Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cap'n AM~Erica Preppin' Ye Landlubbers

So anyway...

One of my favorite days is coming! One. Of. My. Favorites.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is less than 2 days away!! Are you ready??

Well, I have shared before how I CELEBRATED TLAP DAY. Remember?

Well, as I am still preparing my own ship to set sail for a grand voyage of adventure!

As usual, Krispy Kreme is offering their free doughnut offer! But, if you dig around, you can find their pirate academy videos! But I'll save you the trouble since I found them! Bwah-hahahaha!!

Be sure to watch the Orientation, how to TALK like a pirate to get 1 free glazed doughnut, and finally how to DRESS like a pirate in order to receive a whole free dozen of glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

But you should take the talkin' like a pirate from the originators of TLAP day, themselves: The Pirate Guys (Ol' Chumbucket & Cap'n Slappy) as they share the "Five A's"!

(as of this posting, YouTube decided right at this moment to be having issues sharing with others, but you can look it up directly HERE)

OK...there you have it. A great start! Got it down? If not, watch it again!

However, in more disappointing news, Long John Silver's, the most PERFECT place to celebrate TLAP Day, has decided to back out of this holiday this year! BOOOO!!!! Not sure if they couldn't handle the madness last year or what, but they will have to walk the plank this year. A big fried fish plank!

In the meantime, we, here at the Seasick Crocodile, are planning our pirate-y meals & outfits.

Also, my hubby & I are getting ready to run a virtual race on Friday, too! It's the Talk Like a Pirate run I've been excited to do! So I got thinking that I could listen to pirate music & sea shanteys on my run. Cuz you know it's how I roll. I'm planning my running cosTUTUme, and I need the music to go with it! I've gotten some ideas (The Jolly Rogers, Alestorm, The Bilge Pumps, and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag soundtrack) as well as the addition of P!nk's "We've Got Scurvy" (from the Spongebob's 10th anniversary). Other than that, anyone have any suggestions? Let me know!! I'm willing to look into pirate-y songs! And you bet I'll look close to this...

The pirate-inspired cosTUTUme I threw together when I was promoting the DeFeet Hunger 5k at church
(sorry Rob for cropping you out - the orange tutu didn't fit this theme)

In the meantime, start thinking & mapping out your pirate adventure for Friday! Outfit & all!

If you want some help with food, I have been collecting food ideas for myself, and anyone else who wants to get ideas, then here's a board on my PINTREST BOARD OF PIRATE FOOD/DRINK! Hope it helps!

So...are you planning on doing anything? What do you have planned! I'm open to other ideas, people! Let's do this!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


I've discovered that Captain Morgan is also offering up winning some swag for the best raising of a glass of Captain & Colarrrrrr! Of course, this one is for the 21-year-old+ kiddos. I think you have until September short time.

I do wish some of these companies would be better at promoting this stuff instead of stumbling upon it...but maybe it's like a great treasure hunt. Hmmmm...

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