Friday, September 20, 2013

Cap'n AM~Erica Be Talkin' Like a Pirate

So lubbers...

If ye haven't heard be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys!!

How have ye been participatin'?

As ye know...this pirate can bee seen dressin', eatin', an' you be knowin' I be speakin' like one. Arrrr...


OK, OK...I started this post last night, but there were so many distractions that I couldn't finish it! We had some company & had to watch the Chiefs go 3-0 against the Eagles (which may be a whole post by itself)! And...I wanted to get a recipe on the food blog while it was in my head. More on that in a moment...

So, did any of you celebrate TLAP Day?

If you haven't figured out, I certainly had to dress the part...but there was a hitch in my original plan on how to dress. You see, a I mentioned, the Chiefs were playing! I had to work in my red & gold...

And since my hubby took the day off, due to the insanity this week became, we treated it like our usual Friday date day. So we went out to Barrel. We wanted to look at the adorable country store to see what fall & Halloween stuff then might have out. But...e,at first!

As we were seated, we were told that Uncle Herschel's Breakfast was on special. Then hubby & I began to scan & investigate the menu to see what might sound good after ordering our coffee, of course. I began to look over the highlighted special & there was an option on there that led me to choose the breakfast of Uncle Herschel...
Not only did my grits & the biscuits with gravy, I could choose apple butter, too! (Duh! Fall!) I got my eggs over hard, got the fried apples (Duh! Fall!)...and my meat of choice was...wait for it...catfish. No, really!

YUM! Grits & fried catfish for breakfast!
I think my hubby thought I was crazy...but did he totally miss how I was dressed sitting across the table from him? *snort*

After our bellies were filled, we looked around the Christmas items! About a quarter of the store was Christmas! I think there were about 4 trees up & decorated! It was crazy. Oh...there was a little bit of fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff in there, too.

Then we needed food for the week & for what I planned for the TLAP dinner. So we made our weekly run, just a day early, and it threw off our regular cashier. hehe

Once we got home & put away the groceries, we loaded up to set a course to take the Sea-Sick Crocodile (yeah...that's what I named my ship last year...and I love it) to sail over to finish up our shopping to pick up a few things we couldn't get on the 1st run.

Eventually I set sail on a solo cruise to Krispy Kreme to score some loot of a dozen doughnuts for being dressed like a pirate. Now, in my last post about it (HERE), I showed you what their guidelines were to score some free doughnuts. So I changed my outfit up a little bit to try to cover my bases:

I added a hat, and skirt so I could wear
my striped knickers to flash if needed.
My Broadway Babies peeps might remember these! hehe

As a waltzed into the Krispy Kreme destination, I was prepared to have them try to keep up with what I was wearing to see if I would get to do this:

But, alas...I think if you put effort into your outfit, you got the loot. All I did was walk in there & they gave me a dozen from under the counter...either that, or they were terrified of me. Let's pretend that was the deal, OK? Thanks.

However, since a peg leg & a costume hook is on their list of items to have, I thought about walking in with a plunger & telling them that I plundered it from Pee-Wee while using the poop deck so I could come get some doughnut loot. Maybe next year...

I wanted to take in the free fish from Long John Silvers, but hubby & I were so full!!! And our time was really short. Plus, I couldn't wait to try what I had in store our pirate dinner!!

Eventually we got ourselves together, I got changed back into my 1st outfit, and we began to prep for dinner!!

Let me give you a rundown of our menu:

Planked TiLAPia (recipe HERE)
Fish Planks
Chicken Planks
"Seaweed" Salad
Golden Potato Quarters
Goldfish Mac & "Cheese"
Sea Salt Rice Crisps
Lemon & Black Pepper Rice Crisps
Pirate's Booty Puffed Snacks

Because of how my brain works, I eventually came around to thinking up have grilled fish on a plank. And, since it was for TLAP brain jumped to the pun of TiLAPia. *SNORT* Yeah...I went there! So...that's what we did! So I had my hubby grill up the tilapia with some lemon & rosemary. It was SOOOO good!!! He'd never grilled fish...and definitely never used planks. He did researching, I did researching...and we came up with this winner, winner, plank-fish dinner!

We also made sure to serve up some store-bought battered fish in case the grilling didn't go so well. And we had the chicken planks (tenders) for the kiddos who sadly don't like seafood.

To get some greens in there, I found a mix of baby spinach & baby kale. It was very reminiscent of seaweed, so I was sold. I tossed it in a splash of lemon juice & some sea salt. Plus, leftovers are going to be just wilted enough to put into an omelet the next morning!

I also fixed up some golden potatoes, cut into quarters & delightfully boiled in butter, sea salt & a splash of lemon juice to keep their golden color & to give 'em a good flavor. Any leftovers can be smashed/mashed or fried up...maybe with that omelet with the wilted greens!

I came across some Goldfish (yes, like the crackers) brand Mac & Cheese. I didn't have any, it was more for the kiddos. They were very unsure about it. Only one of them was really fine with it. So...not doing that anymore. So, just FYI...just stick with the Goldfish crackers.

I also needed some kind of bread. I didn't have time to make hard tack (but I will next time), so I dealt with crackers! Cuz we all know that Polly would want some, amm-i-rite? So I found these rice crisps that would work really well: one of them was sea salt flavored, and the others were lemon & black pepper flavored. They were perfect!!

And of course, I had to get some Pirate's Booty puffed corn snacks. Not only because of the brand, but they always make me think of my friend RENEE. I miss her. And I think she would've gotten a kick out of all of this. Even better? My youngest ate half of one of the bags. I think we have a winner!

Did you notice that there's a lot of sea salt & citrus (mostly lemon) involved? Yeah, that was on purpose. Sea salt should be self-explanatory; the citrus is to keep the scurvy at bay. Amm-i-rite? *snort*

We followed up the meal with the free doughnuts, of course.

To drink, we just served some semi-sweet iced tea & some lemonade. Yes, we probably needed rum...but have you seen how expensive that stuff is? But I worked up a drink for myself that sufficed a bit:

I call it "Cap'n Arnold Palmer's Grog"! Remember when I played with the Arnold Palmer drink before? (recipe HERE) This time, I added a splash of rum flavoring, poured the lemonade about half-way up the glass, then topped it off with the tea.

And we finished off the night with storms-a-brewin' & a crazy football game that resulted in a KC Chiefs' win taking them to 3-0!

What was a crazy-adventurous day was actually a really great one.

Looking forward to setting sail on the Sea-Sick Crocodile again...

I'm sorry...I missed it. What did you do? I would really love to hear!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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