Saturday, July 20, 2013

AM~Erica Wonders What is Really Being Protested

So anyway...

ALL of America needs to take note: Racism runs in all directions. The moment you are willing & ready to throw out the race card at any given circumstance...then the label goes on you, too. This was not a white vs black case. The accused was bi-racial. Half of one race & half of another constitutes bi-racial...regardless of the mixed races. And it was not a stand your ground was self defense. The justice system spoke. The jury weighed evidence given to them. No racism/hate crime was ever considered...and neither was stand your ground.

Even though a 17 yo guy (yes...I said 'guy', not "child") was killed, in many states he's considered an adult. If the tables had been turned, he would have been tried as an adult. By that time in school, they are considered young men & young women. Trust me...I know they are still minors & not legal adults...but the system is broken in this case.

It is tragic no matter how you look at it. None of it should have happened. There is absolutely no winners in this case...and absolutely no one was innocent.

But...if you want the race thing to be leveled out...quit being so quick to jump to it as being a reason right off the bat. It happens too often. But that goes for ALL sides! It's sad when bad & ugly stereotypes get lifted up. Do something better with yourselves & treat others the way you want to be treated. If groups got together to uplift the acquitted side for wrong reasons...don't be upset.

Get over yourselves. Move on! EVERYONE!!!!!! Hug it out and tear up your race card.

The whole thing is very sad...all the way around. It's tiring hearing the whineyness from any side of it. It's done. There are stereotypes within all races! The question you fall into one of the stereotypes? Or can you actually be yourself to let others see the real you? Regardless of background, skin color, living situations, family...whatever! Rise above & be the better person. And stop & think if you are standing for what is really right...or a blind cause.

Equality comes when we all work together as one unit...not the constant divisiveness at any & every turn. How do we get past that?

There's something for all of us to think about. Because it doesn't bring back a 17yo young man. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and in the wrong mindset as he sadly fell into a stereotype of older teenagers/young adults who had been breaking into this neighborhood.

But take note that it was never OK for the accused to get out of his car when told not too...with a weapon designed to kill. NONE of it should have happened!

So stop taking sides & figure out how to come together already, America!

Now the question is: Does it start with you?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

** Notice I didn't use either of the names in the case? We are all either of those people at any given time! I used their names before...but this is now beyond them. It's about us as a people...AMERICAN PEOPLE!

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