Monday, September 10, 2007

AM~Erica Presents: More Christian Adventures

So anyway...
I've lived in the KCMO area all of my life. It's all I've known. happened...
My hubby was appointed to a new church in the St. Louis area! WHAT?? So, we had to pack up everything, and move further away than "just across town"; it was across the state! We had all kinds of things going through our minds. We hoped the kids would be OK in the new surroundings, for sure.
Well, at the end of June, the moving trucks came to the driveway of our townhome, loaded them up, and we were off to a new life in a new city.
We had to stay at a hotel our first night in StL. We had to keep our chain up on the hotel door, too, so our little guy wouldn't leave the room at will.
Then...move-in day arrived! The trucks showed up with our stuff, and chaos reigned supreme. We were trying to keep the kids busy with, oh, ANYTHING - as long as it was out of the way of the movers. We tried our fenced in backyard, but little one figured out how to climb the fence within about 10-minutes. Figures.
We asked for someone from the new church to help with child-care while this was happening. Please keep in mind that the church offered it...we weren't demanding newbys. Finally, the chairman of our Pastor Parish committee showed up, helped move a few things around, and just tried to lend a helping hand to make sure we got in OK. Then...we realized we hadn't heard from little one for a while in the chaos...the search is on!
We looked in the new backyard, in all of the new bedrooms & bathrooms, closets, cabinets...GULP! No avail! My hubby stepped outside to see a neighbor walking the little booger up the street. Yep! He escaped in the madness; and what a way to meet new neighbors. How embarrassing!
So, Day 1, moved in, kid escaped. I'd call it a full day!
Stay tuned for me - there's more...
God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. that is hysterical! i love hearing about the adventures with christian!