Saturday, April 21, 2012

AM~Erica Ponders How This Teaches Earth Day to Kids

So anyway...

As many of us know, since it's talked about and advertised and covered many ways, tomorrow is Earth Day. A day to bring heightened consciousness about the environment around us & what we can do to help take care of it. This should happen all the time, so I really think we should call this "Earth Environment Awareness Day". But that's just my thinking.

Earth Day seems to get a lot of people & places talking, discussing & learning about our environment and ways we can keep it good condition. Schools, for example, try really hard to cover this. I know my lil guy's school has gotten onto teachers for the amount of paper they use. Really I think it's more of a budget matter, but it still fits here. I had heard that 1st grade does get a whole lot of paper coming home. I thought that was crazy! And then the paper crackdown happened. We still get a lot coming home. I can't tell you the piles & mountains of paper we get brought home with him.

Lil guy had been talking about what they cover at school. This past week, they've been discussing & learning about Earth day & things we can do to help our environment. I think that's great! But when he came home yesterday bringing up that they had been learning about Earth Day, I never expected him to pull this from his bag: see a destroyed forest on the floor with a couple of booklets they made about Earth Day & healing the world. How did this really help teach the kids about the care for their environment? It might be on paper (ironically), but certainly not in practice. The contradictoriness of this has entered sad & epic proportions. This is what he brought home for Earth Day weekend. The Lorax would cry.

Speaking of the Lorax, you all should know my love for Dr. know, since I'm a MEGA FAN, and all. I honestly believe that Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel) was way ahead of his time in his thinking, especially when he created & wrote "The Lorax". We saw the movie & it was amazing. The whole story is so painstakingly relevant to this day. So imagine what I was thinking when I looked at this pile of Earth Day weekend send-homes.

I have decided to use this post as a help to hold me accountable for my part. I want to make bigger strides in the environment's care.

Get things from thrift shops to help repurpose or repurpose things from around the house instead of throwing away. Or, to help with TAX DAY in the future, donate your stuff to a thrift store...or see instant "reward" by having a garage sale. "One man's trash is another man's treasure." The old saying can certainly help with our environmental issues. Like I found a candlestick holder & a wooden Lazy Susan at a thrift store (Salvation Army, to be exact). I attached the two together to make a spinning cake stand.

Pinterest (if you're on it) actually has fantastic repurposing ideas & ways to make your own foods, cleaners, etc. for safer & cheaper, too.

Less chemicals & more recycling of things. If your disposal company does not do recycling in your area, find out what you can do. The company we use does do recycling, but not in our area...strangely. Do research on recycling places, too. What are the emissions going into the air to recycles some paper, plastic & glass. Something to think about.

There are SOOOOOO many more ways & things you can help out & do your part. It can be big or it can be small...but anything that can help, does.

So, have a great Earth Day...but keep in mind it's an awareness day. Earth Day should be happening EVERY day.

(and just to prove it...I might share this blog post again at random times just as a reminder)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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