Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to AM~Erica

So anyway...

Holy cow! Is there anyone still out there?

I have been so caught up in about a BILLION things, I haven't had time to get back to this.

So much has happened...where do I even begin?

We saw family at Christmas time (about a week later). It was our first Christmas by one to go one coming to see us. This also meant having to plan our own dinner menu & occupying ourselves. So we got a Wii from Santa. Wasn't that nice? And Ethan got Guitar Hero I & II for the PS2. And dinner came out great!
My youngest turned 3 during this time. (Boo hoo hoo)

I was involved in a musical with Ethan's church choir soon after that & we just got thru the performance of "Heart to Change the World". It's a mission-driven musical that was so cute & so touching. Ethan even played the inventor of the "Globe-a-Scope" with a ginormous line! He was awesome...of course. Oh, and I overcame a fear that had me traumatized since high school...I sang a solo in front of about 500 people. My folks were there & they were shocked. I didn't tell them I was actually singing.

We also got a puppy. A cute yellow lab we named Casey. We got him at 9-weeks old & he is now 13½-weeks, and has more than doubled in size...and still growing...

It snowed on Easter here...yes...snowed. I took a couple of videos with my new camera I got. You can find the videos at YouTube (Easter AM: & Easter PM: It is also on my vlog:
During Holy Week, I got to dance an interpretive dance to "Via Dolarosa". I danced while a friend sang.

And still working on potty training...ARGH!! We've come up with a's only kind of working.

Oh! And my hubby has joined our blogging community! Check him out at

Stay tuned for more...please...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. welcome back cuz! you sound nearly as busy as us. abby danced in the Cinderella ballet a few weeks ago and that kept us like stupid busy. glad to hear that things are going so well with you guys...busy or not!