Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Broken" Camera 'n AM~Erica

So anyway...
Chris Rice came to our church last night, and was really good. He was even pretty goofy - which made me happy!
Very soon, I will get the pic I got of Mr. Rice & the kids (Liz & Ethan). It is really a good pic!
For those in KC planning to see him @ The SPOT tonite in Independence, let him know that the chic with the "broken' camera" says "hey"!
OK...I guess this takes some explination, eh? Well, I had my two older kids with me in line after the concert to meet him. We got up to the table to have him sign some stuff & get a pic, right? So, my two lean in on one side of the tabe, Chris on the other, and the camera starts taking crazy pictures - like time-lapse exposure. This means my littlest one has gotten a hold of it & found some crazy settings. I am trying to fix the prob since there is still a long line to go, and I think I get it; I push the button again, and it won't do ANYTHING! I start to move it when Chris & the kids start yelling at me to not move it - a timer had been set. Geez! So, I hold it & get a great pic.
In the meantime, on the other side of the camera, Mr. Rice is apparently having a conversation with my kids. "Welp, looks like she broke the camera." Then, my son fibs & tells him I do it all of the time. SO NOT TRUE!! He purposely mixed me up with my mom (sorry, Mom) to make the scene bigger & me a bigger dork. Liz? She let's it happen. So then they hear him say, "Ooo...the night the cameras take over the world!" Geez!
The concert was great, meeting him...a little embarrassing. But I'm still here, and you all can enjoy hearing him tonite!
Have fun & stay tuned for the pic...
God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. Good grief, Daughter, isn't anything sacred? You know, like the camera destruction thing? Well, the secret is out. I am just slightly camera usage challenged. So, just remind Ethan that's Nana, not Mom that has been responsible for the demise of a few cameras.

  2. pics? you mean you might have pics? be still my heart. sounds like you had a great time!