Tuesday, April 1, 2014

AM~Erica's Journey on the Pavement Continues

So anyway...

After getting inspired & finding motivation (reminder HERE), I have kept wanting to keep going!

Imagine my surprise when I woke up early on Monday, which was Day 2, wanting to get back into the running shoes & try again. I hurt. Just so sore...but I wanted to work thru it!

So, I had some coffee & was getting myself together, looking into some good energy foods for breakfast & drinking plenty of water...I got those shoes on, did a few stretches, got one an app prepared on my phone...and off I went!

Before & after of the Day 2 run. I wasn't excited about how I did...but I still got out there!
Tutus & medals, people!

I have discovered a couple of apps to help me out (of course there's an app for that), and what a great help to get that kick start going. I have also gained awesome support from friends! The avid runners & not-so-avid runners. I appreciate it SO MUCH!!

I will have to say that Day 2 was rough...I still got out there! The wind was strong Monday morning & in the 60's. And I felt the soreness. I still went a tiny bit further than last time, but I did walk about half of the distance. Still not a mile. My goal, at this point, is just to conquer a whole mile, while still moving, by the end of the week. I went just short of a mile today. It's within my grasp...

However, I'm already wrung out. I took a nap late in the afternoon to help get dinner going.

Just after dinner, the family was watching 'Wheel of Fortune.' One of the contestants is a gal from KC. She does some charity work for Girls on the Run (the same charity the tutu runner from the SELF magazine debacle donates to & promotes), and she had finished a 5K & is training for more coming up.
Needless to say (but I will anyway), I got the message. Sounds like I need to keep going. Sounds like I'm gonna wear those tutus!

And? One of my Saturday inspirations brought up a Blacklight Run happening on August 29th. Sign up NOW for $20 registration (April 2nd deadline) before it bumps up to $60.
Ummm...my heart is racing to think that I'm joining the "GLOWden Girls" team for the Blacklight Run!
I have some 5Ks that I want to take part in...but this is for real now, yo! I'm in!

People...pray for me...
Any one else wanna join in?

But it will involve glowing & tutus, yo! That's some of the motivation...and it will be with some of my inspiration. I'm nervous...but STOKED! And I'm emotional right now. So I'm gonna take some ibuprofen & cry it out...


Now I'm on Day 3. I just finished.

I woke up more sore & less motivated. I'm feeling drained. Take note: not dejected or done...just not as with it.

But I got the kiddos up & out the door for school...and then was trying to get my self focussed...

But the shoes beckoned...

And so, I got my coffee in me (otherwise that would be REALLY bad), and then slipped on my shoes...

I ate a decent breakfast...

...and after I got properly fueled, glanced at my motivation Pinterest board (HERE), and let it set while getting dinner going in the lazy cooker, I decided to try the C25K app that several friends recommended. I like it as a training app! My other app I used, which was recommended by another friend, is Runtastic. I like it since it shows how far I went.

I'm thrifty...and I really don't want to pay for either app, so I have the free version of both. But I do wish I could get both worlds together in one app! I would love the training part along with letting me know how far I went. But I digress...

For all you runners/walkers who get out there in 30 something degree weather...you're insane! I just want to put that out there. But guess what. I was out there in 30 something degree weather this morning. I went out and just did it! And I felt pretty good about it today...know why?

I know...I KNOW...I got my mile in today! I went for nearly 30 minutes & I definitely went further!
Woo Hoo!! Between the walking & running with the early stages of training...I hit my first real milestone!

And this is no April Fool's joke. I'm focussed. And I am getting so excited!! The GLOWden Girls team is growing & I am overwhelmed by the support! Thank you everyone!!

I'm a beautiful emotional wreck. I've never had this with walking or running before. I never got it. I'd try it, but was miserable & believing I just need to do it...*sad trombone*

But I am going to be doing the Blacklight Run WITH some of my inspirations! I'm going to see some inspirations! And when someone else joins because they are motivated now...I start crying again.

Wow...this is a lot to take in. A whole lot. I really had no idea.

I have even more motivation now. But it's still about the tutus & glowing & colors & bling. Just to keep things clear.

OK...I have other great things to focus on now, but wanted to keep anyone who cares up to date on my progress. Still grateful to my inspirations. And even more grateful to the myriad of encouragement!

Beautifully overwhelming.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. You're a rock star! Don't forget, your body does need to rest every few days. You should take a day off tomorrow (as you've done 3 days in a row) and then hit it hard on Thursday. :) YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Just remember the tutu. - Beqi

    1. Yes! I am planning in some breaks. I'm not gonna kill myself. And I just might find a tutu to train in, too-too. hehe

      You're a rockstar, too, girl! WOOT!