Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting AM~Erica Inspired to Move

So anyway...

I have a lot of friends who go out and get fit...often. Good for them! It's not for me.

Don't get me wrong...back in my dancing days, I would sweat a lot. I worked hard & I was in killer shape! But seriously...that was "back in the day." I've talked about my dancing now, HERE, which involves me doing it as a ministry. It doesn't happen very often...and I got kinda lazy.

I was hoping to not have to sweat to get in shape. I eat everything in moderation...and I try to make most of it good for me to eat. I use the stairs in our house several times in the mornings & sometimes thru the afternoon/evening. And since we are coffee snobs (reminder HERE), I can use our hand-held electric coffee grinder much like a Shake Weight in the mornings. I don't brag too often on myself (cuz I really am humble & I find it weird), but my arms are pretty good just from shaking my grinder every morning for about 15 seconds.

I loved doing yoga "back in the day." I do miss it. But I will admit that I hardly have a long enough quiet time to get some yoga in. And I'm not big on that sweating stuff.

However...I found a way to work out daily without sweating. Remember? (New Year's workout plan HERE)

You know what? It's been working for me just fine. JUST FINE, I tell ya!!

My hubby has usually been the one to work out & work at staying fit. He'd always ask me to join in & I would graciously decline. And right now he's kicked up his workouts & training to get ready for the Tough Mudder that he was challenged to do. For you Tough Mudder be crazy! That's what I got to say to you. Oh...and more power to ya. Sounds like you need it!
If you don't know what the Tough Mudder's like the Warrior Dash on crack. Seriously. It's 12 miles of 25 ridiculous obstacles. *shudders*

I've gotten out & walked before. But I didn't stick with it. Well, illness stepped in each time & then I found it hard to start up again. But faking being in shape certainly hasn't done me much good.

The last few weeks, I have been keeping up with so many status updates of several of you working on getting into shape. I have been in awe of you. Especially when you all would talk about how hard it was, but still stuck with it.

I'm going to switch gears for a slight moment...
Just a couple of days ago, I saw an article about how SELF magazine did tutu shaming of a marathon runner who wore a Super Woman costume to give her motivation to run since she was on chemo for a brain tumor. On top of that...she sells running tutus as a charity to motivate girls to run. D'oh! The magazine said it was trying to be funny...but they epically failed at that. They have since been apologizing for being so insensitive!
But I did notice the tutu idea really was adorable!

OK, back to what I was talking about before...*ahem*
Yesterday, there were several posts on Facebook from & about friends who took part in a couple of races. There were pics from the Run or Dye 5K, and from the Diva Dash...
Now then...there have posts from others who do their runs that I see, and I can scroll thru the pics & admire them. But there was something about Beqi, Jessica, Louise & Aimee that really caught my attention. I have known these lovely ladies for many years & under different circumstances. None of them have been your "avid runner". Yet...I saw them covered in colors &/or wearing tutus. They were holding medals & looking like they had a great time. The sense of accomplishment on their faces really caught my attention...

I've always been taken by the color runs & the Glow Run. I've planned many-a-time to take part in the Race for the Cure. But I guess I didn't have the motivation like I thought I did. Until yesterday.

On Saturday, March 29th, 2014...I found inspiration! Not only in these fabulous ladies, but in tutus, costumes, medals...colors & glows!

That's right. I found inspiration in tutus, in color, necklaces (as Kelly Ripa calls them) and in the fun. Even if it involves a lot of sweating & running to get to this point! And I found inspiration in friends who were driven to enjoy getting fit!

People...I haven't actually run in...uh...I don't know how long. Well...I tried once out of low-self esteem spite. That was NOT good. At all! And really was only 1 time.

But, after getting inspired & researching...and getting a Pinterest board started (check it out HERE), I put on some running shoes & sunscreen. I threw on leggings (for working out...not pants), and my Derrick Thomas-inspired t-shirt I got about a year ago. And I took in the 70+ degree weather!

I told my hubby, while he was working out, that I was heading out to run. He looked at me, speechless. I assured him I wasn't going far. There's not a chance that I could. The joke has always been that I wouldn't make it to the end of the driveway. I've even said that. But he helped me semi-map out a short course to try. Maybe about a mile. And I started out the door...

...but not before telling my kiddos that I was heading out on a run. Teen Girl kindly offered to get 911 on the phone as a pre-emptive measure. Teen Boy hoped I would just jog around the driveway so the ambulance could just find me there.
My children are charming...

However, I was bound to prove them wrong! Tutus & medals are at stake, yo! So I took off...

And it was oh-so-obvious I had not run in oh-so-long!

So, today, March 30, 2014...I began running because I have been inspired!

I was so grateful that my hubby gave me a plan that allowed me to bail early. I didn't make it a mile. But you know what? I was still upright AND broke a sweat!

Post mini-run...yeah, I'm still standing!

I'm going to need ibuprofen tonight. I'm still dealing with jelly-legs. But I have a sense of accomplishment. A sense of being inspired!

Now I hope I can keep it up...

Not too sure I will be ready for the Glow Run in June...but I have a goal to do the KC Race for the Cure in August. It would be a big deal if I could do it. That's my big goal right now...

And then, someday...because I am a Disney Princess (reminders HERE), I now have it on my bucket list to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Disney? Costumes encouraged? Princess medal? Yeah...that would be awesome! Princesses can totally run, too!

Whatever it takes to get someone off the couch...amm-i-rite?

Tutus: they're not just for dancing anymore...

I hope to give periodic updates on my blog. Hoping to use it as some additional accountability.

Believe it or not...I'm nearly looking forward to going back out there...maybe I'll get that mile in.

So...stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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