Thursday, October 9, 2014

AM~Erica Tried to Celebrate

So anyway...

Last year, I got taught a lesson from MY DAUGHTER & SPONGEBOB, and I didn't want to make the same mistake again. Especially when I learned that SpongeBob was right about today's holiday!

And, after I did some research thru the year, I wanted to find a way to begin celebrating. And, usually the first year of celebrating ANY CELEBRATABLE HOLIDAY can be a bit rough at first. So stick with me...

Oh wait! I almost forgot!

It's Leif Ericksson Day! It really is a federal holiday, people! It celebrates the settlement of the Viking & Norse culture in the, now, United States. I'm still in the midst of researching (because holiday celebrations should always include ongoing research & learning), so I'm still a bit rough on the history & such. But I originally wanted to work in some traditional meals/foods. I wanted to dress appropriately...

...and then life happens...

When we aren't used to celebrating a holiday (yet), you still have to work with outside scheduling & such until we can imbed the celebration. It usually takes at least a couple of years before it gets going, but you gotta start somewhere!

Breakfast didn't happen like I'd hoped. But next year, October 9th with fall on a Friday! It's my hubby's day off & we like to work in breakfast out, if we can, before we start our day. I am making the decision right now to go to IHOP for coffee & Swedish crepes. They are served with lingonberry sauce, which is perfect, with our coffee! Did I mention the coffee??

I had gotten into making Scandinavian-inspired open-faced sandwiches earlier this year. Yeah...didn't get a chance to do that today, either. But if you want to try in the future what I've done in the past (did you keep up with that?), then click HERE for the recipe & pics.

Teen Boy is prepping for his first debate tournament of the year this weekend, so he stayed after school until 4:45...but then we needed to try to grab some grub so we could get him to a college fair soon after. Then, we picked him up & realized we had to pick up the dry cleaning so he could have his suit for tomorrow! So...we headed back across town to get the dry cleaning & then decided to eat after the college fair. We went to the fair, and Teen Boy only spoke to very few colleges due to the fact that the field he wants to go into isn't offered at too many colleges along with the extra circular activity he's looking for. So, the visit didn't last too we could get to dinner!!

I know, that was a whole lot to tell you in order to say that I couldn't even get a salmon dinner put together, as originally planned until all of this came up. So...what to do? IHOP was vetoed, but we went to Cracker Barrel instead. It's a cold & rainy night, perfect for some serious down-home comfort food! But I still worked in a Viking-like meal! Lemon-pepper rainbow trout with fruit & steamed veggies.

Still a no-go for pastries & such, either. And I didn't get to bake my Scandinavian-inspired baby bundtings, either. (recipe HERE)

But I did answer the phone with, "HINGA-DINGA-DURGAN!" when my daughter called today. And I did my best to do a Viking-inspired outfit for the day...

Yes. I really went in public like this. With Viking-inspired makeup, twigs to resemble antlers, a faux leather vest with a fuzzy boa to resemble fur, and Fairisle print socks. The faux leather purse with faux wool was a nifty touch, too. Don-cha think?

We did hit a couple other errands this evening, too. One place was to Kohl's. You know, coupons, sales, Kohl's cash possibilities, my hubby needed gear to wear for the Tough Mudder, Lil Guy needed shoes...
...when we were checking out, our cashier said they were giving away free blue nail polish at the jewelry counter for support of our Boys in Blue as the play in Baltimore tomorrow! FREE, people! And since I'm the only girl in the house right now...I left the scene to head to the jewelry counter! They were actually painting nails blue! For the Royals! For FREE!!

So, my Leif Ericksson Day didn't go as expected. But Thor sure did show up to help celebrate...on...uh...Thorsday...go figure.

The plan is to be more on-task next year, too. We should be celebrating it instead of Columbus let's get on it!

Oh...and LET'S GO ROYALS! (Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap) #TakeTheCrown

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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