Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AM~Erica Thinks You Should Just Say NO

So anyway...

It's that time of year again.

That's right! We are gearing up for day that appears to be losing its meaning in the midst of the craziness of society. You know what I'm talking about, right? That's right! I'm talking about Black Friday.

WAIT, Wait, wait! Say What???

Folks...I'm not kidding. I just read an interesting article this morning lamenting the fact that Black Friday is losing it's meaning. Seriously.

*face palm*

I've already talked about how NOVEMBER TENDS TO BE OVERLOOKED. Halloween ends & then December begins. Doesn't it? There has already been true lamenting as to whatever happened to Thanksgiving...but we still give into the society timing pressures.

That poor turkey. Forced into Witness Protection for the sake of society & commercialism.

I actually put initial blame on KMart. Since their business has not exactly done so well the last several years, their ploy was to open on Thanksgiving. It apparently drew enough crowds that the competition grew. So others began their "Black Friday" stuff earlier & earlier.

What used to be about toy shopping for the kids at Toys-R-Us at the "crazy shopping hour" of 6:00 AM, has now become a greedy, angry mess of "electronics just for me at any cost" type day.

My hubby & his mom started doing the Black Friday thing years ago. It was probably the 2nd year. And it was at Toys-R-Us. He & MIL made a tradition of shopping for the kids, grabbing breakfast, and then showing up at home to brag on their purchases. Then the competition started...
All of a sudden, Best Buy, Walmart & many other retailers jumped on the bandwagon and started offering the electronics. My hubby will attest that things went into an ugly, downward spiral at that point.

What used to be about getting some shopping done for family became something very greedy. And, to make matters worse, stores will advertise big deals on major electronics...and then have 10 sent to the store. So comes the trampling, fist fights, shootings, bruises, injuries & pure insanity just to get a camera, a TV, a computer, the latest Elmo toy, etc.

Last year is when it was really awful. Retailers picked up on KMart's ploy. It took several years, but the stores were weaning themselves & employees that direction. People missing time with family just to make sure to have that iPad is really sad.

People camp out at Best Buy a week before now...hoping family will bring them food so they can get hold of the TV. That's not right.

I know everyone wants good deals. I'm a sucker for a killer bargain! And I love shopping...but not under conditions like that. And I can't imagine not recognizing that THANKSGIVING IS A HOLIDAY!!! And I would never get up THAT early just to have to fight my way thru crowds just to HOPE they have I was wanting to get. Hubby asked me for years to join them...and I always turned them down...who's the smart one, now?

The article points out the Black Friday phenomenon being a diluted "holiday"...what about the disappearing of Thanksgiving? Just a time to enjoy our bountiful blessing with family.

I do not begrudge the Target & Walmart employees striking the working on Thanksgiving issue. They want time with their families.

Last year, it was finally at such a horrible breaking point, my hubby walked into the doors of Walmart...looked around at the insane, and increasingly growing angry crowd...and gave up. He didn't participate for the first time in over a decade. He is not planning on doing it this year either...I don't think...

What it has become is sad. If Thanksgiving wasn't being shoved off enough...the "diluted holiday" of Black Friday has already been overtaking this time.

All in the name of the all mighty dollar.

I pray that everyone within reading distance of this post has a beautiful & peaceful Thanksgiving. May you truly celebrate the blessings you have. SIT DOWN and enjoy the dysfunction of your family, the food you're blessed with, the roof over your head, the relationships, the transportation, your talents, your health, you know...anything & everything you have. The things you have NOW! Not what you are willing to give up family time for to beat up a stranger to get hold of something you may not even get.

You want to do something out & about with your time on Thursday? How about helping those less fortunate & seeing what your blessings are truly about. You want to pick something up on Thanksgiving? How about perspective.

*deep breath in - deep breath out*

May you have a truly blessed Thanksgiving with your family & friends. Enjoy every moment of that time with them.

Can I get an Amen?


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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