Monday, August 5, 2013

AM~Erica Believes in the Power of Prayer

So anyway...

Got a call this morning that my 92yo grandmother had a stroke. Left side completely paralyzed & couldn't form words. After being given some declotting meds, an angiogram, and lots of grandmother is doing amazingly well compared to what they thought she would be when she first arrived.

She has movement on her left side, can lift her left arm & leg...and she can form words! She knows where she's at, what's going on...and even has a bit of humor in her. She told the lab technician taking blood to not take all of it.

Imagine my surprise when she even asked if my kiddos were ready for school, especially Lil Guy, and wanted to see if we enjoyed our vacation.!

She still must go thru quite a bit of therapy for movement & speech...but she moved her check-in nurse to tears when she saw the progress within hours. And that moved me to tears.

Now...I don't know if she'll remember that I was even there, but I am stoked to know that she is doing so well that she may be moved into a regular room tomorrow!

I honestly cannot thank those of you who prayed & sent positive energy today. Even if you didn't know why. We were lifting up a very special woman...and she is so much stronger than she believes she is. Because of how bleak things sounded & the little I had to go on earlier, I could not give details. But I am moved by the faith you all have that joined in prayer during an uncertain time. My family cannot thank you enough!!!

I waited a long time with my dad today. As he said, "This waiting sucks!" And it did...but it brought great news!

She is not out of the woods yet. Please keep up the prayers & positive thoughts. They work miracles!

Stay tuned...

Got word she was feeding herself a sandwich & using BOTH hands!!! Moved to a regular room & her face is even less droopy. She will begin physical & speech therapy right away. Continued prayers and positive thoughts & energy is working beautifully! Keep it up as she continues to recover. Thank you all! You all are a blessing!

God Bless, AM~Erica

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