Friday, April 25, 2014

AM~Erica Ran for Pi

So anyway...

Things have been supercrazybusyhectic lately. In the midst of so much this spring, as well as wrapping things up for the school year AND planning out the summer. I can hardly keep anything straight.

In the midst of all of this, I've picked up this running thing. And I'm actually keeping up with it so far! (read my journey HERE)

As I continue this adventure, I have tried to push myself a bit, keep eating the right way (as best as I can), and witnessing the changing of my body...especially my legs!

*Stupid Side Story*

Several days ago, I was sitting on the couch & had an itch on the back of my leg. I reached under my leg so I could scratch the back of my thigh for relief...then I felt something weird...
I felt a swelling on the back of my leg. It was like a large growth had appeared! I was a bit nervous about it. Before I freaked out, I thought I'd check the back of my other leg to get a good comparison...but I felt the same thing on the back of my OTHER leg!
Uh...I figured out I was getting muscles. My hamstrings were growing in the process!
(giggles & a face palm were in order)

...back to our regularly scheduled programing...

As I am on this journey, I am figuring out a few things.


~ I definitely run better in the morning
~ I am pretty happy with my playlist
~ The first mile stinks!
~ So does the second.
~ I keep telling myself that tutus & medals will make this worth it!
~ Fellow runner & fitness folks are an incredibly encouraging bunch!
~ I may, apparently, be considered a runner.

A couple of my encouraging friends made sure to share this with me.
Yep...just imagine this while you're out.

What I have accomplished in the last nearly four weeks has amazed me. And I'm gearing up to do a test run (yes...slight pun intended) in just over a week! Why this one? Why now? Because I can get in the 5k distance & it's free. If I screw this one up, I won't feel as bad.

I have been close to hitting the 3.1 miles while training. There are days when I just don't have it in me. But my recent "bad days" are far greater than a good day 4 weeks ago from right now. It's perspective, I guess...

However, when I finally went the 5k distance, I cried about it. A lot. It was very emotional for me! Even though I walked part of it...I still did it! My next goal was to RUN the whole time. I wanted to know that I could run the whole distance...

Well...that day came. That day was today. I ran the whole 5k distance...and a little extra...

If you want to be all nerd-technical about it, and even though I'm not a math kind of gal...I ran for pi.

I. Ran. For. Pi.

That's 'e'. I went the mathematical number of ∏! A whole 3.14 miles...and I ran it. I RAN IT!

(check out & keep up with progress HERE)

But let me tell sure wasn't easy as piE! Today was a hard run. HARD! I pushed myself...HARD! I was hurting...and I got mad at myself for having a body that hurt...and I began to angry run. And after I shook that off & knew how close I was...I began talking to body...out keep it moving. And you know what. I did it. I DID IT! Did I mention that I hurt?

Today was definitely a long-hot-shower, gee-I-am-going-to-need-Advil day.

But you know what else? Thru the pushing, the pain, the talking it thru (oh my sounds like being in labor), I can say I did it.

I ran a whole 5k.

I ran for pi.

image via Alpha Lambda Delta of University of Minnesota 2nd Annual Pi Run 2012 (link HERE)


And it's not even Pi Day! (read my Pi Day celebrations HERE)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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