Thursday, May 14, 2015

AM~Erica is So Proud of the Accomplishments

So anyway...

It's that time of year when the school year winds down and another fiscal year is coming to a close.

This is also the time of year for the extra curricular awards banquets & ceremonies, too. And this year is no different.

Last night was one of those banquets. Teen Boy had his end-of-the-year squad awards banquet for his speech & debate squad.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the banquet was moved to our church! YAY!! So my son helped my hubby set up for the event.

It was catered, and the food was pretty good; there were speeches from the seniors for their farewells; there was an ongoing slideshow of all the craziness that happened within the squad thru the year; and there were awards....a whole lot of awards!

Now, we knew that Teen Boy would be getting his letter in debate...again (so a bar to add to the letter), his degree promotion for the points he's accumulated thru the year, plus he'd be bringing home his trophies he earned thru the year, too. Plus we had an idea of at least another award he'd probably get. So we were looking forward to this year. Taking it all in.

As the awards were getting going, he got his bar for both the speech and debate sides (so a bar for each), and he received his degrees of Outstanding Distinction AND Superior Distinction!

Woo Hoo!!!

Then they started giving out the squad awards. These are voted on by the squad!!

When it came time for International Extemper of the was Teen Boy. We figure that was the other one he was getting...but still...WOO HOO!!

He was also helping to present one of the awards, too. So that was fun....

But then things started going crazy!!

All of a sudden, he got honorable mention (read: 1st runner up) for Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debater of the Year AND for Varsity Congressman of the Year!!
PLUS....he was voted Varsity Public Forum Debater of the Year with his debate partner!!

Also, as officers were being announced for next year, our son wasn't called up...but....
He was appointed as the Debate Chair of the squad's annual speech & debate tournament they host!! We were SO excited!! Not necessarily surprised, but still so proud! Supposedly he didn't want it, but thought he'd throw his hat in the ring to be considered "if they needed him to do it." Apparently he's what they needed.

Oh...we started reminiscing with him at the table when the members of the year awards were being given. They were handing out the Novice-of-the-Year awards...and we were talking about when Teen Boy won one of the novice awards a couple of years ago (reminder HERE).

Then as it came time to announce the Varsity-Member-of-the-Year, within a couple of seconds of his coach talking, I started getting choked up. But I was trying to hold it sounded like our son she was describing, but I would have looked like an idiot for crying for another kid. So I looked down & away as the description continued to sound like Teen Boy! And so....she called his name!!


Even one of the seniors address him in her farewell speech to keep him encouraged.

Whew!! I was an emotional wreck! My hubby was an emotional wreck! We have another year of this, people. If we were this mushy for his junior year...
Never mind...I don't even want to think about next year. It's gonna have to be a box of tissues for all.

And then the outgoing president got up to give his closing remarks & farewell speech. This guy is a great guy...and apparently was making bets with other seniors about whether or not they'd cry during their speeches. LOL!! But...mostly because he know he was going to be a puddle of mush during his speech. One of the saddest & most touching I've ever heard.
He singled out a few of the squad members, but knew he needed to get a move on (the banquet was already nearing 4 hours usual).

Then closing remarks from the coaches came. And it was a prepared statement with shocking news. News that prompted shock, silence & tears as the send off was given. A statement when prompted me to put out an open letter to our district superintendent & school board. (can be read HERE, along with the statement given that caused the chaos)

As everyone was consoling each other & the seniors were giving their last banquet hugs, the outgoing president came up to us & apologized for not singling Teen Boy out...but he said he was already a weepy mess. But he wanted our son to know how great this guy thought he was. But we were interrupted as Teen Boy walked by, so the outgoing president could run over, hug him & tell him himself.

We think he's pretty awesome. And we are so glad he's found where he belongs. And he does pretty well...

The awards, degrees, certificates, and earned trophies
(not including additional medals received for placing thru the year)

It was an emotional night. We are so proud of what Teen Boy has accomplished....and we look forward to what he'll do next year!

...but it might night be without a bunch of tears.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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