Saturday, March 19, 2011

AM~Erica Wonders if It's the Super Moon

So anyway...

Tonight is the full moon. When I was employed at one of the banks I worked at, I would always keep track of the full moon & let several other employees at our branch & others know to look out for the weirdos & crazies to come out. And they would never disappoint! People get really crazy when the full moon comes out. We all kind of become our own werewolves. And it's in traffic, when you go to the store, when you deal with clients & vendors at work...EVERYWHERE! It's amazing the type of spell the moon can cast on each of us.

Now, tonight is not only a full moon...but a SUPER MOON! It's supposed to be the closest to the Earth in 18 years. So...does that mean the bigger crazies come out, or do we all become even more over-the-top? Probably a good mix of both. And I'll give a couple of examples:

1. My lil guy's 1st soccer game of the season was today at noon. We were keeping watch for rain to see if it would hit around game time. We figured, and were hoping, that we could get the game in right before the game. It was SO cold out & the sky was just getting darker. The game of 5 & 6 year olds had not been going for very long when lightening began to appear in the distance. That should be grounds for ending the game. But the game kept going. Then thunder was rumbling. This should be a sign that we should at least cut the game short. But the game kept going. Not only did it keep going, they didn't even give the option to shorten the quarters. We went the whole game time watching lightening, listening to thunder & feeling the cold front working it's way through. So all the games going on acted like none of this was an issue...until...the games ended. The teams shook hands & before the teams could huddle back up for final thoughts, the referees were running through YELLING for everyone to immediately exit the fields & head right to the cars in the parking lot due to lightening in the area! Mass hysteria & a mass exodus came on like a bomb had just hit or fire broke out. It was all strangely calm & cool until the refs blew their final whistle. WHAT??

2. One of the greatest headlines came out today that totally gave me the giggles. From Spartanburg County, SC - "Deputy: Strip Search Finds Crack Between Buttocks". Really? I never would guessed to check there!! Yes, people...someone let that out to the public. How do you miss that? Someone, quick! Send this to Jay Leno stat!

My goodness...I am afraid as what else is coming for the day. Rain already messes with people & then to add a Super Moon on top of it? Please act responsibly, folks. Because you may the weirdo out there to someone else today.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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