Saturday, October 25, 2014

AM~Erica Hustles for Halloween

So anyway...

As we all should know by now, we are on countdown to my favorite holiday! Just one of the few reasons I love October. And since Halloween comes for me nearly everyday, it seems to be less of a big deal when I dress up more often in October!

I love costumes! Almost to a fault...but not really. At least I don't see it that way! (check out some of my previous costumes & cosTUTUmes HERE)

When October rolls around, I know I get start promoting our church's Trunk-or-Treat event on Sunday mornings in the front lobby. We set up an information table, and I want to draw attention, so I dress up! It's a new character every week!! This year has been no different!

Trunk-or-Treat Info Table, Week 1: Tim Burton inspired

Trunk-or-Treat Info Table, Week 2: Pop Art Comic

Trunk-or-Treat Info Table, Week 3: Carlola

Oh, I do like to have fun with it, if you couldn't already tell...

Now then, if you have been paying attention...or even playing might know I would have to work in a run to this, too. Amm-i-rite?

Well, I'm not gonna lie to ya. As much as I love Halloween, planning, and getting it all thought out...this year has not been as great in lines of thinking. I've been way to slow getting my thoughts together. I like to have much of this holiday with at least a good idea or 2 in motion about 2 months ahead of time. It hasn't happened this year. Much like the Halloween run(s) being planned...

Several months ago, hubby & I decided we would do one or 2 Halloween runs. As October began to fill up our schedules, the more difficult it was to decide if a run would even be possible! The last one we did was the DeFeet Hunger 5k, HERE. It been a while. Even though I did the Out of the Darkness walk at the beginning of this month (HERE), it still didn't help the lack of decent training I could get in for this month.

Finally, last week, hubby & I decided we would take in the Halloween Hustle 5k & 10k (we decided on the 5k distance). The costumes we thought about doing were no longer feasible due to timing. I can't say what they are since we may use it in the future...but just know it was gonna be GOOD!! But still a no-go. So were trying to figure out what we could do for costumes we could run in for the Halloween Hustle. And the wheels were turning...

In the meantime, we went to get our race packets the day before the run. As we went in, we gave our names to the employee at table, we got our bibs & info for the race. We also took in 4 canned goods, each, to get into a drawing for a running store gift card. As the other employee (who is also the race coordinator) took our canned goods & got our names for the drawing, she looked at me and asked if I was the one who blogged on the Firecracker Flight. In fact, if you remember, I did do a blog post about our Firecracker Flight experience, at the end of June! (reminder of the post HERE) She couldn't remember how she got to it, but said she loved reading it since it was from the runner's point of view!
Whoa! That was so awesome! Weird for me...but totally killer amazing!

And, as I was blown away from that bit of info, we went on with our day...still wondering what we were going to wear to run in...

Sadly, it was hard for me to think. I was suffering from a bad migraine that I was trying so hard to keep at bay. Not. Good.

However, I had just gotten new running shoes! They were SO needed as I wore out my other running shoes big time! This was another layer to my yucky training this month. But I did get this fantastic pair of Saucony Kinvara 5's!!

There's a runners' adage that says: "The brighter the shoe, the faster the runner."
BOOM! Get your sunglasses, peeps!

Since these shoes are obviously yellow...I wanted a cosTUTUme to go with the shoes. After a few fleeting thoughts, I made a decision! All I needed was ears. Well, also, another tutu that went perfectly.

I decided to be Minnie!

Ears & tutu to go along with the long sleeves, top, leggings (not pictured here), and headband I already had

Had to get the perfect makeup, too! Even for running!

Now then...since I had a migraine yesterday, I could not partake in usual my night-before-race routine to help insure a PR. So my equation to a PR was thrown off. I would just have to focus on the morning ritual to at least help...

Once I was together, and so was hubby...we headed off, fairly early, to the race. Like...before the bright of early set in. Plus, there was fog. An awesome start for a Halloween run...but not so good trying to see the road since it was still before the bright of early. Remember?

We got parked, valuables locked up, bananas consumed, water taken in, bibs on, necessary electronics in hand...and we were off to where it was all to begin...

And as the sun was rising, more people were coming in. Not a whole lot in costume...but still several.

Pre-race selfie/ussie/runfie after the sun started waking up

Before things got started, there was a costume contest... usual, I just want to be in a class to seem competitive whether I win or not:

Here I am standing with my running friend, Sandy (from the Firecracker Flight),
as we wait to be costume-judged...
OK, so there was some pretty good competition out there...and there was only one winner for each of 3 categories: kids, adults, group. I wasn't in the kid category, and it would be weird as a solo entry in a I was grouped in with a large group of costumed adults...
...and the winner is...
...a guy who dressed as Paul Bunyon!
OK...he did look really good. But it's OK! I loved my little cosTUTUme!

Soon after that, we began to gather at the start line...

The national anthem was sung...the drawing for the running store gift card had a name announced (bummer...not me or the hubby), and we were OFF...!!

Hubby's start of the race...

My mo-cheese-mo start to the race!! Duh!
Like I've said before, I'm not gonna lie...this course was difficult. Absolutely beautiful fall scenery, fog-infused sun rays thru trees...but there were some tough hills! Oh...and a surprise stretch of trail running...with hills! Yikes!
Did see a guy bite the dust on the trail portion. He was OK...but it was scary to see!

And as the race went on, right around mile 3 was recorded for posterity:

Hubby killing the course!

When you don't plan on a PR,  just cheese it hardcore for the camera...

And we came up to the finish line...

BUMMER!!! They missed my signature leap!!
And you know I did it...

After we both finished...and we got our pics with our finisher medals!

No, I did not PR, but I still felt pretty good about my run! I still finished in under 30 minutes!

Heck yeah! I still did pretty OK, I think! Still averaging under a 10-minute mile. That's crazy to me! And 7th in my division? And 33rd overall female; 76th overall?? I'll take it all!!

And you know what? I'm married to a stud! He finished 6th overall & earned 1st in his age division! Plus...he got a PR!! His day was HUGE!!! So proud of my Prince Charming!

Before the day was over, we did get a chance to have a couple of fun pics in there, too:

Yeah...we're cute. We know.

I also had the privilege of meeting a fellow Run JunkEe!! There's an online running group I'm part of that is so encouraging! And there's those of us who do post in there pics, questions, tips, encouragement, milestones, etc. And I remember a couple of recent posts from Melinda. And there she was standing in the parking lot! I went & see if she was a fellow JunkEe...and then introduced myself. She was doing the 10k & I tried to give her some pre-race encouragement.

I saw her again after the race...right after she crossed the line! I was so proud of her!!
Everyone...wave hi to Melinda!!

What a great morning for a run! Overall, I had a lot of fun. PR, but after the crummy training I've had, I was happy to take in the 3.1 miles in a Halloween cosTUTUme!
Plus, I got to meet a fellow JunkEe...and totally root on my stud of a hubby!

Oh...and just in case...
The race coordinator from Bodies Health & Fitness may read this blog again.
If that's the case, everyone, wave hi to Jen!

Now...onto continuing to root on the Royals to World Series victory! And more race planning, too! Oh...and getting together my final Trunk-or-Treat promo costume, plus Halloween costumes...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. Your costumes are so amazing! I love that race photo of you and Mr Incredible. =) Happy Halloween!

    1. Well thank you!! I just love dressing up & having fun with it. And Mr. Incredible also had a Mrs. Incredible! They looked...well...incredible! They were some of my faves out there!