Tuesday, March 3, 2015

AM~Erica Starts a Seussical Week

So anyway...

I didn't get to do this yesterday since it was so crazy. I rhymed yesterday. You may not see any rhyme in this post. But no guarantees...

However, our day was turned a bit topsy-turvy with strange & frustrating scheduling of things. So didn't get to do everything as hoped. But it doesn't mean it won't happen.

As I planned out dinner & dessert, I still had to pick up a couple of things from the store. When we went grocery shopping, originally, I couldn't get everything then. Figures.

So, dressed for Dr. Seuss' birthday, I was excited to sport this outfit I'd been looking forward for quite sometime!

I worked the long sleeves for the morning. And it was fun how many times I was stopped at Walmart to tell me how great or adorable my outfit was, to find out why I was dressed this way, and even was asked if I was a teacher! I was also stopped to see if I worked at a daycare!!

Nope. Not anymore...
Now, it's just what I do. (more of my weird celebrations HERE)

There was even a precious little old lady who asked why I was dressed like this. I reminded her it was Dr. Seuss' birthday. Her eyes lit up as she said, "Well it is. Isn't it? Well, no matter what, I still think your outfit is adorable."

A couple asked if I always dressed like this. Bah-hahahaha!!! *ahem* ...often...

And...a Walmart employee (who also asked if I was a teacher) bragged on my outfit, walked over to the dressing room area & loudly announced, "CAT IN THE HAT IS IN THE HOUSE!!"

I did get back home to get cleaned up, and Seussical-inspired makeup on (as I imagined it) to get going with my day.

I kept up the Cat in the Hat inspiration as I went about my day.

Since we were having Who Hash for dinner (recipe HERE), I figured I'd better get some meat thawed so I could get it all started. I decided to fry up everything in a skillet, this time, before putting it in the lazy cooker. So, it took some time.

There was an idea in my head to try a bread recipe for the day...but just didn't get the time I needed to put into it. But I will be trying soon! I hope...

I did want to try a food item I have been smitten with. I put it on my Dr. Seuss Pinterest board, and was excited to try it!! I wanted to try almost an Egg in a Basket/Egg in a Hole kind of thing, but it's a bell pepper slice instead of bread! So adorable & fun...and seemed so Seussy...
...so I tried it!

It's OK...I have a thought on how to try it next time. Because...there WILL BE a next time! But...yeah...NAILED IT!

My sons weren't getting home until later, and my hubby was away at some meetings. Besides rhyming on Twitter & Facebook, I didn't want to waste this outfit! So I headed back out...and went to Target. Yes...looking like what you see, above.

I got several looks. Duh. But one gal did tell me how adorable I looked & shared that she probably loved Dr. Seuss more than her kids. We laughed & laughed...and then I realized that was probably me...
I made my way to the cash registers to get a couple of things I'd picked up. The cashier was TOTALLY digging my getup! I know this because she told me. Then, an older lady was behind me & got in on the conversation. She actually asked me if I was a librarian!! Apparently she used to be a librarian & would go all out on reading-type events. We talked a moment about food. She said she had made avocado deviled eggs. It is something I've pinned to my Dr. Seuss Pinterest board to try. Guess it's a sign I should actually do it!

I also took a stroll around the mall. I don't think anyone knew how to take me. That's OK. I hope they were entertained & maybe inspired.

Then, it was time to head back home to prepare to get the boys home. So after I got them back to the house, it was time to prepare for the meal that evening...

Much like Teen Girl taking over making our sweet coleslaw, Lil Guy is now our official Kool-aide maker! He made our Pink Ink! We decided we would just do Pink Lemonade this time. And he did a great job! This is while Teen Boy made up some of our daily semi-sweet tea.
While they did that, I was preparing the cheesy scrambled green eggs.
We also had a little bit of ham leftover from the previous night's meal...so I heated it up & made sure it was colored green.

Plus, I did end up making some Cat in the Hat skewers to serve with some Bar-ba-Loot mix for dessert!

So happy with how it all turned out! And, the following stories were covered:

* The Cat in the Hat (and any book the Cat in the Hat appears in)
* Green Eggs and Ham
* Scrambled Eggs Super!
* One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (the Yink & the Pink Ink drink)
* The Lorax (the Bar-ba-Loots)
* How the Grinch Stole Christmas (where you'll find Who Hash)

I also sent sent rainbow Goldfish with Lil Guy for his snack at school. You know: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Even though we didn't get to enjoy them, I found this bag of apples:

OK. How many apples are in there?? Yes. There are 10! Straight from "Ten Apples Up on Top"...but instead, they were in that bag.

I usually try to work in "The Butter Battle Book," but, if you remember, I didn't have time to try the bread I'd hoped for. But...soon...

Oh...and by the way...the Who Hash really is good. Just incase you want to try it.

With my hubby getting home RIGHT at dinner time, and with a lot of outside influence on the time that was left, we didn't get to work in a Dr. Seuss movie.

However...with Dr. Seuss' birthday being celebrated by kicking off the annual National Read Across America Week...we have a few more days! So do you!

Lil Guy's school is doing their Dr. Seuss Family Reading Night tonight. You know I'm going all out for this, right? Believe me...I have something planned. My above outfit with additions...
Something like this?

Because...you know I would.

Oh...and believe me when I tell you there will be more celebrating...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica



Went to Lil Guy's school for their Read Across America Read-In. So, I dressed for the occasion!

Ummm...I was the only one dressed like this. Weird.

But, hey! Gotta have fun with it. Amm-i-rite?

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