Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All AM~Erica Wants to Do is Give Thanks

So anyway...

HALLOWEEN HAS COME & GONE, and as usual...that means the onslaught of Christmas music, decor & food.

I have said it before, and I want to say it again...
I'm very sad about the diminished & disappearing November holiday.

Last year, I talked about the shocking disappearance of a particular "holiday". (read it HERE)
And, if you read it, you will see it's not the one you might automatically think of.

But, it's worse this year. And it makes me sad.

If I were to take a poll of a lot people right now, and I asked them to choose between a big meal with the family or to spend it in a crowd...most folks would SAY it might be the family time. But that's talk. Isn't it?

The concern of the dwindling holiday of Black Friday is disheartening. Why? Because it's not on just Friday. "Black Friday" has now become just a term for holiday shopping. But there is a bigger issue with this:
What is happening to Thanksgiving? That's a real question!

It's enough that each family gets together to decide that "dinner" is at noon, or 2:00, or 4:00...or an actual dinner/supper time of 6:00. Not sure why that is...but eat some breakfast or a decent brunch to lead into the gorging of the feast later in the day. That's all I'm saying. But there's a reason I point it out. If Thanksgiving was already set apart to plan on the eating & the get togethers...then why are we so willing to give in to giving it up?

I still blame KMart. The being open on Thanksgiving to shop is just sad. But they've done it for a long time...and it's pretty much the one gimmick they could hold on to. But now that so many other retailers have jumped on that bandwagon in the last couple of years...I sense this could be the absolute demise of KMart. They did it to themselves...killing themselves ever-so-slowly.

And while KMart is slowly dwindling...so is Black Friday...and so is Thanksgiving.

Now that there has been an outpouring of backlash to the additional retailers jumping on the Thursday "Black Friday" opening...more retailers are making their employees give up a time of thankfulness with loved ones to be ready to slave away on their registers with less-than-thankful customers who only care about the greed of getting stuff for themselves.

Wow...sounds so warm & fuzzy...(yes...that's sarcasm, folks)

People, I implore you: please treat Thanksgiving with the respect it deserves. Eat with your friends & loved ones to be thankful for everything you have; or go help serve meals to the less fortunate. Do NOT...DO NOT...under ANY circumstance give in to the Thanksgiving Black Friday. Because if you do...you are part of the problem.

How soon is it that most stores will open at 6:00 AM on Thanksgiving for their Black Friday sales (which even aren't the real sales anymore, btw) to try to "beat the meal"...but really it will end up having staggered sales (like Walmart is gonna do at dinner time as it is) and the ONE item you want is on sale at 4:00? Then what?

I'll tell you. Thanksgiving will be an oxymoron term for the beginning of shopping, and then Black Friday will be the oxymoron for the rest of the shopping days.

This makes me sad. The greed is greater than the pausing for giving thanks. Shame on you for anyone who is justifying their Thanksgiving shopping! Facebook, Twitter & texting have all given way to the lack of communication as it is. Let's just give another reason to spend time with folks you don't know while being awful to those total strangers...all while ignoring those you should be spending time with...face-to-face...having actual conversation & sharing & laughing. *sigh*

So...it's almost totally official that we are giving the bird the bird. SERIOUSLY!

If anyone takes in the sales...then it's worse next year...
...and so on...
...and so on...
...and so on...

Maybe we need a reminder. And the retailers need the reminder. We all need reminded of Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation:

Click on the photo to take you to easier-to-read text. The overall message is quite important.Oh...and it's pretty much law & stuffs...so...yeah...take note.
What has society turned this into? I can answer that: greedy chaos.

Kelly Ripa (who honestly needs to be a best friend of mine...she just doesn't know it yet) pointed out that she has Thanksgiving dinner at a "normal time" of cocktails at 5:00 (because it's a fancy get-together & stuff) & dinner at 6:00. She pointed out that they have a little lunch to hold them over..."like normal people" (I have to talk to her about that ugly "normal" word). She questioned the chaos of the retailers opening on Thanksgiving & wondered if folks would just enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at the JCPenney restaurant or how it's not the same at the food court.

People who think that TV is worth missing dinner with the family that they camp out in front of Best Buy in a tent & think they should put in an order for someone to bring them dinner should be out the dinner. They made the choice. A sad one...but that's extra greedy!

Not sure at point this would happen at this point.
But I would if I wasn't crashed on the couch...in a food coma.
(pic posted by several friends from LAUGH OR CROAK page)
Folks...while many of you are receiving "Black Friday" *cough-cough* ads, via email/text, I place it in front of you, again, to make plans to enjoy Thanksgiving around the table, enjoying our bountiful lives & loved ones...or get perspective by helping those less fortunate. If it's anything beyond that...you might be part of the problem. We need to make the Thanksgiving shopping phenomenon stop here! Don't give in to the temptations...(trust me - better sales come later) Take back Thanksgiving as the holiday it was meant to be!

Who's in?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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