Monday, February 24, 2014

AM~Erica Imagines if the Oscars Were Seussical

So anyway...

I'm not sure if you can believe it or not...but believe it! February is almost done & we are nearing the end of the 1st quarter of 2014! WOW! This year is working it's way right along!

March is right upon us...and I make sure we celebrate several things during this coming month. (check out my celebrations HERE)

Once in a while, there's a holiday &/or event that collides with another. The first Sunday in March is no different this year...

The Oscars are coming! I know not everyone gets into those, but many do. Who will win best movie, actress, actor, supporting actor & actress, director, screenplay, animated movie, adaptation, makeup, costumes, foreign film, short film, cinematography, best original song, best score, sound editing, etc.? I find it fun to see who presents what, what the teleprompter tells them to say...or even some of the improvisational & off-the-cuff moments needed to fill some time or to make a better transition...or because there's now a running joke. I'm also excited abut Ellen DeGeneres hosting again! The People's Choice Awards were hosted by the stars of "Two Broke Girls", the Golden Globes were hosted by the dream team of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler...and now the Oscars by Ellen! Women are kinda ruling this hosting business!
(Yes...I know LL Cool J hosted the Grammys...but it's been mostly women this time around...)

Anyhoo...I also love the fashion. Who is wearing what on the red carpet. Seeing who breaks the mold & wears something totally crazy...who plays it safe & wears a sequin sheath dress...I like that part.

It's the hosting of Ellen & where the fashions could go that led me to this line of thinking:

What if the Oscars went Seussical??

Yes...I totally mean a Dr. Seuss-themed/inspired Academy Awards Ceremony!

The Oscars fall on March 2nd this year...which happens to be the birthday of Theodore Geisel!

So...imagine with me...

The wavy red carpet would contain styles you would find from the 1980's, mid-late 1960's, and things that have stripes or polka-dots, featuring puffy things & feathery things, full of bright colors, and maybe channeling your inner Lady Gaga or Helena Bonham Carter!

Can you see it? And Jay Manuel should loan out his tuxedos for that night, too!

See? Like Tim Burton took over the red carpet!

OH! Could you imagine if he directed the Oscars? Danny Elfman would be the musical director for it!

Ellen could totally be in a Cat in the Hat inspired tux!

Suessical Oscars

Right?? RIGHT???

And then imagine if all of the teleprompter scripts & speeches were all in Seussical form!

Oh, wouldn't that be glorious? You know...just to shake things up a bit. And Ellen at the helm could TOTALLY do it!! Amm-i-rite??

The set would look a little like Whoville & the Wonka Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton's version)...

The whole thing would be like "Fancy Grammys"!

I'm so disappointed in myself for not thinking this thru WAY sooner! This would have made an awesome crossover party!! But I wouldn't have had time this year, anyway...maybe in another 11 years.... I'm starting the planning NOW!! It will be EPIC!!!

Stay tuned...

*SCREECH* WAIT!!! Since we did the Wayne's World travel-back dissolved for this Oscars post, it's only fitting this is thrown in:

You're welcome.
(Hey! Mike Meyers was Cat in the Hat after all...)

God Bless, AM~Erica

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