Tuesday, September 18, 2007

AM~Erica @ Random

So anyway...

* The countdown has begun to see Chris Rice! (notice the new countdown timer?) Yep! Saturday nite, 9/22, he will be at our church...performing...LIVE! Have I already mentioned that? Oh, and just a head's up for those in KC, I just read he is doing an "Under the Radar" tour, and the first one is Sunday nite, 9/23, at The SPOT, behind Fuddrucker's in Independece, MO. It will small, quaint & accoustic...and FREE. And the day after he performs for us! Geez! We had to pay a bit for our tix...even for the 2-year-old. Well, if you go (hope you do), make sure to tell him "Hi" for me...I'm sure we'll be buddies by then. (ha ha ha ...) Check it all out @ www.chrisrice.com.

* Get ready for International TLAP Day tomorrow, 9/19 Every 9/19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Wear a Jolly Roger T-shirt, a bandana on your head, &/or just go all out with an eye-patch. Have fun with it, and make sure to check out www.talklikeapirate.com for more fun.

* OK, y'all have figured out that I love shopping & saving @ the same time, right? And, I also love Rachael Ray! Well, today she had a segment about saving at the warehouse stores (i.e., Costco, Sam's & BJ's). Watch this for GREAT ideas: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/show/segments/view/secrets-warehouse-shopping/

* Also, Friday night, Lizzie sings the national anthem with her choir @ the Card's game, so we will be there to watch! If you get to watch the game on TV, look for us! Should be great fun! Around here, you're supposed to be a Card's fan anyway...so...GO CHIEFS!! OOPS...old habits die hard... Hey, it's still red!

OK, the Pirate Fest may have to wait until next weekend; after the game & the concert, we will be tuckered out!! Plus, we'll see how $$ is.

Oh...and have I mentioned that Chris Rice is coming to my church & we are really excited? OK, just checking!

Stay tuned for more...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. that sounds like so much fun. i am ever so jealous about the chris rice thing. and i will be out of town during the kc one. dang.