Monday, March 23, 2015

AM~Erica Campaigns to Change Direction

So anyway...

Big things are happening. Important things.

With MY OWN STRUGGLES, I have felt called to become an advocate, in the field & personally, for mental health & suicide awareness moving toward prevention.

Today something important is beginning.
The Campaign to Change Direction!

Today, I have been asked to show I know the 5 signs of mental illness onset.

I know the signs

These signs are very important! If you or someone you know has been experiencing one or more of the 5 signs, I urge you to find help NOW!

I want to take this moment to urge you to also learn the 5 signs, know them, take the pledge, as I did, that you know the signs.

I would like to ask you to join the campaign...

After you take the pledge, take a selfie holding up 5 fingers to show you know the signs. Tag it with #ChangeMentalHealth. Then, ask others to take the pledge, too. Next, post it on all of your social media accounts. Be ready to talk about it...mental health AND the signs.

A personal visual of the signs - do they look or feel familiar?

Think of it this way:
If you learn CPR, you would see someone who is in distress & could use what you know. If you knew their signs & knew there's something you could do, would you just watch them suffer? Would you tell them to get over it? Would you make them feel bad about their distress?
Would you step in & do what you could to save their life until you could get them professional help?

Same thing with these signs.
If you know these signs & see someone in emotional distress...would you just stand by & tell them to get over it, or do you step in & get them to a place so that professional help can take over?

Let's get this rolling!! This is so very important!!
One in nearly every 5 people suffer from mental illness. This is about 42.5 MILLION Americans. And the conditions are more than likely diagnosable AND treatable! And it could be anyone at anytime.

If you see these changes in someone close to you...take care of them. They are in a blurred reality right now.

If you see these in yourself, I am so proud of you. Please find help!

Let's break the stigma & help this campaign explode! It might change, even save, a life, a relationship, a bank account, a job.
This campaign is THAT important.

You're move. What do you plan to do?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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