Thursday, September 20, 2012

AM~Erica Be Talk'n Like a Pirate

So anyway...

I almost wrote this blog post yesterday, but I decided it might have taken me forever to figure out how to word it all. If you didn't know, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

So...did you talk like a pirate?
Did you dress like one?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, you're doing it wrong. However, if you answered "aye" to one or both...then you might have gotten in on some free loot that were quietly or not-so quietly being offered if you participated.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts offered a free glazed donut to anyone who came in talking like a got a FREE DOZEN GLAZED DONUTS if you came dressed in full pirate attire. Any guesses what I got?

All I did was walk in, and they started getting my donuts ready. Seriously! Unshowered, no makeup & with coffee breath. You be more "authentic"...and being short on time. hehe

Then, as it warmed up thru the day, and after I was nice & got all cleaned up, I decided to make the pirate look more feminine:

That's right...that's how I roll on these fun-themed days! And if you know me well know I will get into it!

OK...I need you to stay with me. I promise I'm getting to what I need to say, you just need to know this part first...seriously.

Every week, my hubby & I do meal planning for when we go to the grocery store. This week, we somehow came up one dinner short. We figured we could pick something up thru the week, or see what everyone was wanting. Then it hit me yesterday...we could go out to eat! (Next year I might try to fix something...or not...keep reading...) Because my brain works the way it does, I brought up taking everyone to dinner at Long John Silver's! Duh! And I would still be dressed as a pirate. Duh!

So we went & the crew there were impressed that I was dressed up & that Lil Guy wore the pirate hat (see above pic...but without the flower). Well they challenged us to order in our best "pirate speak". Teen Girl was a no-go, she just ordered. Teen Boy took up the challenge & let a big scary pirate voice come out of him. Hubby ordered for lil guy & pirate speak. Then I stepped up...orderin' in pirate speak. The girl taking our order told me I should be her forensics teacher. *snort* But guess what! Because Teen Boy & I ordered like a pirate...we got 4 pieces of free fish (2 each) with our order!! WOOT!!

Not only do I love me a killer bargain, but I love me some free stuff, too!!

Krispy Kreme highly marketed their TLAP offer. I think it was GENIUS! I am surprised that Long John Silver's did not market so much. We went there just to go with the theme of the day...we had no idea we would get stuff from it.

I wonder how many more businesses may try to get on bandship (yeah, I went there) when it comes to TLAP Day. 

I remember being in St. Louis & wanting to go to the Pirate Fest they have outside of the Ren Fest. I wish they would do that in KC. Maybe on TLAP Day? Hmmmmm...

Now, a few years ago, Facebook added a language you could use for your own usage on your page & browsing. You can change the language that only you see to 'English (Pirate)'. I actually set it up on Tuesday night so that it would already be in use on Wednesday morning. Plus I changed my profile pic to my crazy gypsy friend, Madame Rue. Cuz she's the closest I had to a pic of anything close to a pirate.

I actually started with a different profile pic (I'm about to show you), and used this really big pic as my cover for the day:

(picture taken by Dunn's Cider Mill when I judged the annual scarecrow contest 2010 - winning entry) 

(photo sent to be by Nikki - taken to show me the new artwork at our high school alma mater)

You know...I was always really into stuff & could get into themey stuff for years. But not necessarily the "pirate" mascot part of my high school alma mater. That's right...I'm from a long line of pirates. It's in my blood. Apparently. But I always got into the purple & gold part of the spirit; not really the pirate part of the spirit. Go figure.

Since I really do like to get into characters &/or theme, it should be no surprise that every one of my Facebook & Twitter posts were in pirate speak. I was inspired by the official site of Talk Like a Pirate Day. There is a translator you can use...but it didn't help with everything I wanted, so I made do for a lot of it. And it was fun for me...might have been annoying to others. But that's how I roll. DUH!

I even had a name for my ship. I called her the Sea-Sick Crocodile. Then I asked, on Facebook, if anyone knew what the reference was to; if they knew I'd give them their very own pirate name. My friend, Michelle, got it right off the bat! And...I gave her the name of Snarly Shelly (not Snarling Smelly, like she thought at first *snort*).

I even added a great pirate tune from P!nk. Do you remember when she was on Spongebob? Every time I hear the song, I am so entertained by it!

Isn't that awesome???

OK, all...mark your calendar for next year! September 19th is the day to enjoy all things pirate! (fun pirates...not scary Somali pirates or terrorist types; stick with historical &/or fictional ones to be your best bet) Brush up on your pirate speak, find a Jolly Roger tshirt & wear a bandanna &/or an eye patch, then keep the other eye or a good ear out for any fun offers!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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