Thursday, February 27, 2014

AM~Erica is Gonna Put the Seussical Into Use-ical

So anyway...

I am getting ready to celebrate one of my favorite weird holidays.
It is getting close to time
for me to use some Seussical rhyme.

That's right, people...this weekend is Dr. Seuss' birthday!

Much like I have done with St. Patrick's Day (HERE) & Talk Like a Pirate Day (HERE), I am trying to get as many of you as possible to prepare to celebrate! And to get the focus on WHY there is the celebration.

The birthday of Theodore Geisel is no different! There has been a rise of celebration for Dr. Seuss' birthday in the last several years, and it has kicked off the Read Across America week in schools.

I want to continue to urge kids of all ages...ALL read, but Theodore Geisel was a brilliant mind! He would have to be to create & illustrate the fantastic nonsense that made sense. Amm-i-rite?

His madness was, and still is, fantastic & so worth celebrating! And I mean celebrating to the hilt!

Wearing crazy stripes, stove pipe hats, sporting crazy hair, and out-there fashions just lead to thoughts of being a Who, or other character/creature, from Seussville.

Watching a movie from a Dr. Seuss book is highly encouraged! Even if it's a Christmas one. The only one I didn't like was "The Cat in the Hat", starring Mike Meyers & a very young Dakota Fanning. Which is sad since it was so perfectly cast. But that's my own opinion...however, you don't see it popping up on movie channels, or even on ABC Family. That says a lot!

Now then...the food...

We have done several things in the past few years. Plus there all kind of other ideas, too...but here's a few things I've forced my family to eat...which didn't turn out so bad & is totally & Seussically festive:

Who Hash

I've done this a couple of times within this past year. It started out on Dr. Seuss' Birthday...and we did fix it a few other times! It's a winner of dinner!

Roast Beast Who Hash recipe HERE

Pantry Who Hash (aka - Poor Man's Who Hash) recipe HERE

We have had green [scrambled] eggs & ham before. However, since then we have non-pork eater. However...I have a thought to include & put a twist on the beloved book, "Green Eggs & Ham", that would allow our non-pork eater to join in the fun...
Have you ever been to Red Robin & partaken in the Royal Red Robin? It's the burger that has a fried egg on it! If you've had it, you know it's REALLY good! If you haven' probably sounds weird, but you gotta give it a try (if you want to spend $10 on that burger). OK, I know it comes with bacon...but we would leave it off, fry up the egg & color it green...then pop it on top of the patty...because "green egg & ham[burger]"!

Doctored image from Williams-Sonoma
This would be SO awesome if it looked like this...

I'm not gonna lie...I do wish Heinz would bring back the crazy ketchup colors (remember those?) for Dr. Seuss' birthday. How awesome would it be to have that purple ketchup dripping from your green eggs & hamburger? Very Seussy, amm-i-rite??

Any-who...(see what I did there?) can do easier things like serving rainbow Goldfish crackers ("One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish")...

...and blue jello in clear small bowls with a Swedish fish in the jello ("Cat in the Hat").

We have also done bread & butter - half was butter-side-up, the other half was butter-side-down ("The Bitter Butter Battle"). I might do this again, and paint the bread with colored milk before toasting it! Seussical bread would be an amazing thought!

So fun! Amm-i-rite?
Painted Toast image via Spearmint Baby

We certainly could not have a meal with without a drink!
So we make Pink Ink to drink!
We drink Pink Ink, just like the Yink!
We drink the Pink Ink Yink drink! it's so super easy! We make a gallon of Koolaide. Seriously. It's half pink lemonade & half strawberry. And it's delicious! You could do pink lemonade, too.

Our Dr. Seuss Feast 2011:
Green eggs & green ham, rainbow Goldfish, buttered bread,
"Who Hash" (which was really spoonable cornbread...I 
didn't know better then),
and Pink Ink

We also call it Hope Juice because Teen Girl says, "it tastes like hope feels." (quoting one of her favorite John Green books...which I'm pretty sure it's "The Fault in our Stars") But it's Pink Ink on Dr. Seuss' birthday.

I'm not one that does a lot of crafts. See...I'm what you would call "craft-challenged". I'm creative, but certainly NOT crafty! However, even though I'm not a game player, I will have some fun with some Seussy festivities! Actually, I did it a couple of years ago when I made a surprise trip back to St. Louis!

So...I obviously think you should look the part, too!

Here I am with Tim Ezell after the Seuss Olympics in 2012

Yep! Stripes, spots & blue scarf. I made the shirt to look like it was straight out of a Dr. Seuss book & I had the scarf in the perfect blue. I have that spotted scarf & I added a feather headband last year, along with some touches of blue hair.

You can also use "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?" to make the craziest sounds. You might surprise yourself!

Using "The Foot Book" is perfect to discuss all of our differences & how it makes each of us unique & special!

Start planning ahead for Earth Day while you delve into "The Lorax".

With the Oscars being on Dr. Seuss' birthday this year, I have been imagining what it would look like if the whole thing was Seussical-themed! I have a crazy Pinterest board imagining what the fashion could look like! I'm entertained by the thought of these, for sure! (check it out HERE)

You can check out my other Dr. Seuss celebrations HERE, too.

There are so many other books of his you can use to celebrate with!

You can even start on a smaller scale. Wear a striped shirt &/or socks. Color some pasta or mashed potatoes green, blue, or purple. Read a few of the books & get inspired! It's really hard NOT to get inspired from these books!

Oh what, oh what
do you want to do
to celebrate
from hat to shoe?

Keep using your mind
and Dr. Seuss
to put your mind
and creativity to use!

Put Dr. Seuss
to good use!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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