Friday, April 20, 2012

AM~Erica Apparently Appears OK Thru Mediocrity

So anyway...

It's Friday. The day of the week my hubby & I get to spend the day together. Usually it involves going to the grocery store without the kids & either breakfast or lunch out. Sometimes other things we want or need to do...but that's pretty much the major gist of the day. We are an exciting couple!

Today was no different. Except we were out of milk, so cereal, oatmeal, know, the "breakfast essentials" were a little weird to deal with. After getting the kids out the door to school, and we were having issues piecing breakfast together, my hubby offered up that we go to breakfast. Here was the deal: he had a chance to get showered & get ready; I had not. He thought I should just throw on a hat & we should go.

Well, since I had gotten the kids up, fed them, fixed them lunches, made sure they were fed, dressed & out the door in time...I obviously had not had the time to get cleaned up. As a matter of fact, I was in some baggy sweats. Nice, huh? But he was hungry, the breakfast thing at home was NOT working, so he figured we could make a short jaunt to a place we haven't had breakfast at. We go to places like Bob Evan's, IHOP, Cracker Barrel...places like that. Not today. My hubby said it didn't matter what we looked like (even though he was READY) since we were going to a different fine dining establishment...

Wendy's. They have these artisan breakfast sandwiches that my hubby has bragged about having before, he wanted to eat NOW, so...OK. I did go & put on something a little more decent than sweats since he looked decent; this included jeans, t-shirt, cardi, boots with leg warmers (it was chilly this morning), topped off with a woven beret that I added a flower too (of course) & a scarf. I put on some deodorant & a spritz of body spray (you're welcome, to all those who were standing near me) & sported my day-old makeup. Yes, I was exhausted last night after celebrating 16 years of wedded bliss, so I did not remove my makeup before crashing hard. So there. I'm pretty sure, even with a slight upgrade in attire, I was some kind of sight to behold. But, whatever...we were just going to a fast food place.

We got there & there were only a few old men gathered there along with an older woman in front of us who had just placed her order. When our order was taken, my hubby & I gave our preferences...which included coffee. I know, you're shocked. HA! While we waited, I found a spot for us to sit & hubby waited for our order to come up. As I got up to get napkins & thought I overheard the employee who took our order say this to my hubby, "blah-blah-blah- young lady - blah-blah?" I wasn't sure if it was said to my hubby or not. But when he came to the table with the order with the coffee, I realized she brought up to him that she forgot to ask the "young lady" how many creamers for the coffee. Whoa! She was referring to me!! I decided she's my new best friend. But I never got her name. But she's now a true-true friend.

Then we saw the most adorable little old lady come in & sit down close to us. On a dreary, chilly morning, she walked in wearing a coat & a straw hat while sporting a cane, red lips & sunshine on her face with a big smile. While we ate, she flagged me down & complimented my hat. Awww...cute little old lady is my other new best friend! No, I didn't get her name either...but she was a day-maker...wishing us well & warmth through the rest of the day as we left. So Adorable!! I was actually feeling pretty good for feeling a bit day-old stale. But we got our stuff together & headed to the store. No, I still hadn't cleaned up. Yes, I was still unshowered & in day-old makeup. Still a sight to behold.

We got to the store, shopped & headed for the checkout lane. Hubby tracked down our cashier...the one we try REALLY hard to get to, no matter how long her line is, and her line was completely open & waiting for us! Woo Hoo! I think she had a manager type person standing behind her & we all got into a conversation about our past week. We told her that we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday & she congratulated us. The manager & the cashier pointed out that I didn't look old enough to be married that long! Woo Hoo! They said the same for my hubby, too. But that was crazy-awesome!

Even being a day-old stale, day-old makeup, unshowered...I was being told that I looked "young". Apparently the mediocrity of self-staleness worked to my favor today. But take heart in knowing that will not be the norm. I have gotten cleaned up by now. But it was pretty entertaining.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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