Thursday, February 19, 2015

AM~Erica Celebrate the Green Wood(en)...Horned Animal

So anyway...

Today is yet another celebration!!
(And we should ALL know, by now, how much I LOVE CELEBRATIONS!)

Last year, I made some new discoveries about THIS HOLIDAY, HERE. Even though we hang on to the name of it we've known for so long, I found a new name for it & new things tied to it...

Much like this year.

We are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year!!

Many do call it the Chinese New Year, and with many other Asian countries adopting the Chinese zodiac year, it's being focused to calling it the Lunar New Year!

Also, I discovered last year, that each year also has an element tied to it. The year 2014 was, technically, Wood Horse.

This year, I figured out there's a color tied to the element, and each color/element combo extends it's stay for 2 years in a row. So, 2014 was actually year of the Green Wood Horse! Interesting, right?

Well, the color/element combo extends into the 2015 year. But the animal changes every year. So we have a new animal, from the cycle, tied to 2015.

We will be celebrating the year of the Green Wood(en) Yang!

Look at that! Is that picture totally confusing? Yep...was for me, too!

As I was looking ahead to plan for our Lunar New Year celebration, I was seeing two different animals being listed: Year of the Goat AND Year of the Sheep...even the Ram.


I know, it's so out baffling! How could you confuse these two things as the same animal of the year?

You know I had to, of course, look into it...

I came across a great article, RIGHT HERE, that helped explain the madness!! Just by using "yang" is actually a very general term.

This is actually a bit more like it...

Even something ornamental, like this:

So there you go! Happy Lunar New Year: 2015 - the year of the Green Wood(en) Yang!

But in the meantime, we're celebrating by enjoying some Orange Chicken (my recipe HERE) with Green Tea Jasmine Rice. It's also a tradition to have an orange with we did.

Of course we hand to have a fortune cookie, too.

So we are just hunkered down with the cold & a-few-flurries-turned-to-surprise-one-inch-accumulated-snow.

Now we have the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, and now the Lunar New Year is the Green Wood Yang. WHEE!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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