Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AM~Erica Knows Taxes Are Necessary (I Know How You Feel)

So anyway...

It's Tax Day. I covered some protest thoughts last year, but I want to get a bit more serious today.

When it has come out recently that the tax codes happens to be 3x the amount of words as all of Shakespeare's works combined. Um...there's over 900,000 words in Willy's combined works; you do the math. Cuz I hate math, but I know it's a whole lot. A ridiculous amount, as a matter of fact.

So, taxes are necessary for a lot of different things. We all should know that by now. But when it is that difficult to do your taxes, or to prep for taxes, or to set up withholdings, etc. & blah-blah-blah...that's crazy!

I do not advocate one political party over another since I'm pretty moderate (see my post on purple politics & it's follow up), so you know where this is coming from. Herman Cain had a good tax idea going of 9-9-9. Even though it sounds like Germany saying "NO" 3x, it's the right idea.

When there are states that tax you on your tax return...isn't that crazy? How about lottery winners who have taxes set up on gifts given? Really?? If you give a monetary gift to someone who is trying to buy a house (since that's usually part of that process), you can very easily get taxed on that "gift" you were trying to help someone out with. Are you ready to vomit yet?

I'm going to give you a new one, for those who don't know: Clergy (such as my hubby) is considered 'self employed' & gets taxed as such. The church they work for don't deal with their taxes, in part, but they have to try to set it up themselves. It's disgusting that the church can be tax-exempt on so many things, but the pastor is charged so much to the government. So much for separation of church & state. I guess it's another government "loop hole". I'm not going to say how much we owe...but it's disgusting & the government should be horribly ashamed of itself.

If there were a flat income tax charged to everyone, then it would be so much easier. A percentage (like 10% for example) of your paycheck goes to federal & then another percentage of THAT goes to state. States shouldn't need as much as federal, so that's why I bring up a percentage of a percentage. Then there's no extra money going out to check printing (although so many love it when their form of "yearly savings" comes back to them), processing fees for direct deposits, the amount that those getting money back are "loaned" (like the interest)...you know...the IRS is a big, giant mess!

What's more frustrating is that there are people who would argue against making things simpler. I've heard it! UGH!!

This is where the protests need to fall. People...it's so bad that people are retracting citizenship. I'm not kidding. Do you know why? For those who travel abroad, it's an even BIGGER pain to deal with "international monies".

The government is screwing itself over by being so over-wordy, over-codey & over-complicated.

OK...off to drink my tea now...while wearing my big hat. So there!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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