Monday, June 29, 2015

AM~Erica Enjoys Ink & Words of Whimsy

So anyway...

I have been so entertained by my hubby lately. He's taken on some new things in his life, which is kind of a big deal!

For those of you who know him, you need to be sitting for this next part:
In the midst of me trying to convince him to come along my STEAMPUNK JOURNEY, it caused something else to happen: Pinterest.

That's right, folks. My hubby has discovered the world of Pinterest. He set one up quite some time back, but didn't even know why he had it. He didn't know what to do with it or how to use it. But now he's got a hang of it! And it's so much fun watching him come across pins for different things. He's got different boards set up. I find it adorable.

But that's a slight issue with him. He doesn't want to feel like he should turn in his man card because he's finding things on Pinterest. I'm trying to tell him that there are other guys on there pinning things for their cars, beer, wrestling, gadgets,'s not just a girl thing!

But it was still that slight mental block when he was looking for things that could inspire a style he likes. He was coming across some things to give any dapper ensemble some pop: accessories! The problem became the word, itself. He didn't want a board with the word "accessories" on it. He didn't feel it was masculine enough...probably because I love using & talking about my own accessories I love to use. So We were trying to think things thru; we needed to find another word he might feel better about using for his manly accessory board. Then, it came out of my mouth: Haberdashery.

I tend to thank SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS for bringing things to my attention sometimes, but sometimes other kid shows help with things. Just as 'Phineas & Ferb' helped teach us all what an aglet is, it was 'iCarly' that taught me (at least) what a haberdashery is. Go figure!

As my hubby perked up at the thought of "haberdashery," we started talking about the fantasticalness of the very word. We lamented as to other words like it & the lack of their uses in everyday language.

Going along this steampunk journey, a large facet of the world contains authors/writers. Words are important in stories! And in order to keep a reader's interest, the writer must find ways to hold the attention of their audience. So using an array of words is a great way to do it! Well that along with a good story. But it's the words I'm focusing on here.

Around our house, when we find a crazy-fun word, we will use that thing from time-to-time, even if it's at random. Another favorite of ours is "shenanigans." We LOVE that word so much. And now we have "haberdashery" to add to it.

So I got thinking. I was thinking about what other words of whimsy & of old that are not used much anymore, if at all.

I enjoy a great refresh like this. When I'm researching for a character, one of the things I always look at is language they might use depending on the era the character is from. If it's a historical or historical-like period, I want to find terms & words that could have been used...and may even try to rework them back into everyday conversation.

How much fun it is to find links to articles which point out obsolete words that need to be brought back, or even some of those whimsical ones!

Another go-to place I love is a thesaurus! Oh, the fun ways you can twist a sentence with just the change of a word. Sometimes it's beautifully ironic. Much like me sitting here enjoying my coffee. So, as I am being completely entertained by words of old & whimsy, I decided to find synonyms for coffee. One of them happens to be "ink." Well that's fun considering I'm looking at words to use. Whether it's in conversation or on paper (well, probably in a blog), the word ink was loosely used as a switch-out word for my java. I was fully entertained by this! As much so as the words I was coming across. I mean, if Brian Kesinger can use tea AS ink to create his Tea Girls (check them out HERE)...then, "ink."

Not only was I finding the word haberdashery on lists, but words like gobbledygook, doohickey, flabbergasted, finagle, periwinkle, skedaddle & squelch are all words I do use from time-to-time already! YAY, me! But I see other words that inspire wording in my head. And I love when ideas start swirling around there.

I now have a Pinterest board just for my logolepsy for these amazing words! (HERE)

And it all started from my hubby wanting to keep his masculinity on Pinterest.

*sips ink*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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