government for going along with it. Doesn't help foreign affairs, yo!

Don't get me wrong...I am now concerned for all those employees by the Hershey's company. Because the company has hurt themselves in this Mean-Girls-type act.

And now, Cadbury is rejoicing in the sweeping sales from the U.S. in this odd chocolate war that has taken place.

Calm yourself, Hershey! You're not all that. And right are NOT about "Happiness."
You're just being a spoiled-milk (chocolate) brat.

Even when I tagged them in a Facebook post about this, the tag mysteriously, and nearly instantly, disappeared. So I've tagged them in nearly every comment after that.

Now...give me a Promise! The delicious kind from Dove...while I try to find an off-recipe Cadbury Egg to grieve over.

No Kisses for Hershey. (See what I did there?)

World're about to get very busy...

So...are you in on the #BoycottHersheys movement? I'll sure miss Reece's...but I know there's better out there, though. Maybe even from across the pond...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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