Saturday, April 19, 2008

StL Weather 'n Stuff 'n AM~Erica

So anyway...

Since we have moved to St. Louis, we have experienced some interesting/strange things. I have noticed that when the wind blows, SOMETHING is blowing in (i.e. snow, rain). There was one day when the day got up to 60º & sunny, got cloudy, started raining, started snowing, then started sleeting, and ended up around 30º...all in about a 2-hour timespan. INSANE!!

Then, if you look at my last post, there is the fact that it snowed on Easter. CRAZY!

We have, also, had so much rain, it has closed down highways due to flooding. Streets have been turned into waterways. We have gotten some water in our basement, but nothing that would require flippers & a snorkle.

Then, we were awakened just after 4:30 AM on yesterday morning to the house shaking. We didn't know what to make of it; since there is usually a lot of wind, we thought that's what it might be...but it kept going. We silently pondered the thought of an earthquake, but passed off that thought as a silly idea. was an earthquake. It happened on part of the New Madrid fault about 130 miles away from StL. It sounds so weird to say that we had an earthquake. I can still feel my insides vibrating when I think about it. It sounds more like something out of a movie.

I remember in junior high & high school, talking about the New Madrid fault everytime California had yet another large earthquake, and talking about the possibility of one happening in Missouri...but never thinking I would ever actually experience it. So, here we are, about 20-years later, and, BINGO! I have been through my first earthquake.

It's so weird & scary to think about. What if it had been bigger...or closer. We would have been woefully unprepared! This can actually happen, folks.

Now, I guess we just wait to see what next great weather/natural adventure St. Louis has in store for us...

And on another note, today is my 12-year wedding anniversary with my wonderful hubby. Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. glad you all made it through your earthquake in tact!