Saturday, November 8, 2014

SpongeBob Teaches AM~Erica: Part Duex

So anyway...

We had to get up early this morning. On a Saturday.


Teen Boy had day 2 of his speech & debate tournament this weekend, so I made sure he was actually up & moving (he doesn't get much sleep on Friday nights before having to be back on Saturday morning), and hubby gets up to drive him to the school...well, we don't get a lot of sleep on these nights either.

So, up & at 'em before the bright of early, we managed to get him up & out the door. Since I was already up, I decided I'd wait a bit for the weekend news to come on to catch the weather & stuffs...mostly the weather. In the meantime, Lil Guy got up...just before the bright of early. Just before I could get the remote to turn on the news...Lil Guy grabbed it!

He turned on the first...
...I got a quick moment with the weather... changed...

Next thing I knew, Nickelodeon was on the TV showing an episode of Big Time Rush.
I questioned Lil Guy about it by exclaiming, "REALLY?!?"

He answered with, "Well, it's what's on right now since 'SpongeBob' doesn't come on yet."

I was a little frustrated in that moment...and then my inner child hit me on the back of the head!

What hit me the hardest was this:
It was recently reported that there was a sad end to my childhood, along with so many others', when the beauty & fun of Saturday morning cartoons officially came to an end. *cries*

Days of waking up early on a non-school day to find sugary-fruity-chocolatey character-type cereal or pop tarts to eat while filling the morning and killing time watching hours of animation on the small screen. Still in pajamas & sitting too close to the screen to ruin our eyesight with brightly moving colors of crazy characters & bizarre hilarity was a weekly staple.

And's gone. All gone...

Come to think of it, my own kiddos had very little of that. Probably because we are all so busy all the time. There was always a practice, a game, a program...something we had to be at on a Saturday morning. There was no time to hang out in pajamas eating cereal too close to the TV to watch cartoons on local networks. We filled our time with crazy schedules...and the demise of Saturday morning cartoons caught the brunt of it...and are now extinct.

Well...that hurt.

And here we are on a Saturday morning, up before the bright of early, to get a kid ready for a tournament...but the other kid here was up by the bright of search out...a cartoon!

I realized he was longing to take in what we have lost. Yes, it took tracking it down on basic cable...but it was a cartoon!

It was a cartoon that our family actually enjoys taking in from time-to-time. Why? It's stupid-simplicity is ridiculously fun & doesn't take a lot of thinking. It's child-like innocence, though brain-numbing at times, can be just the perfect thing to recharge every one of us!

Yes, we need a break from it, too. It can get to the point of annoying...but we still come back to it. We find ourselves watching it, laughing at it, enjoying it, quoting it...

Yes, SpongeBob is a ridiculous cartoon. But what Saturday morning cartoon from our own childhoods weren't ridiculous?'s SpongeBob, again. First, SpongeBob SCHOOLED ME ON HISTORY, and now about my inner Saturday morning child.

Well played, SpongeBob...well played...

It's Saturday morning...I'm in my jammies. Let me finish my cereal while I watch SpongeBob with Lil Guy & hubby. Even with my grown up coffee...I'm taking this little bit to get back in touch with my childhood...again.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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