Friday, September 19, 2014

Cap'n AM~Erica's TLAP is Lost at Sea

So anyway...

Today is it! Th' day I be waiting for!!

ARRRRRR! It be Talkin' Like a Pirate Day!

As I prepared me trusted ship, The Sea-Sick Crocodile, for a grand voyage across the TLAP seas by mappin' a course, me poor ship was gettin' knocked about on th' trip. Arrrgh...

I have been eyein' some treasure fer quite some time now, and today be the day I get me hands on it! I got properly dressed in me best cosTUTUme to head 3 miles into th' day, in near record time, to get th' coveted medallion necklace! And me listened to beloved sea shanties (from "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag") along th' way to keep me goin'!

Aye...this be th' shirt me made & wore

Arrrgh...was to be a skull & anchor. I be OK this not bein' permanent... be a beauty! It be on display with me other coveted medallion treasures! ARRRRRRR!!!

By th' way...I got it by doin' me very 1st virtual 5k evarrrrr!!!

And a young scurvy rat, who be waitin' to board th' grand yeller boat, may have been thrown off by me presence & held a tiny machine to snap a portrait o'me! Arrrrr-Har-Har!!

Now that I got me treasure I had me eyes set on, it was time to find me some loot!


Me place to get me best treasure on TLAP Day may have been pillaged! A fire blazed from the trusty Krispy Kreme, so no doughnuts to loot for me Sea-Sick Crocodile crew. And th' next closest one was out of sailing distance this day. I need to find a way to keep me crew! Thar be no satisfaction of th' sweet, puffy, doughnutty goodness. Sorry, mates.

So, I get on some of me finest t' head back to sea to see what could kindly be plundered...

I took me 1st mate & headed to get some grub after our voyage this mornin'. Aye...our bellies were a wee bit gumbly. We also called for our mornin' grog! Breakin' in th' new scally wag by orderin' some pumpkin flapjacks with some extra protein for our sea legs from th' mornin's venture.

Then off we ventured t' th' terrifying & dangerous World of Wally! Arrrrgh. It be thar that we would gather more grub for th' rest of th' Sea-Sick Crocodile crew for the TLAP feast. We found our favorite Wally-Wench t' move us thru th' port safely, with nary a scratch!

Port o'Costco got a visit from th' heads of the Sea-Sick Crocodile.

It was, then, time to start gatherin' th' crew of the Sea-Sick Crocodile. 'Specially to ready for th' annual TLAP feast! It shall look very much like LAST YEAR'S FEAST:

Planked Lemon-Pepper TiLAPia (recipe HERE)
Chicken Planks
Golden Butter-Lemon Potato Medallions
Seaweed Salad w/ Sea Salt & Lemon Juice
Shells & Cheese

Gonna be enjoyin' me some Cap'n Arnold Palmer's Grog t' go with it.' maybe a bit more Pirate's Booty, too. Arrrrr...
Oh...and fresh pineapple t'boot!

Plank-grilled lemon-pepper TiLAPia, Seaweed Salad w/ sea salt n' lemon juice,
Lemon-Butter Gold Potato Medallions,  fresh pineapple

Chicken Planks, shells n' cheese, fresh pineapple

It be a beauty! Cap'n Arnold Palmer

Hushpuppies were t' be in order, but an "incident" happened & it went awry. No hushpuppies!

No time fer hardtack either...


With th' fallin' thru o'th' Long John Silver's & th' burnin' o'th' Krispy Kreme, nary any loot t' plunder fer this day.

Aye...take me at me word that I be mappin' out a course t' have more ports open t' ye in case others jump ship or walk th' plank. ARRRRR!

Now I be wonderin' how yer TLAP Day voyage sailin' has been goin'....
Well then? HOW?

As fer these other ports fer next year...I be scrawlin' a message fer ye & will set it out t'ya in a bottle. Be on th' look out!


Fer now...I be going t' admire me possession of me new medallion while listenin' t'some sea shanteys & consuming another Cap'n Arnold Palmer...

Be stayin' tuned...

God Bless, (Cap'n) AM~Erica
(o' The Sea-Sick Crocodile)

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