Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AM~Erica's Pop Culture Seussical Story

So anyway...

As we continue with Read Across America Week, in honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, you know I'm doing my part to celebrate! (What I've done so far this week HERE.)

Because of a pop culture occurrence that happened very recently, I thought it would make a perfect Dr. Seuss-type story out of the insanity!

So, I wrote my version of what I believe Theodore Geisel might have put down about the effects of the mayhem. Why? Because it's worthy of a Dr. Seuss story!

Plus...I can now get my rhyming in!


Art by Nathan Fairbairn

by Erica Williams

The great debate
dividing a world into two!

Believe it or not,
the stripes which I speak
caused a big fight
lasting almost a week.

If you yelled,
It seemed to make
Team WHITE and GOLD want to crack.

Even Delmar the Donkey cried,
“Definitely BLACK with the BLUE!”
While Dolly the Donkey yelled,
“Oh! So very wrong are you!
This is ridiculous. 
This is old.
How could you even be so bold?
Everyone knows it’s all WHITE and GOLD!”

Then Elliot the Elephant 
had to report.
“It is completely of
the WHITE and GOLD sort!”

Then Ella the Elephant chimed in, too.
“All I see is the BLACK and the BLUE!”

The guy in the blue tie
yelled for the GOLD and WHITE.

The guy in the red tie,
with all of his might,
fought right back
for the BLUE and the BLACK.

What was so great
to cause this debate?

All of this mess
was caused by. . . .
the stripes of a dress!

WHITE dress.
BLUE dress.
BLACK dress.
GOLD dress.

The color of a dress
caused a world debate mess!

Oh my!
Oh! Yes!
All of this mess
was caused by how others
looked at a dress.

Half of the world
fought the
BLUE and BLACK fight.
The WHITE and GOLD half
fought the fight
with all of their might!

In the end,
one side won.
This kind of fight was all in fun. . . .
even though only one side won.

This whole mess,
the hullabaloo,
was caused by a dress
that was, indeed,

So how did this fight
get so out of hand?
With all of its might,
dividing a land!

Turns out with the light
and the way it was posed
was clearly a case of
being overexposed.

So there you have it. Hope it did Theo proud. But...amm-i-rite? Totally worthy of a Seussical book. For real!!
Now, it was done mostly tongue-in-cheek. But I did try to take his approach to a silly story.
Well...the celebrations continue...
Stay tuned...
God Bless, AM~Erica

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