Friday, July 20, 2012

AM~Erica is Starting a Bucket List

So anyway...

I just got back from the Pacific Northwest. The family & I visited the Tacoma/Seattle area, plus added in a trip to the coast to witness, experience & stand in the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing!

Right now, in the Midwest, it is a miserable triple digit heatwave. Bluh. I cannot stand this time of year. I believe I already pointed that out.

However...up in the Northwest, we experienced temps ranging anywhere in the 50's to the mid 70's. That, my friends, is heaven on earth for the hubby & me. *swoon* Plus, I got to get my geek-girl on again. Woot! I will cover that in a future post in the near future.

Until then, my hubby & I were discussing things we wish we had time to do while we were there...and even imagined living up there. This led us to a conversation of a bucket list.

I always hear of people having their "bucket lists"...I'm usually impressed, but never really had anything to put on one for myself. Sure I have desires of experiences I'd love to do...but I could never wrap my head around what might show up on a list. Maybe I'm more of a spontaneous thinker that I don't really have a "plan", necessarily. Until the visit up north. It was inspiring. Really. So, hubby & I began a thought process of a bucket list. Like:

~ Riding horseback along the beach
~ The Seattle coffee crawl
~ Living in Seattle
~ Having a beach house along the northwestern pacific shoreline
~ Taking a ferry tour along the coast
~ Getting fresh seafood to smoke/grill from Pike Place Market
~ Hiking Mt. Rainier
~ Going to Ireland
~ Doing the Fall Northeastern B&B hiking tour
~ Visiting Times Square & seeing some Broadway shows

So...that's a start. And they aren't all from the Pacific Northwest. But remember? I said it was inspiring!

Also, you may notice that I didn't list any bungee jumping or skydiving. That's because those over-adventurous things aren't my bag. My idea of things I want to experience before I leave Earth are much different than most, I'm sure. But each to their own, right?

And when I get to do these will know after the fact. I try not to openly broadcast when I take a trip. And I get a bit cryptic when I am on a trip...for good reason. So keep that in mind for future reference. HA! (But true...)

Until then...stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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