Monday, October 12, 2015

AM~Erica Celebrates Belatedly

So anyway...

I keep trying to get the holiday going, but things keep getting in our way by way of scheduling & things.

Last year, on October 9th, I tried to celebrate Leif Erickson Day (reminder HERE), and it went OK. Needed to do much better. So I tried again this year...

It was Teen Boy's last first tournament of his high school career. So he wouldn't be with us for dinner, for sure.

Teen Girl is trying to start her job, so she had her first training/orientation - but their computers were down, so she was there for about 5 minutes...again.

Lil Guy had a school thing where it was like a writer's workshop. They were to showcase a story they had been working on, along with some goodies.

As you can see, chunks of our day were taken up already.

Originally I was picturing having crepes with lingonberry sauce...but...but...pumpkin pancakes happened! Because, well, pumpkin pancakes.
When I walked into our IHOP with my hubby, one of the servers saw us coming, was waiting for us, then said, "Hi, guys! Pumpkin pancakes? Do you even need menus?"
They know us there.
So, coffee & pumpkin pancakes it became. Because...pumpkin pancakes.
We love them.

Also, since it was a Friday, and Teen Boy was at a tournament, we usually have orange chicken. (recipe HERE) It was hard to waiver from our first orange chicken dinner in quite some time.

Plus, the Royals were playing that night, too.

The closest viking-anything I did during the day was wear a fur accessorize my Royals shirt, of course.

*le sigh*

Another holiday that didn't go nearly as planned...figures.

So, I decided to piece it together in the time coming.

Saturday, I decided to do a viking-inspired meal. Even though the kiddos were grumpy about it (minus Teen Boy, who was back at his tournament), I baked up some salmon fillets on cedar planks, then served it with cranberry sauce (YAY! It's cranberry season!! Find the recipe HERE) and some sweet potato crinkles.

I added almonds to top my salmon, walnuts topped the salmon for hubby.

Then, since it's is October, I have dressed up for the promo table for Trunk-or-Treat at church for the past few years. This year is no different.
Week 1 had Laetitia, the Roman goddess of joy, celebration & festivities cover the table.

Laetitia, Roman goddess of joy, celebration & festivities
So, when week 2 was approaching, a few things came into play for that week:
1. it needed to be used as close to Leif Erickson Day as possible
B. the Chiefs could NOT be playing the Vikings

Once both of these were confirmed, I prepared Hinga Dingadoergan, a viking warrior, to take the stage.

Hinga Dingadoergan taking the mic on the stage at Christ UMC for Trunk-or-Treat promo
** photo taken by Teen Girl **

Of course, with a ruana & fur, it would be an 80 degree day in October...
*le sigh*

So I got to show a bit of wild, viking I extended it out a little bit more...

When I got home, I decided to try some of my open-faced sandwiches, just to keep up the Leif Erickson Day(s) a little longer...

Even though I'd hoped to do a little more of my open-faced sandwich (recipe HERE), I did a super simple smoked salmon on rye bread with honey mustard, chives & dill. I added the sides of strawberries & baby carrots. And it was still delicious!

I didn't get a chance to do my takeout Danish pastries (like these, HERE) or my Scandinavian-inspired almond & cardamom cakes (recipe HERE). Bummer.

So, still working on getting the Leif Erickson Day up & running, really. Slowly, but surely. Amm-i-rite? (I am right, and don't call me "Shirley.")

However, this leads to today. It's supposed to be Columbus Day...but...ugh.
My only celebrating of this day, per the usual, is not getting mail and not going to the bank. Other than that, can we please get rid of this faux celebration? I mean, my kiddos are in school today. That should tell you that this stupid "holiday" is on it's way out.

I'm all for the push for Indigenous Peoples Day. Let's get on that! And lift up Leif Erickson Day, too! ( is an actual federal holiday, folks.)

In the meantime, Hinga Dinga Durgan from Hinga Dingadoergan! And work on better celebrating next year.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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