Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Seussification of AM~Erica

So anyway... is a day
that I'm going to use
my blog to play!

Today's the birthday of Dr. Seuss,
so I'm putting his rhyme-style into use.

Roofers roofing makes a BANG!
In my head it's causing a PANG!

Today I almost have no voice.
It's Missouri weather, I had no choice!
And it makes me kind of sad
because of the big chance I had:

You noticed the title said "Seussification"?
It came from a Tim Ezell invitation.
You may know of him in St. Louie.
In KC we don't have one like him - PHOOEY!

Last year I gave him a hard time
for not using a single rhyme
to use Dr. Seuss to celebrate.
I pointed out that he was too late!

Now it is a whole year later
and I got a head-inflater!
An email from ol' Tim Ezell
that was more than wishing well...
He said that he remembered me
and invited me to the show, you see.

He even wrote in Dr. Seuss-style!
Yes! Tim went the extra mile!

And as I'm watching by live streaming
I see what I'm missing in teaming.
Oh the time I could've had!
But I couldn't do it and that makes me...sad.

My Lou friends would have been surprised
to see me there & not believe their eyes!!

But because of this voice & roofing
I didn't get to go help spoofing.
While watching, I took the cue,
and pretty sure would've been Thing 2.

But I hope to make it clear
That I hope to join in next year.

Til then, I'm where the house is quaking,
much like my voice, it's all shaking.
So instead I'm planning dinner.
My hopes are up that it's a winner!

Who Hash, and ham with eggs of green,
Goldfish crackers, you know what I mean?
Plus we'll have some pink to drink!
We'll drink pink ink, just like the Yink!
Plus maybe have some bread with butter,
but hopefully no bitter battle words to utter.
Plus we'll have dessert of cake!
Seussy cakes I think I'll make!

Must wear bold colors that are stripey,
topped with a hat that is stove-pipey!

I hope you all have enjoyed this post.
This one I've enjoyed doing the most.

Thank you, thank you, my dear friend,
for reading this until the end.

Now go enjoy this wondrous day!
And to Theodore Geisel, Happy Birthday!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


Missing my opp was hard to chew,
It left me wanting to cry - BOO-HOO!
But never worry, never fear...
I got my official invite for next year!!


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